Here Are 5 Things You Should Know About Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses is a great eye care option for you if you struggle with the inconvenience and discomfort of wearing glasses. Contact lenses instil more confidence in you and get over any inhibitions you might have about your appearance. No more hiding or shying away because glasses make you feel embarrassed.

When you use contact lenses, they become a part of your eye. They move when you move your eyes to provide peripheral vision. Also, they are effortless to use and absolutely comfortable to wear. To enjoy the freedom that contact lenses offer, one needs to practice proper care when wearing and cleaning contact lenses.

Reducing the risk of infections and safely using contact lenses doesn’t take much – if you know these five things about contacts.

  • Coloured Contact Lenses Don’t Damage Your Eyes

Many believe that coloured contact lenses are harmful to the eyes. But that is incorrect. Nowadays, you can use coloured lenses not only for enhancing the look of your eyes but also for vision correction.

Popular coloured contact lens designs from reputable brands such as Lacelle from Bausch+Lomb are both safe and stylish, as long as they properly fit your eyes. Thus, while purchasing colour contact lenses, it is prudent that you get in touch with your optometrist and review the right option for your eyes.

  • Water Harms Your Contact Lenses

Cleaning contact lenses need careful rinsing, cleansing and disinfection with a contact lens solution. Rinsing your contact lenses with tap or bottled water is a serious mistake as it does not disinfect your contacts. Using water to clean your lenses can cause severe eye infections.

  • Diabetic Patients Can Wear Contact Lenses

There is a prevalent misconception that a diabetes patient cannot use contact lenses, which isn’t true1. The choice of contact lenses for someone with diabetes is going to be different from the regular ones. 

If you are diabetic, consult with an ophthalmologist and inform them about your condition to get appropriate advice and recommendation for contact lenses. It is also important that you follow their suggestions and instructions on contact lens maintenance thoroughly.

  • Remove Contact Lenses Before Sleeping

Wearing contact lenses while you sleep is an absolute no-no. The same is applicable for naps, even if it is for just for a short while. Failing to remove contacts before sleep restricts the eyes from getting enough oxygen. Eye care professionals strongly advise not to wear contact lenses during sleep as it can cause severe sight-threatening problems.

  • Contact Lenses Are Pretty Affordable

Often, we wonder if getting contact lenses can be expensive? Well, millions of people use contact lenses, so it is safe to assume that they are not too expensive or costly. It mostly depends on your prescription, conditions related to your eyes, how often you need to replace lenses and the material of the lenses.

Deciding If Contact Lenses Are Right for You

Whenever you plan to get contacts, consider your lifestyle and consult with an eye care practitioner before you make any decision. If you are a person who likes to be out and about, contact lenses make more sense than using glasses. 

Contact lenses are invisible to the naked eye, and hence you can be yourself without any notions of social shyness or embarrassment. If having to push your glasses up the nose bridge is an inconvenience, then using contact lenses can be a refreshing experience for you.

Amongst the multitude of options available, it is essential that you purchase your lenses from a reliable and trusted brands such as Bausch+Lomb to start your journey towards a more precise vision.