Gurudwaras in Udaipur

Gurudwara is a place of worship for Sikhs. Although there are not many Gurudwaras in the town, the few we have are extremely beautiful and blessed. Let us discuss the Gurudwaras in Udaipur, Langar facility (communal free kitchen and food provided by Sikh community to all people), daily routine for offering prayers, accommodation facility and visiting hours.

So here is a list of 5 well-known Gurudwaras in the city:


1. Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbar:

Probably the most popular Gurudwara in town, commonly known as the ‘Sikh Colony, Gurudwara’. It was built after the partition period, where land was allotted by former Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The Gurudwara has a pleasing architecture and can accommodate around 500 devotees at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: 6 am nitenam sahib path, 7:30 am kirtan (morning Darbar), Aarti 7 pm to 8 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Only on festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Rs.500/- per day, room only for a family.

Contact: 9829719136, Ajit Singh.

Address: Sikh Colony, Near Kumharo ka Bhata Central Area, Udaipur.

2. Gurudwara Dukh Nivaran Darbar:

Situated in the locality of Sec 14, this Gurudwara is quite famous for its calm and soothing atmosphere. Many people also practice meditation in the peaceful climate of this place. The Gurudwara can easily gather a group of 350 to 400 disciples at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: Aarti 7 am to 8 am, Darbaar decoration 8 am to 9 am and Kirtan at 8 pm to 9 pm.

Visiting hours: 5 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and on all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Only for Granthis working there.

Contact: 9001999844, M.S. Wasal.

Address: Sector 14, opposite Suhalka Bhawan, Udaipur.


3. Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara:

Located in the centre of the city, Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara is the oldest in Udaipur and offered its first prayer in the year 1932. The ancient walls and architecture of this place gives a retro feel to the devotees and help them connect better. It also has a library which contains books that showcase the history of Sikh community and about their great valour.

The daily routine for offering prayers: 6 am nitenam sahib paath, 7:30 am kirtan 8 pm to 9 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 9 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and on all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Not available for outsiders.

Contact: 9314184715, Harbhajan Singh.

Address: Delhi Gate, near Gurunanak School, Udaipur.

4. Gurudwara Shri Guru Arjan Darbar:

It is one of the most important Gurudwaras in Udaipur, positioned in sector 11 locality of Udaipur. It was built 35-40 years back and since then almost all locals of the area visit the Gurudwara daily to seek blessings. The Gurudwara can accommodate around 500 people at a time.

The daily routine for offering prayers: Sukhmani Sahib path 5 am, kirtan 7 am and aarti 7 pm.

Visiting hours: 6 am to 10 pm.

Langar: Every Sunday and all festive occasions.

Accommodation facility: Not available for outsiders.

Address: Sector 11, near Alok School, Udaipur.


5. Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar:

Although situated in a narrow ally but with beautiful surroundings, this Sikh temple is dedicated to first Sikh Guru. The Gurudwara is often crowded on weekends with devotees from all places coming to worship.

Visiting hours: 5 am to 9 pm.

Langar: On Sundays and Sikh festive occasions.

Accommodation facility:  Not available for outsiders.

Address: C 53-56 class, Bohra Ganesh Rd, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur.

Contact: 9414940085, Salvinder Singh Ji.


These Gurudwaras are a matter of experience rather than description. We suggest all Udaipurites to visit them once.


          About the Series: ‘Places of Worship in Udaipur’

                            Motive behind carrying out the series

The series carries a sole motive of making the people of the city aware of the places of worship. The series has already covered ‘prominent Temples of the city ‘, ‘Churches of Udaipur’ and the third segment is ‘Gurudwaras in Udaipur’.

This information is collected from valid sources to form an article.

Feel free to contribute to this article, by sharing data of any Gurudwara we have missed.



List of prominent schools in Udaipur

Udaipur city is well known for its majestic beauty and royal history. But not many people know Udaipur city is home to some of the great schools. Every parent wants their child to get into the best school which provide the best education and all-round development.

So, here’s presenting you a list of best schools in Udaipur for the academic year 2017-18.

1. Maharana Mewar Public School-

source: justdial
maharana mewar public school

Established in 1974, MMPS is located in the heart of the city i.e. City Palace. This is one of the best schools in Udaipur as it holds a great record not only in academics but also in physical education. MMPS is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The school is from 6th to 12th grade and offers Science, commerce, and arts as main streams. You should not give a second thought while considering this school for your student.

