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Top 10 Places to Explore After Moving to Rajasthan

India is enriched in culture, food, diversity, beautiful places, and not to miss the scenic beauty gifted by nature. And if anyone in the world wishes to dive into the marvels of Indian architecture or learn more about India’s rich art, look no further to explore one of its princely states, Rajasthan.

Ever since I shifted to Rajasthan, where my transition was made easy and smooth with the facility of movers and packers provided by AssureShift, within significantly less time, I settled myself. I was able to set my calendar dates to traverse the large-size city out of excitement.

Honestly, every year’s calendar has events or festivals to be seen, and there’s plenty of sightseeing and shopping to ensure that you don’t get bored. You could easily take months to explore this stunning state, but people who are short of time can expose to the beauty of Rajasthan by taking a trip to these 10 locations.

List of 10 best places in Rajasthan

1. UDAIPUR – The Lake City

Udaipur the city of lakes

Udaipur, the city of lakes and palaces, does not require an introduction. Udaipur’s beauty is the best romantic town globally and will always leave visitors awestruck. With neighbors like the tranquil Lake Pichola and the beautiful Aravalli hills that make you feel gorgeous and unique!

It is also renowned for its two most prized jewels: The Lake Palace, an alluring palace-cum-hotel for the sexy wealthy, in addition to The City Palace, an architectural treasure, but it also has an intriguing art scene, traditional experiences, historical bazaars, and peaceful cruises.

2. JAIPUR – The Pink City

jaipur the city of lakes

Jaipur, which is the capital of Rajasthan, is a lively city that doesn’t think twice about displaying its historical attire and gorgeous tradition. Incredibly bold, vibrant, and energetic, Jaipur takes you from the earliest bazaars that are nearly as long as Jaipur itself to modern-day restaurants that offer various food, from historical forts and palaces whose stories of stories are as well-known as their architectural splendor, to luxury hotels, in just a day.

Sometimes referred to by the name Pink City for the hue of its historic structures, a trip to Jaipur is probably the best way to get a glimpse of the splendorous past of this period of the Mughal Empire.


eklingji temple

Eklingji Temple is one of the most well-known temples in Rajasthan and is situated 22 kilometers from the northern part of Udaipur. Eklingji Temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva of the Hindu religion. Its magnificent architecture attracts many tourists each year. The temple is stunning with its asymmetrical roof and its unique tower. The walls that surround the temple are covered by steps that descend to the tranquil waters.

The temple was established in 734 A.D. by Bappa Rawal, Eklingji is purported to be the main idol of the Mewar rulers. When you enter this hall, you will be greeted by a stunning silver image of Nandi and within the temple are two other pictures of Nandi made of brass and black stone, and brass, respectively.



It is situated in and surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, the charming town of Nathdwara is translated to “The Gate of God.” It is located in the middle of Rajasthan, situated along the banks of the River Banas, and is a stunning beauty spot.

The town is also known as a holy Hindu place visited by thousands of visitors every year. Nathdwara is also famous for its “Pichwai paintings,” which are popular Rajasthani-style paintings and terracotta art. Nathdwara is considered to be the center of traditional crafts, arts, and antiques.

The town also owes its name to the famous temple, due to its location. Nathdwara literally means “Gateway towards Shrinathji’. It is also believed to be a culinary paradise with plenty of choices that tourists can choose from. In all, Nathdwara is a wealthy town with respect to its design and importance to religion.

5. RANTHAMBORE NATIONAL PARK – The Dream of the Tigers

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore is among the most popular and well-known national parks. There’s a reason why this is the case. Even though tigers are not found in huge quantities, they are accustomed to people and often avoid the crowds of tourists, which makes them quickly spotted.

Alongside the tigers, the park is characterized by stunning scenery and various other animals, which makes it worthwhile to visit.

6. PUSHKAR -The Holy “Lotus” Town


Although it is an area within Rajasthan, Pushkar feels entirely distinct. The town is known as a place of pilgrimage; Pushkar revolves around an ancient lake that is thought to be the result of after Lord Brahma dropped the lotus.

The town is also regarded as one of the few cities worldwide with shrines to Lord Brahma. The town’s fame internationally is due to the large Pushkar Camel Fair which is believed to be among the most well-known occasions in India.



haldi ghati

Haldighati is the most admired place in Rajsamand District. It is renowned worldwide for its noble deeds by the legendary Maharana Pratap. It is located at 44 km from Udaipur.

It lies between its Aravali range. The mountainous region that was instrumental in protecting the honor of the Mewar dynasty, is referred to as Haldighati.

Haldighati is a well-known historical place famous for its gallantry in the life of Maharana Pratap. It is located 40 kilometers away from Udaipur City, Haldighati is one of the mountain passes within the Aravalli range, which connects two districts, namely Rajsamand as well as Pali of Rajasthan.

8. CHITTORGARH – Former Capital of Heroic Rajput Kings


Chittorgarh is known for its steadfast location of Hindu resistance to Muslim invaders. Chittorgarh’s name is associated with Rajput courage, heroism, and bravery. The fort was imposing and stood up to the invaders for years but was subsequently attacked three times.

One day, 13,000 women from town committed the crime of ‘Johar’, throwing their children and themselves on a vast funeral pyre in defiance of the army of conquerors. Nowadays, most visitors come to visit the UNESCO-listed fort.


jaisamand lake dhebar lake

It covers an area of around 100, Jaisamand Lake is the second-largest artificial lake in the world following Govind Balabh Pant Sagar. It is surrounded by Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary which is where you can find a wide variety of exotic animals and migratory birds.

Palaces in the summer of the Queens of Udaipur are also a stunning background. In a serene setting, it is a place to celebrate. The dam is made of marble. it has six cenotaphs, and the temple of Shiva is in the center.

The temple is evidence that the inhabitants of Mewar were aware of their rituals of worship. Locals refer to it by its name Dhebar Lake as well.

The lake was created by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 17th century, or exactly in 1685, as he was building dams on the Gomti river. The “Ocean of Victory” is, as the name implies was officially inaugurated on June 2nd, 1691.

It is comprised of three islands that are inhabited by the Bhil Minas tribe of Bhil Minas. The two larger islands are known as Baba ka Magra and the tiny island is known as Piari.

10. MOUNT ABU – Rajasthan’s Single Hill Station

mount abu

Mount Abu’s main claim to fame is Mount Abu is the only state hill station. Its focal point is Nakki Lake, which was believed to have been carved out by gods using their fingernails. The region is famous for its stunning landscape, and there are numerous opportunities to hike and explore the surrounding countryside.

Another major attraction is the Jain temple complex, which is believed to be home to some of the most elaborate marble designs found anywhere.

Final Words: Taste the Flavor of Every Single Place in Rajasthan

The places mentioned above are a handful of the many secrets of this bounty place. Rajasthan is sure to captivate your mind the moment you land in the rich cultural state and will give a unique ancient vibe once you start your voyage after moving to this extraordinary place.

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