Glimpses of Tea with IITians Coffee with IBMers Cocktail with Start up Mentors

Techno India NJR Institute of Technology , Udaipur organised its annual event ” Tea with IITians, Coffee with IBMers, Cocktail with Start up Mentors” on 28th May, 2017 at MLSU auditorium. Hundreds of 12th pass Science students who desire pursuing engineering career and have given JEE exam attended this event to take guidance from  IITians  and professional experts.  This year , the event was power packed with 12  IITians and very high level leaders from IBM.  Programme was conducted by Lalit Yagnik, who has worked with IBM for 30 years in IBM Australia, Singapore & India and has been a part of IBM Global think tank.

(Lalit Yagnik introducing eminent speakers to audience)

(Audience listening to experts.)

Who’s who of IBM who attended the event was led by Dr. Subramani Ramakrishnan (Subbu) ,a gold medalist from IIM Bangalore, with a PhD in ‘Crowdsourcing’. He   has mentored hundreds of fresh graduates over the years.
He is presently 
Lead for resource and Capacity Management at IBM Global Business services and head of recruitment of fresh graduates for IBM.   He was accompanied by Vaijayanthi Srinivasaraghavan (Vijii) who leads the Campus Program at IBM and has successfully recruited, trained and launched hundreds of graduates in their first job. They have written a book ” Shape IT ” to guide students on how to become a successful engineering graduate and get best jobs in the market. This is what they had to say ” Techno NJR students are a amazing lot with so much of high technology work and IBM certifications under their belt. IBM needs such engineering graduates “

(Dr. Subbu signing his book and giving to audience.)

Kalpit Veerawal, wonder boy of Udaipur who scored unprecedented 360 out of 360 in IIT JEE mains exam was felicitated by Techno India NJR and handed over the book Shape IT  and  a cheque of Rs. 51,000/- .

(Dr. Subbu and Vijii handing over their book and cheque of Rs. 51,000/- to Kalpit Veerwal.)

Himesh Mishra, a graduate of IIT, Kanpur  is  India/Asia Pacific Leader, IBM Watson Learning group. He talked about importance of learning new technologies to be successful . He was so impressed with Techno NJR students that he has agreed to  mentor Techno NJR students for high technology Robotics and IBM Watson projects . 60 students of Techno NJR are doing projects under him.

(Himesh Mishra talking about new technologies.)

Amitabh Satyam, a graduate of IIT, Kanpur who has worked at senior level with Siemens, IBM and been managing partner with SAP ,released his book ” Smart City Transformations ” during the event and shared his ideas about what Udaipur should do to be truly a smart city. He will be guiding Techno NJR students on Smart City projects developed by Techno NJR students like Lake Water quality monitoring system, Well water management system and smart brooms.

(Book Smart City Transformations written by Amitabh Satyam being released.)

(Amitabh Satyam talking about his book  Smart City Transformations)

With the call of Hon’ble Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi to students to help and solve nation’s various problems through new start ups, many students of Udaipur are looking for guidance, mentorship and funding for their innovative ideas. Radhesh Kanumuri of IBM who leads IBM Global entrepreneurship Programme and Damodar Dani, ex CEO of Dunlop and Modi Tyres and presently with FICCI for Indiainnovates programme, which funds University and other startups, interacted with students for Framework of a start up. They called upon Udaipur students to apply for funding for Start up through various programmes. Techno NJR students have already applied funding of 2 projects – IoT based Smart lake water Quality monitoring system and a Robot to help blind and disabled people.

(Radhesh Kanumuri of IBM providing tips to Start Up enthusiasts.)

Mr. Lawrence who heads IBM Academic initiative and is a Lead for IBM Bluemix asked students to develop leadership quality, problem solving abilities and develop soft skills to be a successful professional in IT industry.

(Lawrence Mohanraj advising students to develop leadership qualities for success.)

Techno India was represented by it’s founders Mrs. Meera Ranawat and  R.S.Vyas , a BITS Pilani graduate, Chief Mentor Lalit Yagnik, graduate of BITS Pilani,  Prof. Pradeep C. graduate of BIT, Principal Pankaj Porwal, IIT Mumbai & Cornell University  graduate, Jitendra Shrimali, IIT Chennai and IIM Banglore graduate, Sandeep Upadhyaya, BITS Pilani graduate, Mukesh Menaria, IIIT, Banglore graduate, Aaditya Maheshwari, CS faculty who has been appointed Student Mentor by Google & IBM, Gaurav Kumawat, Kiran Acharya, Pankaj Chittora and others.