A startup from Udaipur created a Covid-19 vaccine slots finder chatbot

The world’s changing, daily. As are we, updating ourselves and everything around us. It was not that long when we started to use applications on our smartphones and its not been that long too when we’ve started to use chatbots.

Due to artificial intelligence, technological advancements and other technical evolution the human race is definitely heading forward. Contributing to this is a startup by a few youngsters from Udaipur, where they have started an initiative known as United Against Virus to fight against the deadly coronavirus in a very different yet in a simple and subtle way.

Under the Initiative United Against Virus, their experienced team has created a chatbot.

About the chatbot

  • The chatbot helps people to find slots available at the nearest vaccination center without the hassle of logging in or following any long OTP process.
  • It’s a bilingual chatbot that supports both Hindi and English language.
  • The chatbot is available on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Telegram.

How to use the chatbot

The chatbot works in the following easy steps:

  • Step 1: Click on any of the below mentioned links according to your choice of platform.
    Facebook Messenger
  • Step 2: Send a Hi.
  • Step 3: A language selection box will appear to select a language from hindi or english. Enter the language you’re comfortable with.
  • Step 4: After the language selection, another box will appear that will ask you to enter either the district you live in or the pin code of your area. Select from any of the given options.
  1. After this small process you can get all the slot details i.e.
  • Where is the vaccination center
  • Available slots
  • Age group of the vaccination drive
  • Charges (if any)
  • Which vaccine is available
  • Time band of the available slots


The end goal of the chatbot is to increase the rate of vaccination by motivating people to get vaccinated. The process of logging in and generating OTPs are very time consuming, so this chatbot is a step for easing the ways out for the general masses. Also, the chatbot is free of cost to use so that more and more people can find the required details and get vaccinated and at the end all of us together, United can defeat the virus.

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