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The Fortis Standard of Care And Expertise is Coming Soon in Udaipur

“New facilities with new beginnings and endless possibilities”.

Udaipur, the City of Lakes, is incredibly blessed with beauty, scenic views, and a lot of facilities that are growing every day.  But, when it comes to quality health care services, there has always been a wanting.

We often see people moving out of Udaipur for the treatment of cancer, kidney transplant, neuro diagnostics, cardiac surgery, liver transplant. With the expected arrival of Fortis JK hospital, not only will these issues be addressed, but the hospital will also assure affordable care and ease of treatment with its quality medical facilities. All this is to ensure that people can have maximum number of healthcare benefits without having to worry unnecessarily.

fortis in udaipur

Fortis Healthcare Ltd., in association with Plus Medicare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., is all set to launch Fortis JK Hospital, a multi-super specialty hospital in Udaipur.

The partnering of Plus Medicare Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., and Fortis Healthcare Ltd., brings to Udaipur a legacy of pioneering clinical work spread over decades of experience in healthcare, in the best interest of the people of Udaipur and it’s neighbouring areas.

The strategic location of Fortis JK hospital Udaipur will offer superlative care in wide range of specialties such as Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Mother & Child health to name a few.

Fortis JK Hospital brings to Udaipur the best-in-class standard operating procedures, protocols, safety standards and clinical practices that are of global standards, to ensure that we are able to perform services of the highest quality and efficacy.

The Journey

Fortis JK hospital team Udaipur

The journey of Fortis Healthcare Ltd., began in 2001 with a single hospital in Mohali to a chain of more than 56 hospitals across country, Fortis has come a long way in a brief span of just over 15 years. Fortis has emerged as a genuine brand spreading the belief in healing people with its state-of-the-art amenities across the country. Fortis JK Hospital is launching soon, to provide its top-notch healthcare services in our city Udaipur. There is a strong back-up available in the form of Fortis-Escorts which is Fortis’s biggest centre in Jaipur – Rajasthan, to deliver on the mission to serve quality medical care to the people at an affordable cost. For any healthcare needs, one can look forward to this new medical facility and does not need to travel outside Udaipur.

Convenience to Public

A special emphasis has been laid on the quality of care which is addressed through benchmarked Diagnostic Services by SRL, German dialysis technology, Pharmacy services by RWL and CRITINEXT ICUs to serve people from all walks of life. Fortis JK hospital plans to tap into the established tourism inflow of Udaipur and promote medical tourism in Udaipur.

Udaipurites! This we can conclude as the big take and revolution in the health care solutions by encouraging towards super specialty hospital in our own city.

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