Are you ready to explore: Bikers invite Udaipur for the famous Ambubachi Fair of Assam!

A Bikers’ team is inviting Udaipur for the illustrious Ambubachi Fair of Assam. The noteworthy thing is that we, Udaipurites are invited personally by the group of bikers, who are currently on a 37-day-long India tour. This is for the first time that invitation cards have been published to invite people from across the country to attend this fair. The bikers, who began their journey last month, have already visited states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Gujarat, inviting prominent persons, religious heads, devotees etc.

During their visit to Rajasthan, they have invited the religious heads at the Jagdish Temple and the entire Udaipur to attend this auspicious fair.

Gathering of people at Ambubashi Mela on Day 3 at Kamakhya Temple

Generally, tantriks, sadhus, Bauls, aghoras, sannyasinis, khade babas, foreign pilgrims, tourists or foreign scientists visit the Kamakhya temple, where the fair is held in the Nilachal hill, during the festival days. This time, this special bikers’ tour has been arranged by the Assam Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. so that people can be handed over invitation cards and posters by the representatives from the state.

Know about Ambubachi Fair

The Ambubachi fair is held in Nilachal Hill at Kamakhya temple. Devotees flock to the city of Guwahati in Assam, to become a part of this annual ritual. The fair is devoted to the Mother Nature; apropos of a special reason- to celebrate the annual menstruation cycle (holy cycle) of the head deity of the temple, Devi Kamakhya. During this period, the temple is closed for 3-4 days to visitors, to maintain the privacy of the menstruating deity.

This year the festival is from June 22-26.

It is believed that every year, during the monsoon (Assamese month Ahaar), the Goddess goes through her annual menstruation. This concurs with the river Brahmaputra being in full flow because of monsoon rains.

According to the belief, during this period when the goddess is in her annual Holy cycle, the fertility of mother earth increases. In a practical sense too, the fertility increases as Assam receives heavy rains during this period as the monsoons arrive around this time and this leads to an increase in fertility of the soil. During this time the farmers also stop cultivating their land, as it is believed that it causes disturbance to the menstruating mother earth.

So are you ready to explore and attend this special fair at Assam?