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Follow the Bollywood style for Boys

Men’s style can be difficult, not because there’s too much choice but because there’s too little. Take a cue from Bollywood, India’s most powerful Industry of fashion.

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Style isn’t about going out and buying something you saw in a movie but “It’s about how you put things together and most importantly, being comfortable in what you are wearing.

Sounds good, but no idea how to put that into action? Well here are 5 films and its styling which you can follow in your daily fashion.


1. Rockstar (2011)

The look: Dhoti pyjamas with T-shirts and military jackets

Ranbir Kapoor’s desi-meets-rock looks in the movie’s title role is one of Bollywood’s style highlights these days , both striking and with excellent cultural referencing. Ranbir wears checked dhotis with T-shirts and jackets, junk jewellery and army caps, very well we can get here from old city side in silver and metal. So yes, it’s safe to assume that if you tried to copy that from head to toe you would get more than a few strange looks. The trick to making this work in real life is to pick only the basic elements — wear either the dhoti and T-shirt or the jacket with your most casual jeans.


2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

The look: Hats, scarves, waistcoats, bracelets, leather flip-flops

Farhan Akhtar upped the style quotient with accessories. His character Imran does what fashion calls high-low style — mixing branded designer wear with street finds with ease. He wears kurtas with jeans, Converse sneakers and designer sunglasses; kolhapuri slippers with linen suits, hats with T-shirts and waistcoats, and scarves with sleeveless tees. It was all very casual and very cool.


3. Aisha (2010)

The look: Slim suits in mixed neutral shades As investment banker Arjun Burman, that is Abhay deol can’t really stray from the job’s uniform — business suits. He wears thin, notched-lapel, two-button blazers with white shirts and diagonal striped ties, all very understated and elegant.


4. Wake Up Sid! (2009)

The look: T-shirts with cartoon-character prints and jeans

RK once again. This time his character Sid is your garden variety slacker with a rich dad. He’s also young, and he loves his cartoons. Every T-shirt has a character printed on it: Mickey Mouse, The Joker, Batman, Beavis and Butthead, Atom Ant, Robin, Superman and The Hulk, Sadda haq. “T-shirts are a basic building block in your wardrobe, including the plain onces.


5. Rock On!! (2008)

The look: Faded jeans with T-shirts, a shirt shrugged on top Rock On. Ushered in another good day for fashion.

“It was very casual, not heavy metal, but very much in the framework of rocker,” Aged, comfort fit jeans or cargo with a little light layering — open shirts over T-shirts. The accessories– leather Sandals a leather thong around the neck, a bandana. Long hair doesn’t hurt either.


Article by: Subastou Pandey, Designer (Udaipur)

Model: Zurain Khan