Facilities: library, hostels, gymnasium, music room, dance rooms, dispensary.

Branches: Maharana Mewar Vidya Mandir, Ambamata temple road.

Address: City Palace Complex, near Jagdish Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2419021, 0294-2529880.


 2. St. Paul’s School, Udaipur-

source: My Udaipur City
St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School was founded in 1953. Initially the school was only for boys but later on, it became co-educational. The school is famous for its discipline and also engages the students in a variety of co-curricular activities for their intellectual and physical development. Courses offered are science and commerce. The school is currently affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi. The total strength of both boys and girls is 3275.

Every Paulian must read this.

Facilities: library, badminton court, volleyball court, CCTV surveillance.

Address:  St. Paul’s School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: 0294-2526176, 0294-5131018


3. St. Marys Convent Sr. Sec. School (Fatehpura), Udaipur-

St. May’s Fatehpura

One of the oldest school in Udaipur, St. Marys convent school (fatehpura) was established in 1950 with just 12 students. The school runs in a modern building with amnesties and makes learning enjoyable for students. It offers education from class nursery to 12th and is affiliated to CBSE.

If you are a Marian then you can definitely relate to this.

Facilities: library, computer block & science block (under construction), basketball court.

Branches: St. Marys Convent School, Teetadi

Address: new fatehpura, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Contact: 0294-2419626


4. Delhi Public School, Udaipur-

source: justdial
Dps Udaipur

DPS is the largest school chain in India. The school opened its branch in the city of lakes in the year 2007. It is a dream school for every student as it provides ample opportunities and exposure required by a student. DPS, Udaipur is affiliated to CBSE and offers streams like Commerce, Science, and Arts.

Facilities: hostel, Swimming pool, dance rooms, music rooms, health check-up.

Address: Bhuwana Pratap nagar Bye-pass, NH-8, Udaipur, 313001.

Contact: 0294-2442903, +919928011961


5. St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School (sector-4), Udaipur-

St. Anthony’s sector-4 (left)
goverdhan vilas (right)

St. Anthony’s society was founded in 1980 by Mr. Albin and Mrs. Sybil Dsouza. The school’s name is always in headlines because of dozens of achievements accomplished by students. Anthony’s is affiliated to CBSE and offers Commerce and Science as its main streams. The school is for students from nursery to 12th grade.

Facilities: library, gymnasium, music room.

Branches: St. Anthony’s Sr. Sec. School, Sector-14, Goverdhan Vilas.

Address: 478-480, Sector-4, hiran magri, Udaipur.

Contact: 0294-2462388


 6. Central Academy School, Sardarpura, Udaipur-

source: meritnation
Central Academy, sardarpura

Central Academy School has the largest no. of branches in Udaipur city and the biggest and best of them is the ‘sardarpura’ branch. The school is affiliated to CBSE and classes begin from nursery to 12th standard.

Facilities: library, music room, dance room etc.

Branches: Central Academy Sector-4, Sector-3, Ambamata

Address: 219A, Sardarpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Contact: 0294-2526170


7. Ryan International School, Udaipur-

Ryan International

This school is the talk of the town these days. Ryan International established its branch in Udaipur in the year 2012 and aims to implant values such as tolerance, compassion, and integrity in its students. The school offers French as an additional language and is affiliated to CBSE.

Facilities: smart classroom, library, music room, dance room.

Address: Goverdhan vilas, housing board colony, Opposite Rajasthan hospital, Sec-14, hiran magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-5138006/08, 0294-2482990/991


8. The Study School, Udaipur-

source: my udaipur city
The Study School

The best part about The Study School is that it is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the foothills of the Aravalli ranges, near badi lake. The school not only focuses on academic excellence but also on other aspects of life. The schools offer education from class nursery to 12th.

Facilities: 50% classrooms are digitized for smart learning, music room, dance room, football and cricket ground, Athletic tracks, library.

Branches: The Junior Study, SH-50, Ambamata.

Address: Village and post badi, Tehsil girva district, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2453569,0294-2431825.


