Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to satisfy your cheese cravings

Cheese! Wonderful cheese! Wonderful Cheese. This is one thing that goes with every recipe and if you are a Cheese lover then it literally goes with everything right? Cheese pizza, Mac n cheese, Cheese sandwich, cheese nachos and the list is endless. It is loved and consumed by half of the world. Cheese is not a food, it is a religion and no matter what the faith of Cheese is the most sincere of all. It is one thing that is mouthwatering and amazing in every state, be it liquid, solid, shredded, molten, slice or anything.

Well, since we know your eternal love for Cheese, we have got you heavenly recipes which will not only satisfy your ultimate cheese cravings but whose taste will stay in your mouth until you die.


Double Cheese sandwich at Tick Tock Café

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

As the name suggests, it contains two types of Cheese. The liquid cheese and processed cheese. Liquid Cheese is mixed with the stuffing of the sandwich and a large amount of shredded processed Cheese rests on the top of this large sandwich. Now if it is not enough to satisfy your cheese craving mouth, the ketchup is topped up with Cheese as well. You will be served ketchup in a shot glass which is further topped with liquid Cheese and shredded processed cheese. Phew! So much of cheese.


Cheese Vadapav at Aqua Lounge

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items
Picture by: spoon n snap

At once they are just some ordinary vada pav served with chilies and ketchup. But then you take a bite of it and a molten cheesefall arrive from the Vada of the vada pav. It is not just a treat for your mouth but your eyes would be charmed as well. It is a mind-blowing innovation of Indian food with an exotic touch.


Cheesy mayo fries at Eat Crave Repeat

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items
Picture by: anamsings

Eat Crave Repeat has lately became one of the favorite spots for all the youngsters in the city. It is majorly famous for its potato tornado but that just not it. If you go there and do not have their Cheesy mayo fries, then my friend it was all waste. Cheesy mayo fries are creamy fries because obviously they are covered in mayonnaise and molten cheese and when you are done eating them, they will still linger in your mouth inviting you again and again.


Mac n Cheese at Tick Tock Café

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

Mac n Cheese is not something that you are only going to look at in Television and magazine. Now you can also savor its deliciousness in Udaipur. It has this creamy texture that is going to play in your mouth for few seconds before it finally enters your stomach. It contains liquid cheese inside it and it is also topped up with lots and lots of shredded cheese and black olives. This pocket-friendly tongue relishing dish is a must try for all the Cheese lovers out there.


Margherita pizza at Jheel Café

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

Pizza and cheese are two things that go hand in hand because without Cheese, pizza is like the ocean without water. And when it comes to pizza, the first place that pops up in the mind is Jheel café. Jheel has nowadays become a hub for all the youngsters to relax their mind with the café overlooking Lake Pichola and along with all that you can also enjoy your food. It is a woodfired pizza. The entire pizza has two major toppings, tomato, and cheese. When you take the first bite of pizza, it will create strands of cheese between your mouth and the pizza slice and that will make you want to eat the entire pizza all by yourself.


Cheese fire noodle bun at Social Tapri

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

This huge bun is filled with spicy noodles and lots of liquid cheese in and out. This is a fantasy for all the Cheese lovers. You can have this amazing dish with their mouthwatering chocolate chai. This one bun is enough to fill your stomach for a time and at the end of this, your cheese covered lips will be just left smiling.


Plain Grilled Cheese sandwich

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

A sandwich is like a soul mate of Cheese and if you love both of them, go and try Plain Cheese sandwich at Bombay market, Fatehsagar. Imagine hot sandwich containing nothing but molten Cheese dripping from it at your very first bite. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? Well, it sure tastes that too. And this fantasy only costs you Rs. 50/- So I am sure you are not going to stop at just one sandwich.


Cheesy nachos at Pizza burst

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items
Picture by: Saurabh Mehta

This is a perfect combination of creamy cheese and crispy nachos if you are yearning for spicy, cheesy Mexican treat. Cheesy nachos is a dish where crispy nachos are topped up with Cheese of course and capsicum, olives, and jalapeno. These nachos are a bundle of flavors that explode in your mouth as soon as you put a piece in your mouth. So flavorsome.


Cheese overloaded club sandwich at Mr. sandwich

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items
Picture by: Archi Jain

If I am told to describe this sandwich, all I would say is LOTS AND LOTS OF CHEESE. This is like a temple for cheese lovers because no matter what you order you will get some or lots of Cheese in every sandwich. Cheese overloaded club sandwich completely justifies its name. It is filled, topped and covered in Cheese. As soon as you pick a slice of this sandwich the strands of cheese resting on the top of the sandwich will begin falling, so now you can imagine the amount of Cheese it has.


