1150 feet long open water canal from Surajpole to Udiapole to be reconstructed

Udaipur Mayor Govind Singh Tank inspected the recently constructed open water canal and discovered the poor quality construction been done at the site.

He has issued directives to reconstruct the 1150 feet long and 5 feet wide canal from Surajpole to Udiapole with good quality material.

The mayor visited the canal on Wednesday and observed that very low-quality construction material has been used by the contractor. Unsatisfied with the construction work, the mayor ordered to demolish the open water channel and reconstruct it with better quality construction material.

The RCC work of the canal was recently finished and mayor reached the site for inspection. He discovered inappropriate use of cement and concrete mixture which degraded the over-all RCC quality. The contractor had not used a vibrator machine during construction, appropriate cementing was not done between centring material and the iron rods and few other technical discrepancies were discovered.

The total cost of construction for the canal was over 1 crore.

Tank has asked to issue notices to the contractor, XEN, JEN, AEN and also to the Committee Chairman and would take action against the defaulters.