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Hangout Plan For The Weekend ‘Bagheri Ka Naka’ | Sunday on the door – Its Picnic Time

Seems like there is a sort of match going on from few weeks high up in the sky – clouds and sun competing each other to see who rules over the sky. Though monsoon has not yet hit its peak, still the weather outside is pleasant with clouds and winds casting their spell and tempting every feet to ‘Get Set Go’ for an exciting Sunday picnic. And if you are lucky enough, you can even get a chance to soak yourself in the monsoon showers. J

With so many picnic places around Udaipur, it can be confusing enough for you as for which place to go, how to go, what to do and all. But Dear Readers, “When UB is here, no need to fear” 😉  “Bagheri ka Naka”, flowing with all its might, will definitely be the perfect choice for this Sunday.

The Journey to ‘Bagheri ka Naka’: Bagheri Dam is situated 55 kms from Udaipur. You’ll have to take the Ajmer Road from Fatehpura Circle, then keep on following the sign boards and you will reach your destination in approx 1 hour or so depending on road and traffic conditions. Don’t forget to add the flavors of snacks, antakshari, gossips and laughter in your road trip; after all the journey is more beautiful than the destination itself.

At Bagheri ka Naka: The breath-holding view of splashing water amidst the marvelous backdrop of mountains will completely engorge you in the nature’s splendor. Your picnic mood will multiply many folds and you won’t be able to resist the desire to feel the cold, crystal clear water and get drenched in the downpour. So don’t forget to carry extra clothes with you.  A monsoon picnic is always incomplete without ‘crispy pakodas’, ‘garma garam chai’ and ‘bhuttas’. But as you won’t find any shop or food joints around, you’ll have to carry your meals and other eatables with you. Also be prepared to encounter a large crowd as everybody is out for the weekend.

So pack your picnic bags, start your cars and bang on this Sunday in the music of falling water. Don’t forget to capture the mesmerizing view and masti bhare moments with your camera. Happy Weekend Udaipies…!!

By Palak Jain

Reading books and writing brought me to UdaipurBlog Team. Currently I serve as a writer on

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