Because a Healthy Mind lives in a Healthy Body

In today’s cutthroat competition era it is mandatory for the children to maintain complete physical fitness too. Keeping this in mind, a Guragon based company, Fitness 365 is organising a summer fitness camp for young children in Udaipur.

“We received a huge response from Udaipur in aspects of making children socially active. Udaipur is well alert regarding sports and fitness of students. We strongly felt that a well organised summer programme will encourage more and more students for fitness. Fitness 365, in coming years, will be organising national level sport talent hunts from schools all around India”

-Mr. Sujeet Panigrahi, CEO, Fitness 365.

Ms. Preeti Sogani, Director, Witty International School said that the summer sports camp will be organised in Witty International School from 23rd of May. Dr. Hitesh Rawal, Asst. Prof. (P.E.), B.N. College said that parents must realise that sports and physical fitness are an integral part of child’s life, and must encourage them to participate in sports activities from the school level itself.