Chocolate Cheesecake at Le cakery

Cheese lovers! Here are all the places in Udaipur to go for ultimate Cheese food items

After all the spicy finger licking food above, there must be something for the sweet tooth as well right? Well, we haven’t forgotten about dessert and don’t worry it also has cheese inside it. Chocolate Cheesecake is flavorsome dessert exploding with the flavor of Chocolate and Cheese. This sweet cake will melt as soon as you put it in your mouth and will make you go ‘mmm’ altogether.


Now that we have the entire bucket list prepared for you, all you need to do it prepare your appetite, gather your friends and head straight to these places to satiate your unconditional cheese craving. And always remember ‘Life is great but Cheese makes it better’.

How many of them have you tried? Share with us in the comment section below. Also, if you have any more cheesy suggestions, they are always welcomed.


Popular Pizza Places in Udaipur

Pizza is not just a food, it’s an emotion. It is as loved in India as it is in Italy. There are quite a few places which serve mouth-watering pizza in Udaipur. If you are a tourist in Udaipur and you also happen to have a never-ending obsession for Pizza just like many of us then you must definitely take a look at this list.

Here are some of the most visited Pizza places in the city-

1. Jheel Ginger Cafe-

source: TripAdvisor
Jheel Ginger cafe

This place is for everyone who has an undying love for both Pizza and this beautiful city. Awesome thin crust pizza complemented with the beautiful view of the shimmering Lake Pichola, Jheel Ginger café is a must visit for everyone.

How much: Starts at Rs. 200

Address: 52-56, Gangaur Ghat Marg, Jheel Guest House, Udaipur

2. Domino’s Pizza-

Taste differs from person to person, but when it comes to Domino’s, we all have an equal amount of craving for it. Domino’s serves a huge variety of Pizzas with different toppings. The rates have also become comparatively cheaper after the revision of taxes.

How much: Starts at Rs. 49 (Pizza Mania)

Address: 145-B, Ashok Nagar Main Rd, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur


Ground Floor, The Celebration Mall, N. H. 8, Opposite, Devendra Dham, Bhuwana, Udaipur.

3. Pizza Hut-

Pan Pizza at Pizza hut

Probably the first Pizza Franchise in Udaipur that made everyone crazy because of its delicious and tempting Pizzas. Known for its diverse range of pizzas, appetizers, pasta, dessert and beverages, Pizza Hut is definitely a one-stop destination for all Pizza lovers.

How much: Starts at Rs. 250

Address: 15, 1st Floor, Lake City Mall, Shastri Marg, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 31300

4. The Indian Pizzeria-

source: Justdial
The Indian Pizzeria food truck

A first of its kind, The Indian Pizzeria is a food truck that serves simple and authentic pizzas and is well known for serving them in the Italian style. As of now, there is no seating available, hence it is a takeaway system.

How much: Rs. 250

Address: Sukhadia Circle, New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur

5. Café Goodfellas-

source: TripAdvisor, Farmhouse Pizza at Goodfellas

The newly opened café is the latest addition to ‘best pizza places in Udaipur’.  The chicken Salomi and Farmhouse pizza are a must try. It is indeed a perfect place to chill and hangout for friends, fellas, and family.

How much: Rs. 270

Address: 100 Feet Rd, Sector 14, Hiran Magri, Udaipur.

6. Pizza Empire-

Pizza empire

Pizza Empire, formerly known as U.S Pizza offers colourful and vibrant ambience along with a wide selection of palatable oven-based pizzas. The menu is exclusive and economical. Pizza Empire aims at providing excellent service and complete satisfaction to all its customers.

How much: Rs. 200 (unlimited)

Address: Navratna Complex Rd, Navratna Complex, Mahaveer Colony Park, Udaipur.

7. Kaju’s Pizza-

source: Justdial

Kaju’s Pizza is a quick service restaurant, famous for serving unlimited pizzas and unique combos. Its decent ambience and value for money like features explain the love of people for this place.

How much: Unlimited Pizza for just Rs. 159 (lunchtime) and Rs. 179 (dinner time)

Address: 356, First Floor, Surya Plaza, University Main Road, Udaipur.

55, BSNL Road, Shanti Nagar, Sector 3 Hiran Magri, Udaipur.


This was our list of popular places that every pizzaterian must visit. Have you been to all the places? Comment down below, we would love to hear from you.

Till then,

Happy eating!