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6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts

Accept it or not, we head to most of the cafés just to get amazing pictures with our gang. And most of these cafés have amazing décor and ravishing wall paintings. We keep searching for places like these on our social networking sites regularly and sometimes we are just too tired of going to the same places repeatedly so we just head out to any random place. To keep you from the pain of searching for these picture-perfect places, we have prepared a list for you with amazing wall paintings that will make your pictures colorful and happening.



6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts
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This restaurant has a super funky wall painting which is very colorful and will add a fun element to your pictures. It has some super cool and fancy words written on it adding up to your mood with a little cheerfulness. There are several other posters hung on the wall too which have some meaningful quotes.

Address: The Fern Residency, Hiran Magri, Sec-3, Hiran Magri, Udaipur


Dialogue café

6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts

Here, one entire wall is dedicated to a huge poster with some lively colors and bright lights highlighting them. When you click a picture in front of it, it would definitely look unreal to you and you wouldn’t be able to resist flaunting them on your social networking.

Address: 1, 100 Feet Road, Kamla Nagar, Shobhagpura, Udaipur


Café lazy beans

6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts
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The café has a unique panda theme, hence you will be able to spot pandas everywhere. Be it a soft toy or pandas playing around in the form of paintings on the wall. These cute pandas just give us a feeling like we are living our childhood back. And apart from that, you can also capture these moments sitting beside the large panda and adoring the moments of your childhood again.

Address: Shiksha Bhawan Chouraha, Near Swaroop Sagar Lake, Chamanpura, Udaipur


Z27 Shobhagpura

6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts
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The retro and Rajasthani combined themed yellow scooter and the painting of peaceful Buddha right behind it will give you all the calm that you need while grabbing a quick bite at the café. Half of the people from Udaipur would have clicked a picture sitting on the scooter giving out all their funny and cool poses and the beautiful background just adds up to the charm of the picture.

Address: Near the Royal Inn Hotel, 100 Ft. Road, Shobhagpura, Udaipur


Stories less told

6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts
picture by: Aashish bolia

If you are a nature person and love getting clicked in front of a beautiful wall painting, go visit this place. It has a beautiful wall art with a tree and birds. It looks so realistic that you will think that you actually sitting between birds. The eggs in the nest (eggs made up of some marble) and pots are real so it will give you a 3D effect.

Address: Shop 17C, 1A, Kutumb Apartment, Opposite ICICI Bank, Madhuban, Near Panchwati, Udaipur


Senor Swanky’s

6 Cafés in Udaipur with picturesque wall arts
Source: Zomato

Colorful animated paintings on the wall of this café will give your mood a fun element which will cheer up your mind for the rest of your day. The painting will tell the audience a story about how you should be loving Mexican food. Mexican food is the specialty of the café. Apart from the painting, the rest of the décor is pretty bright and colorful too.

Address: 168-C, Sukhadia Circle, Udaipur


These places will force you to jump up from your seat and head straight towards them. Before you see your friends’ pictures on Instagram posing in front of these amazing wall arts, you should go to these places making them a bit envious of your wonderful photographs.

If you have any other places with some amazing wall arts then share these places with us in the comment section below. You can also write to me at


Living With Acid Scars But Not Broken: Sheroes Hangout Café Has True Stars

Can you imagine the pain of a cut, injection, or any thermal element that repels your skin unknowingly? Well, we just can’t! But what about the agony of those people, who have gone through ACID ATTACK?

Acid Attack Survivors, who faced a lot of struggles, pain, and unwanted questions of everyone without being at fault. They were attacked by some of the sick minds out of no reason, remained in horrible situations for a longer time and even going with it till date.

When we made our visit to Sheroes Hangout Cafe and met Ritu, Shabnam, and Bala, we got a feel of real she heroes, who not only signify themselves but all the woman that came up with a fire in their respective zones.


Having a meeting with them while sitting in a comfort zone of Sheroes Hangout Cafe and knowing their story of life with the initiation of place. We got to know that their concept is not about making any profit or gaining sympathy. All they want is to raise awareness amongst the people to “Stop Acid Attack”.

And, most importantly, their campaign #STOPACIDATTACKS, which initiated on the 8th March is all about this objective to give strength and new hope to lead an independent life to those girls who survived an acid attack.

Words of Ritu

Ritu in Blue dress with another girl Rupa

An acid attack survivor from Rohtak (Haryana), who is now heading in Sheroes Hangout Udaipur, Ritu exclaimed about the concept and how she fought with all the circumstances that are hard even to think off. And, while having a conversation about Sheroes, she said,

The first Sheroes Café came in 10th Dec 2014 at Lucknow. From their journey got its start, by the acid attack fighters and for the acid attack survivors. This café is not just a hangout place but also an inspirational zone to give them a job or to let them rise in any other field of education, business, or anything they want to pursue. Apart from all, at all the branches of Sheroes Cafe, there is no rate specified in the menu. People can wish to pay whatever they want. And, through all that raised funds, we pay for curative treatments, and other expenses, which a survivor requires the most.

