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Divine Idol Behind Saksham School – Dr. Achala R Mogra

“Every child is special, but some are uniquely chosen to be very special,” that’s what we need to conclude and realize whenever we see a child that requires extreme attention, care, and support. Children born with physical and mental disabilities both are treated in the way of disappointment or burden by many parents. But, it is to be understood that Kids with special needs deserve to live a healthy and happier life like all others. The general thought of several people and society towards these children was understood by Dr. Achala R Mogra, founder of Saksham (The school for very special kids) and president of Neelanjan Seva Sansthan.

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saksham the school for very special kids

Dr. Achala initiated Saksham around 2 and half years back on 1st September 2013 as a centre to redefine the future of special kids and their parents. Every parent that came to her with the disability of their child received the joy of healing that they discovered in their kid. Her attempts and love that cured many children’s made parents also realized that they have a very special child who is God gifted just like others. For better brain development and potential of kids, various therapies like Neurodevelopment therapy, sensory integration, Acupressure therapy, physiotherapy, PECS, Visual stimulation, acupuncture, Yoga, Naturopathy, Reiki, Mantra therapy, and color therapy are done in Saksham.

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Along with Saksham School, Mrs. Achala have also initiated DARE society which is the school for physically handicapped children in Bihar and Jeevandhara Institute of Neurodevelopment in Kerala.

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When we came into the conversation with her, she described the two reasons that are behind all the attempts which she has done till date. And, out of which one of the inspirational reason is her son who is life to her. Dr. Mogra left all her work, just to treat her son ‘Archit’ to see him growing by beating all those disabilities that are termed as a challenge to handle by the society. As soon as she saw herself as a parent to a very special kid, she realized that many want that their child should also lead a normal life by pulling out all the concepts that have been built since so long. With the belief that “Children with special needs aren’t sent to first parents, they make parents special”, and that’s what as a mother she has experienced.
dr Achala R Mogra son Archit

From that initial phase, her research in the field of Spagyric medicines from past 12 years made a substantial difference to patients of cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, Cancer, thalassemia, and much more. As a Spagyrist, she got her training in Italy and out of very few doctors in India, she got certified as Iridologist. But, her achievements doesn’t end up here, she has been given several awards for her outstanding work in research of Spagyric medicines and holds several acclaimed articles along with research papers in her courtesy. She is a renowned electro homeopath and many Eh practitioners all over the country and abroad are using her medicines to treat very special kids.

The school of very special kids is not just the boom to our Lake City but, a tribute from Dr. Achala. Hats off to you, and May God bless you to continue with such a great work for the betterment of child that are still denied by the society.

If you also know any of the children who requires very special care then, don’t just wait to give a gift of love by the Saksham that too at an early age. So, that you can see the child nurtured well at the adolescence.
You can visit the Saksham at
Dr Achala Mogra

And, you can also visit the centre at 38, Shastri Marg, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur (Rajasthan) – 313001

Contact: +91-8107000511

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