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Amrakh Mahadev Temple – A 1500 Year Old Treasure of Udaipur

Resting beautifully at a distance of 10 km from the Udaipur city is the ancient Amrakh Mahadev temple. The history of the temple ages back to 1500 years. The temple is under the supervision of Prabhav Kumar Dashora, who is the chief priest there. He told us that the temple and the nearby land was acquired by his ancestors in lieu of the astrological work they did.

The less known temple near the city is scarcely visited by the locals, let alone the tourists. However, the footfall increases a bit during the monsoon season as people consider the temple as picnic destination being surrounded by the lush greenery of the Aravali hills.

Picture by: Vikram Chouhan

History of the temple

Around 1500 years ago, there was a king named Raja Ambrish. The king left all the worldly pleasures and came to the place to worship Shiv Ji. Every day to worship the Shiv linga of the Mahadev, he used to go to the River Ganga to bring water which he would use in the Abhishek of the Shivlinga. Goddess Ganga was so impressed by his faith and devotion that one day she decided to come along with the king and from then on it is said that the water of the River Ganga is flowing in the temple. The place where the water flows is known as Gang Kund. According to the Pujari, the kund has never dried even during the situation of drought.

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The King later became popular with the name Amar Rishi which is why the temple is named as Amrakh Mahadev temple.

About the temple

There are two temples in the premises. One is where the idol of Raja Ambrish is situated who achieved salvation at the place and the other temple homes the statue of four faced Mahadev who was worshipped by the King. This statue was constructed by the rulers after the King Ambrish as per his wish.

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Most of the temple was ruined during the Mughal era where the Mughals fragmented the temple as well as the statues. The temple took 10 years to get renovated beginning from the year 1993 and getting completed by the year 2003.

The remains of the temple can still be seen in the temple where pillars and the lower portion of the temple reflect the 1500 years old architecture. Some carving can be seen on the upper side of the inside of the dome.

Picture by: Pradeep Jitarwal

Gang Kund can be spotted outside the temple where one can witness a variety of fishes. It is said that drinking the water of the kund heals several diseases.

Major events at the temple

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Every year on the next day of Rakshabandhan, which is also known as ‘Thandi Rakhi’ a fair is conducted at the place. Vibrant food stalls, eateries, and rides can be seen in the fair which is attended by 20-25 thousand people from nearby villages every year. It is said that the fair is taking place from the mythological era. Apart from that, on every new moon day, a grand Kaalsarp Pooja takes place at the temple which is attended by the devotees of the lord.

How to reach the temple

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