Udaipur City declared as Containment Zone

The District Magistrate issued late-night order to declare Udaipur city as a Containment Zone. The order came late in the night after the city witnessed an explosion in the number of positive cases for novel coronavirus on the evening of May 8.

Udaipur Containment Zone

The city recorded the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases yesterday taking the total number of cases to 100.

After the 30-year-old home guard was tested positive for COVID 19 on May 6, the department did the screening and sampling all the people who came in contact with the primary infected in UIT and Kanji Ka Hata.

With 5 of the city police stations already under curfew, the administration decided to clamp down with a containment order for the entire city, rather than establishing curfew in additional areas.

As per the order, Udaipur city will be treated as a containment zone from 12 pm on May 9. Meanwhile, all the will permissions and relaxation given to the people would be lifted back.

What is the Containment Zone?

All activities barring essential services such as medical emergencies and law enforcement would not be allowed in these areas. There shall be stricter perimeter control in the area of the containment zones to ensure that there is no unchecked inward/ outward movement of population from these zones.


Udaipur COVID19 Update: 40 samples tested and all were negative

Udaipur Collector, Anandhi, in her message to Udaipur on 3rd April, has asked the citizen not to panic.

She informed that 18 people from the family of the 15-year-old infected boy were tested for coronavirus. Out of them, 3 were found positive. One of the positive patients is a nurse in the swine flu ward of the MB Hospital. After which, samples of all those who came in direct contact with the nurse have also been collected. The reports will be out in due course.

In the last couple of days, a total of 40 samples were tested and none were found to be positive.

The administration has imposed curfew in the nearby area of the residence of the infected 15-year-old boy on the evening of 2nd April. The decision was made immediately after the report of the boy was confirmed to be positive.

Udaipur SP Kailash Chand Bishnoi said that imposing curfew was essential to ensure the safety of others. He has requested the people to respect the decision of the administration and adhere to the rules and regulations set up around the lockdown.

Besides, the Udaipur Administration is taking the necessary steps to distribute essential items to the families after the imposition of curfew in the Ambamata and the nearby areas.

Milk and vegetables will be distributed on a regular basis and groceries will be distributed every alternate day. Administrations is assuring that all the items will reach the area before 9AM every morning.


उदयपुर के तीन और लोगों के कोरोना पोज़िटिव होने की पुष्टि

मल्लातलाई के 15 वर्षीय किशोर के कल कोरोना पोज़िटिव होने के बाद, उसी के परिवार के तीन अन्य सदस्यों के कोरोना पोज़िटिव होने की पुष्टि हुई है। सभी लोग उदयपुर के एमबी अस्पताल में भर्ती हैं।

उल्लेखनीयहै की उदयपुर के मल्लातलाई में गुरुवार को 15 साल का बच्चा कोरोना संक्रमित पाया गया। बच्चा अपने परिवार समेत कुछ दिनों पहले ही इन्दौर से लौटा था और तभी से पूरे परिवार को क्वॉरेंटाईन कर रखा था।

गुरुवार को बच्चे के कोरोना पॉज़िटिव होने की पुख्ती होने पर जिला कलक्टर आनंदी ने कफ्र्यू लगाने के आदेश जारी किए। आदेश के तहत उदयपुर के मल्लातलाई, रज्जा कॉलोनी, मस्तान बाबा क्षेत्र, रानी रोड, ओटीसी कॉलोनी, अम्बामाता स्कीम, अलकापुरी, एकलव्य कॉलोनी, हरिदास जी की मगरी, सज्जनगर, रामपुरा चौराहा, यादव कॉलोनी, अम्बावगढ, ब्रहमपोल, जाड़ागणेशजी रोड तथा अन्य इलाको में कर्फ्यू लगा दिया गया।

संक्रमित परिवार पहले से क्वारेंटाईन होने से संक्रमण का ख़तरा कम है। फिर भी सभी से अपील है की अपने घरों में रहें, सुरक्षित रहें!


उदयपुर का पहला कोरोना पॉज़िटिव 15 साल का बच्चा

कोरोना वायरस से प्रदेश में अब हालात चिंताजनक बनने लगे हैं। उदयपुर के मल्लातलाई में 15 साल का बच्चा मिला कोरोना संक्रमित। कुछ दिनों पहले इन्दौर से लौटा था परिवार। तब से पूरे परिवार को रखा गया था क्वॉरेंटाईन।

प्रशासन ने मल्‍लातलाई क्षेत्र के रजा कॉलोनी में रहने वाले पूरे परिवार को क्‍वॉरेंटाइन कर दिया है और आस पास भी सुरक्षा व्‍यवस्‍था काफी कड़ी कर दी गई है। बच्‍चे को एमबी अस्‍पताल के कोरोना वार्ड में भती करा दिया गया है।

उदयपुर में कोरोना के प्रवेश से कोई घबराने या डरने की जरूरत नही। उदयपुर के कोरोना जाच चिकित्सा दल ने पुरे परिवार को इंदौर से आते ही 14 दिन के लिए होम कोरेनटाइन कर रखा था ताकि यह परिवार किसी और के सम्पर्क में न आये!

इसिलिये घबराए नही बस सावधानी बरते और घर में रहे और दुरी बनाए रखे।

घबराए नहीं। सतर्क रहें। घर में रहें।


Udaipurites join hands with the administration to fight COVID-19

As the lockdown has affected hundreds of labourers from the unorganised sector, it is becoming difficult for them to arrange for adequate food even for a day. To help these needy people, Udaipurites are joining hands with the administration in fighting the COVID-19 crises by donating ration and food to the people in need.

Many social organisations along with economically secure residents of the area have decided to distribute food items to the needy.

While the battle against coronavirus is underway in full swing, hunger has come to haunt many due to the economic crises that has followed. Organisations and individuals are supporting the administration by serving food and also providing financial aid.

13 teams of UIT and Udaipur Municipal Corporation are engaged in distribution work in the urban areas. A Booth Level Officer has also been engaged with each team.

However, some areas are still facing the problem of food being not reaching to the needy people. Citizens are requested to inform about such people to the administrative officials.