[Best Photos] TechJalsa 2K14 @ Techno India NJR

The students and faculty Techno India NJR Institute of Technology saw three-days of excellent display of talent, competitive spirit and excitement during TECHJALSA 2K14, the Annual Inter-College cultural festival held from the 20th March to 22nd March 2014.

Nothing was missing from the three day carnival; right from Dance to Music, Drama, Fashion Show, DJ night, Game stalls, Debate, Dance, Street play, Artist Performance, Rangoli, Computer Gaming etc.

On 20th March, the first day of the festival the participants showed off their skills in a plethora of off-stage events. Participants from various colleges of Udaipur participated in Computer Gaming, Roadies, Face Painting, Mehandi and many other fun filled activities. There were also a host of brain storming events like CODEX, Paper presentation and Web Programming. Later the students showcased their mental and verbal abilities in Ansys and JAM.

After the fun packed day-one, day two, i.e. the 21st of March started with the On-stage events. In the day time events like Tech quiz, Build up, Robo War etc. were conducted. The evening saw a battle of the vocal chords as the singers from different colleges battled it out for the coveted crown of best singer which was followed by the solo dance event.

The fun continued on the third day i.e. the 22nd of March with the eve starting with the Prize Distribution Ceremony where the winners of various Off-stage and On-Stage events were awarded and appreciated. The first round of Fashion Show “Red Carpet” raised the glamour quotient as the students walked the ramp just like professionals. There were also the amazing performances of Group Dance and Solo Dance participants. The crowd grooved to their foot tapping tunes and electrifying performances. The crowd was also enthralled by the grooving tunes of played by the Rooh Band. Another round of the Fashion Show was staged along with spectacular group dances.   The crowd cheered as the participants set the stage on fire.

The efforts of the Core Team and Main Team of students who were involved in the planning and preparation of the festival were finally fruitful as their efforts were appreciated and acknowledged by all. Mr. Sandeep Upadhyay, Faculty Coordinator thanked the College and Governing Body and Faculty wholeheartedly for providing them encouragement and guidance to organize and participate in the festival on behalf of students. The three day fiesta culminated with the where the students danced the day off to the latest dance numbers bringing the three day cultural fest to an end with a special Lantern Event by – The Sky Full of Lighters.

Photos by Aman Bhandari:

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0001Tech Jalsa Roadies Day 3

0002Tech Jalsa Robo War Day 3

1 Tech Jalsa Day 3
2 Tech Jalsa Day 3
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Photos By Deepankshi Chittora:



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