Udaipur’s Gaurav Mohnot Will Ride across the World for Fundraising and Spreading Cancer Awareness

150 days, 37 countries, 35,000+ km; Gaurav Mohnot is riding across the globe for spreading awareness about cancer and raise funds for deprived cancer patients. His main concern is for the people who aren’t able to afford high-quality treatment for cancer and hence end up losing their lives. The cost of the treatment for cancer is enormous and underprivileged people generally aren’t able to afford the same.

Born and brought up in Jodhpur, Gaurav started his career in 2006 HLSIL as an Investment Executive in the Subsidiary company of HDFC Ltd. From there he became an Expert in Life Insurance. Finishing his MBA in HR in 2009, he then joined an IT recruitment firm in Bengaluru. In August 2011 he left his job and came to his hometown and started a new journey as a Wedding Planner.

In the year 2013, on his birthday, he suffered heartbreak as his best friend lost his one-and-a-half-year-old son at the hands of blood cancer. The incident had a drastic effect on Gaurav.

In June 2015, Gaurav got married to Pratibha Singhvi in Udaipur; the subsequent year on the 13th of August 2016 he shared his views of going on a tour on a bike for supporting cancer patients with his wife Pratibha. She supported the idea and encouraged him for doing the same.

Finally, in the year 2017, he launched Udaipur to London-Fight Against Cancer Program which is a fundraising program for the underprivileged in cancer health-care.

This year, his journey would start on 19th March 2018 from his home, Lotus park Udaipur. Gaurav, on his Royal Enfield, will travel 37 countries and cover 35000+ km in a span of 150 days from Udaipur to London.

“I decided to help those who are suffering from this disease and cannot get a proper treatment. And hence I will go to the world to help them collect money and donate to the cancer hospital”, says Gaurav.

This journey would end on reaching London on August 19th, 2018. From his home in Udaipur he will travel to Baroda, Mumbai, and then he along with his motorcycle will go from Mumbai to Iran.

He shall travel from Iran to different countries in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Ireland etc.

Reaching Buckingham Palace will end the journey.

The amount collected from the trip will be provided to the patients admitted to the Cancer Hospital in Mumbai.

Funds will be raised on Crowed funding platform Generosity.

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