As we have probably noticed in every field, it is a must to develop skills and the survivors who have gone through a lot are not much educated and wealthy as well to pay for their medical cause or any other interests. Whereas, we can’t deny this fact also that requirement of good-looking people is more everywhere. 

But, when you are in a condition, where you wake up with a face that is not the same now even after a lot of gut-wrenching surgeries and scars for a lifetime. It’s hard to live by! And, when your attacker is from your family itself, then question shouts in mind why me only?

After all this, it’s somehow hard to have faith, but then we know there are good people as well who are ready to support us in the best possible way they can.”

Remarks by Shabnam

Shabnam in white with another survivor Dolly

It was hard to believe for us that a man who is a father of three daughters can do this cruel act just out of rejection. He made Shabnam victim of acid attack just to satisfy his ego. But raging out with strongness all the way from Uttar Pradesh, Shabnam fought for herself and is happily married now. When we asked Shabnam about her incident and cafe, in such a polite way, she stated,

Sheroes Hangout has been established to boosts the self-confidence of the survivors. As when we think of the attack, it still gives us a shiver in our mind and souls, but on the other hand, all we pray is it should not happen with any other woman. And, criminals should realise before doing this act that it’s not just spoiling the life of survivor but it is creating a black mark on their family as well.

We are here just to change thoughts and perceptions of people. Those, who are the victim, should fight for it because lawyers, police officials, or any other higher authorised people do not let family’s file cases and justice is not given so far. Even we were betrayed and dragged towards a sense of negativity after facing it all. But, losing hope and killing your soul is not an option.”

Bold Thoughts of Bala

bala and ritu sheroes hangout cafe
Bala & Ritu together

Just to take revenge from her family, an aged zamindar from her village threw acid on Bala and her grandfather who died of the attack. She belonged to Uttar Pradesh, Bijnor, and while sharing her words with simplicity and boldness she uttered us that,

“Just to satisfy their proud and ego these persons do such things. And, people especially police are aware of the pain of a victim, but being in their contact just for a handsome amount of rupees they don’t support victims properly. Whatever happens, cases gets even more complicated with time and justice is not done, as it is supposed to be, because a criminal is set free on the power of money.

With all these situations, it’s hard to gain faith back. Also, we cannot judge people because trust factor remains a question. We don’t want consolation, nor we want money. All we need is every individual should understand that just to satisfy an evil thought of mind, you have no right to bid on someone’s life.”

On the endnote, we just want to raise this thing and ask everyone. Whose fault it is that these attacks are still happening? Why women are not safe? Why sometimes a family member becomes a curse to them? Do you have an answer?

Geeta and Neetu, Mother-Daughter duo at Sheroes Hangout Cafe

Apparently, no one has!! But justification clears only one thing, that maybe our Law, Police, Society, and Principles have lost terms of dignity that we can’t protect and create the world for the other half of our community.

Hope never dies, but fighting with courage against all these acts can only get enlightened when we keep ourselves in their place.

Take Pledge Towards Something Better.


To know more about them, visit Sheroes Hangout Cafe at Arvana Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Hathipole Chauraha, Udaipur, Rajasthan-313001. Or, you can also get their details by scrolling through their Facebook page:

Food People

[Intro Entrepreneurs] The Triplets Cafe – Café Brewmen

In our culture formerly accustomed to having the day punctuated at regular intervals by steaming cups of “chai,” urban trends took to the coffee shop culture with great gusto. The plush couches, casual setting, pop music and free Internet have lured many audiences who prefer their newer, snazzy counterparts – and are willing to pay the premium.

cafe brewmen

Café Brewmen, The Coffee Lounge situated in Hitawala Complex, New Fatehpura, Panchwati, Udaipur is owned and managed by three young professional entrepreneurs having experience in world class 5 star hotels. They offer the best blend of Coffee, choice of teas, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, delicious pastries and a medley of cold beverages, with premium service standards and hospitality, thus carving a niche in Udaipur.


Abhiraj Singh Rathore:

Mr. Abhiraj Singh Rathore is a versatile, adventurous and fanatical young entrepreneur with a sound understanding of all aspects of hospitality and demonstrated ability of success.  Basically he is from Jodhpur and studied in Nainital. He did his hotel management course from Ram Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Dehradun. He worked as Supervisor at The Oberoi Hotels and Resort, Jaipur for 2 years. Then after this worked in The Leela Kempinski, Mumbai as an Executive. He was supposed to join JW Marriott hotel in Delhi as an assistant manager but then he decided to start up with his own business and left his job.

Amit Jangara:

Mr. Amit Jangara, a young and proficient entrepreneur. He is from Haryana and he did his schooling from Chandigarh.  He worked in Jet Airways for a month then he joined Best Western International as Assistant. Then he worked in The Oberoi Hotels and Resort, Jaipur. Then he decided that he will not do job anymore and start with his own business.