9.Seedling Modern Public school, Udaipur-

source: our ciulture
Seedling Modern Public School

Seedling school is affiliated to both CBSE, New Delhi and international Cambridge board. In addition to academic facilities, it also provides activities for the overall development of students like fairs where students open up their own stalls.

Facilities: library, smart classes, health and medical care.

Branches: Seedling school nursery branch, Punjawati, bhuwana road, near Celebration Mall.

Address: Pratapura Sapetia, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-5130501, 9928851305.


10. Alok School, Hiran Magri branch, Udaipur-

source: alok sansthan
Alok School. Sector 11

Alok institution was founded on June 29, 1967. It functions from nursery grade till 12th grade and follows CBSE pattern of teaching. The school has various other branches in and out of Udaipur city.

Facilities: hostel, digital classroom, football ground, swimming pool, library.

Branches: Alok School, fatehpura, and Panchawati.

Address: Hiran Magri, Sector 11, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2583488, 2489176/177


11. MDS-

source: MDS school . MDS pratap naagar

MDS was established in 1996 under Smt. Mohan Devi Somani memorial trust. The School recently made history as a student named ‘Kalpit Veerwal’ scored 360/360 in JEE Mains examination held last year. MDS is famous for fetching extraordinary results from ordinary students. The school has integrated with Resonance and is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

Facilities: Basketball ground, CCTV surveillance, Football ground.

Branches: MDS sector 3, Udaipur.

Address: MDS School, Rebario ka gudda, old RTO road, Dheekli road, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: 0294-2462523, 2462100.


12. CPS (Central Public School)-

source: CPS School

The main focus of CPS is to provide quality education to its students. The school is very advanced in terms of teaching and all-round development of a student. The classes begin from nursery to 12th. The school follows CBSE board pattern.

Facilities: hostels, digital classroom, Music rooms.

Address: New Bhopalpura, Kharakua, Udaipur, 313001.

Contact: 0294-2415641.



13. Rockwoods High School-

source: rockwoods school

Rockwoods High School is officially the first school to introduce Cambridge international examinations i.e international board in the city of lakes. The school is equipped with all the modern amnesties and it has got some really good reviews.

Facilities: Digital classrooms, badminton court, volleyball court, football ground.

Address: Rockwoods High School, Chitrakoot Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Contact: +91 9602771911, 9828331641


14. Heritage Girls School-

source: heritage school

Established in 2014, Heritage girls school as the name suggests is a boarding school only for girls, affiliated to both CBSE, New Delhi and Cambridge International Examination (CIE), United Kingdom. The school has an extraordinary infrastructure and Udaipur is blessed to have this school in the city.

Facilities: Air-conditioned Campus, swimming pool, fitness center, squash, badminton and tennis court, athletic track.

Address: NH-8, EklingJi, Udaipur, 313001

Contact: +91 9414043407, 8209958653.


15. G.D. Goenka International School, Udaipur-

source: GD Goenka

This list would be incomplete without including G.D Goenka international School. It is a large chain of schools with over 41 branches in India. The school is day-boarding as well as residential and is affiliated to CBSE.

Facilities: Swimming pool, Athletics track, basketball court, horse riding arena, yoga and meditation.

Address: G.D Goenka International School, Fernio ka Gurha Badi, Udaipur.

Contact: +917726009966/67


16. St. Gregorios Sr. Sec. School-


An English medium Co-educational Sr. Secondary School, affiliated to the C.B.S.E. New Delhi, started its journey on 15th January in 1980. It has a total strength of 2995 students, from both primary and secondary classes. The school has a teaching staff of 83 and 35 domestic staff members.

Facilities: Swimming Pool, Dance Rooms, Gymnasium, Music Rooms, Hostels

Address: P.B.No 172, Khara Kuan, New Bhupalpura

Contact: 0294-2413801


This was our list of prominent schools in Udaipur. What do you think? We would love to hear from you.

