Zip Lining Accident in Udaipur – Are we Really Equipped for Adventurous Sports?

Udaipur – the City of Lakes has lately earned a well-deserved fame in the minds of tourists all around the country. The scenic beauty and the appreciable hospitality has never failed to enthrall not just the locals who experience something new in the city very frequently but the people from other parts of the country too.

One thing which has grown at a fast pace amongst the citizens is adventure sports. With time, people are getting more interested to try their hands on adventurous activities in Udaipur some of which are kayaking, tree walk, zip line, camping, etc.

Image Courtesy: Pramod Soni for Patrika

On 3rd August 2018, the ‘Valley of flowers’ was inaugurated at Chirwa Ghat near Udaipur. Apart from the stunning ecosystem that one can witness around the place, some other activities were incorporated into the valley too, one of which was zip lining.

The news of Zip lining spread like a wildfire in the city. The reason was it being something new and unique to the people of Udaipur. Seeing the city grow with such a rapid speed is really appreciable. But the question is are we equipped sufficiently to carry on such adventurous sports?

Recently an incident took place which raises the similar bunch of questions in the minds of all the Udaipurites. Carelessness of operating official at the zip lining site resulted in the crash of two individuals’ midair. The incident took place on the weekend when one of the persons namely Bahadur was about to finish his zip line but due to the reverse movement of wind, he stopped midway. Meanwhile, the careless officials released one more rider, Rajesh, who had his 4-year-old daughter tied to him.

In a panic, both of them turned their back towards each other (so that there would be no injury to the little girl) and the impact was so immense that one of them turned upside down and he had to hold the rope with his hand which caused severe cuts on his hands.

Such incidents don’t just jolt us but it should mortify the authorities too. Later it came into account that there were no trained officials present at the site and the lives of people were being risked like anything. Growth and development are good enough but the question is ‘Is this growth sustainable?’

It is important that the authority take all the safety measures while carrying out such activities. Because at the end of the day, it is the matter of people’s life.