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‘Harley’lujah Lakecity : Get set to see 300+ Harleys in Udaipur

Gear-up for full throttle with H.O.G. @ Udaipur

Harley Owners Group Ride

“Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle”

Hunter S Thompson (Author: Hell’s Angels)

The bike lovers of ‘Lakecity’ are just about geared up to experience the same love and frenzy as the Harley-Davidson India announces Third Western H.O.G. Ride, Rajasthan; scheduled to be held in Udaipur on 8th March, 2014. The bike lovers of the city will witness with awe and amazement as H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) members from 13 chapters across India will roll their ‘road rockets’ with attitude on the streets of Udaipur. Over 350 Harley Davidson riders from all across the country will be part of the two day phenomena and will participate in a rally of audacious events such as burnouts, arm-wrestling and the most exquisite H.O.G. Custom Contest which incorporates the display of customized Harley Davidson motorcycles. All this madness will be followed by a live band performance to keep the crowd thrilled with the zeal and adventure of the event which is being held on a similar note as the ‘India Bike Week’ which took place recently in Goa. The H.O.G. caravan is set to arrive in Udaipur on 8th March and is expected to stay till 10th March.

The First and Second National H.O.G. Rallies were held in Goa in 2013-14. The ‘Harley Owners Group’ is a community marketing club which was founded in 1983. Operated by Harley Davidson itself, the club basks in the glory of having 1,000,000+ members. The main motto behind the formation of H.O.G. is to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle.

According to the official website: H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson are all about INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, and RIDING THE OPEN ROAD. The men and women of H.O.G. all have one thing in common – we all love to ride. If you love it too, we want you to join us.

harley ride from udaipur

H.O.G. Rallies are conducted all over the world which provides an opportunity for the customers, members and adventure seekers to meet, experience, share and show their love for bikes.

With this historic event, the first of its kind to be held in The City of Lakes, the streets of the city will be revved with the thunderous engines of the Harley Bikes and the deafening roars of the Harley Lovers. The overwhelming media buzz seems to have already set the mood for the forthcoming spectacle.

harley in udaipur

“The sun on your back. Two fists in the wind. And the horizon teasing you farther down a great road.” The above quotation truly testifies the spirit of the Harley Davidson riders who have a strong belief in brotherhood and camaraderie.

The company recently unveiled the latest Harley-Davidson Street 750, with the announced on-road price estimated to be around under 5 Lakhs – which is great news for aspiring Harley owners.

Lakecity extends a very pepped-up and enthusiastic welcome to H.O.G. club. And we hope the members and the spectators enjoy the madness in the true spirit that H.O.G. stands for.

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