Sagar Miglani:

Sagar Miglani, a dynamic personality whose hometown as well study town Dehradun.  He did his hotel management course from Blue Mountains College of hotel management and is skilled in Guest Service Management. He worked as guest service associate at Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Jaipur. Then he left his job to start up with own business.

 cafe brewman udaipur rajasthan

Q) So how did you plan to start such a café and that too in Udaipur? 

A. As we worked in a resort and we had to work rigorously for 12 to 13 hours, it was so stressful so all three on us met and decided to open our own ‘café’. But Udaipur was not there in our ambit at that time we had five cities in our vision viz. Dehradun, Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Masuri and we projected them. We had a small surveys in all these cities but the results were not satisfactory. Last year when I (Abhiraj Singh Rathore) came to Udaipur I had a survey I used to ask everyone that “What would you feel if there is a café in this city?” People gave positive response and even I thought that it will work out here. For a month I searched for a perfect place and fortunately I came to know about this place (Hitawala Complex, New Fatehpura, Panchwati) with open surroundings, good parking place and engrossing Saheliyon-Ki-Bari nearby.


Q) Who is your inspiration?

A. My(Abhiraj Singh Rathore) inspiration is my mother, she always motivated me. I always wanted to open my own café but it was very difficult for me to leave my job and start with a business but my mother inspired me a lot. She had a strong belief on me that I can overcome all the hardships and will achieve success.


Q) What is the quality of service you provide?

A. We are committed to provide highest quality services of product to our customers at a local level. We balance between What We Do and Who We Serve. We serve fresh food with quality product, quality service and quality atmosphere at affordable prices.


Q) As you said you know What We Do and Who We Serve. When did you developed this habit?

A. Actually it comes with experience, I (Abhiraj Singh Rathore) have been to a lot places in this country and outside this country which helped me to develop sense of customers taste, preferences and level of their satisfaction which they desire.

I want to give this credit to my parents who were in tourism and made me understand about hotels and hospitality.


Q) What is the customer satisfaction you hope to create?

A. We envisage providing the kind of ancillary products and services that conveys a unique message and encourages our existing customers to bring their family members along and invite their friends as well.


Q) Tell us about your experience.

A. My father was in tourism so from childhood I (Abhiraj Singh Rathore) know about the hotels star ranking and about various kind of people in various cities and also about their various taste. I worked in both City and resort environment, so it becomes very easy to judge people and their taste.

cafe brewmen udaipur

Q) What are the challenges you faced to open a café?

A. We think that there are no big challenges in this world. According to us to set up café culture in Udaipur was a challenge, It took time to make people understand the difference between different flavours of coffee.


Q) How did you find your partners and tell us about your relationship.

A. Three of us were colleagues in The Oberoi Hotels and Resort, Jaipur. There we met and became friends and then decided to leave the job to start with a café.

We have a very good mutual understanding among us and our ideas never conflicted. Before taking any decision we meet, give our opinion and pick the best of it. We respect each other a lot.


Q) What do you enjoy the most about your business?

A. It’s always great to hear first-hand from guests how enjoyable their experience was, whether it’s a review, a feedback or their constructive criticism, but it helps us to improve. People come here, meet new people, host a meeting or simply relax and enjoy their time within their community. This makes us happy.


Q) Who manages the day-to-day operations in the cafe?

A. All three of us manages everything with consistency. In case one is not present the other one administers everything and in this way we have developed a good understanding amongst us.


Q) If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu?

A. I (Abhiraj Singh Rathore) love to eat chicken tikka pizza in non-veg, healthy sandwich in veg, I love crunchy lover pizza, chocolate and brownie shakes, and ice mokka is my favourite and it is recently added in menu.


Q) Do you change your menu according to the season?

A. Yes, we keep on revising our menu in every 2-3 months. We add new items and flavours, we have summer menu, winter menu, spring menu etc. As this is summer season, we added a lot of citric and refreshing flavours. We keep a note of new dishes and introduce them and monitor how the patrons are liking this.


Q) What do you feel sets you apart from the others?

A. We never competed as we know what we are providing, what customer needs and about the market demand. We got our way to impress customers by providing a diverse clean café with fresh food and attractive menu.


Q) As you people are from different parts of India, what do you feel about Udaipur?

A. Udaipur is amongst the most beautiful cities of India with good climatic conditions. It has dual quality, quality of nature and quality of men. We love people of Udaipur the most as they are so gentle and generous. We would like to settle here only.


Q) We have heard that you are about to open your branches in other cities also. What is the status?

A. Yes, we are about to open shortly in Chandigarh, Pune and Jaipur.


inside cafe brewman cafe brewman



Café Brewmen

Hitawala Complex, New Fatehpura, Panchwati,

Opp. Saheliyon ki Badi, Udaipur 

Phone : + 91 (0) 294 2421571


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