Health & Fashion List

List of Salons in Udaipur

Whether you are new to the city, a tourist or a local, everyone needs a salon! Beauty and hair care services have hiked multifold and are growing day by day. Henceforth, I am listing the list of top 10 salons and makeover studios; an info that might come handy in this approaching wedding season. A lot of ladies might book an appointment today as they surf through the list of Best Salons In Udaipur 😛

Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

Pinks & Peaches is a high street makeover studio in Udaipur. Providing professional beauty and hair care services in the city, they have made their name. The professionally trained makeover artist Meeta Soni is the main woman behind all the makeovers.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Makeup services, Bridal Makeovers, Hair Styling & others

Address: 419, Sector -11, Hiran Magri, near Alok School, Udaipur

Phone: 7665416663

Bounce Salon

Started by Maya Choudhary in the year 2017, Bounce is rendering its superior services both to men and women at Ashok Nagar Main Road. The salon claims to use newer technologies in the field of beauty services.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Hair, makeup, nails, skin services

Address: Ashok Nagar Main Road, First floor Above Madame outlet, Udaipur

Phone: 7357833222

Shades Hair Studio

Shades Hair started in October 2010 providing the best skin and hair care services in the beauty industry in Udaipur. Situated at a very apt location, Panchwati, this salon fixes all your beauty, makeup, haircare related issues.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All hair and beauty services

Address: 56, Near Sukhadia Circle, Above the Liverpool Showroom, Panchwati, Udaipur,

Phone: 7821860550

Champion Salon

Durgesh Sen, Jamnesh Sen, Kamlesh Sen and Anil Sen are the pillars of this salon chain and their journey dates back to 1990 when Durgesh installed the first salon ‘Navran Salon & Spa’ at Hiran Magri in Udaipur. They have almost 6 branches – Champion gal’s spa, Champion family salon, champion hair salon and spa, champion kid’s salon, and Navrang Hair Salon and Spa.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Bridal Makeup, Shaving, henna treatment, massages, party makeup, groom’s makeup, eyebrows, facial and so much more.


  1. Champion Hair Salon & Spa

Near Kotak Mahindra Bank, 100 Ft. Road, Kankroli, Rajnagar

  1. Navrang Hair Salon & Spa

3/36, Behind SS Coaching, Sec. 5, Udaipur

  1. Champion Kid’s Salon

2-1, II Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur

  1. Champion Family Salon

2/20, II Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur

  1. Champion Gal’s Spa

MG College Road, Udaipur

  1. Champion Hair Salon & Spa

Shakti Nagar Main Road, Udaipur

Phone: 09829088841 / 09772688841

Prabhat Spa

Dating back to the year 2000, Ashok and Asha Paliwal started Prabhat Spa-Salon & Institute at Panchwati, became a much-recognized name in the City of Lakes. They provide top-notch services in the fields of beauty and hair. They have three more branches excluding the main branch.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Skin care services, nail art, Mehandi Art and Henna services, hair styling, makeup services and Spa services.


  1. Prabhat Spa Salon n’ Institute Head Office

103-104, Hitawala IV, Near Lok Kala Mandal Chougan Scheme, Panchwati, Udaipur

  1. Prabhat Hair & Beauty Studio
    Beside Lake City Mall, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Udaipur
  2. Prabhat Spa & Salon
    6-7, Chawala Restaurant, 100 Feet Road, Shobhagpura, Mewar Circle, Udaipur
  3. Prabhat Academy
    6-7, Chawala Restaurant, 100 Feet Road, Shobhagpura, Mewar Circle, Udaipur

Phone: 02942417623

Mayur Salon

Started in the year 1979, the Mayur salon was started by late Dinesh Chanra Sen, and now is run by his wife Asha Rani Sen, and his son Ajay. They have two branches locates at Chetak Circle and Hiran Magri-sec 5. The salon provides all the facilities in terms of beauty and hair and also has a Mayur Academy, where students are groomed for the beauty industry.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All kinds of hair, skin, spa services, bridal and groom packages.


  1. Mayur academy

1st Floor, Mayur Complex, Opp.Narayan Seva Sansthan, Sector 5, Prabhat Nagar, Hiran Magri, Udaipur

  1. Mayur Salon

Chetak Marg, Opposite Sbbj Bank, Near Akashdeep Building, Udaipur

Phone: +91-9252213410 / 9828379484

Amrit’s Hair and Beauty

An old and trusted name in the field of beauty and hair is Amrit’s. Started back in the year the salon offers various services in the field. They also provide Beauty parlor training to students. The name Amrit’s is derived from Amrit Sen, the Proprietor of once famous Kanhaiya Hair Dressers in Udaipur. His son, Rakesh Sen looks after the hair care dept. of the Amrit’s salon.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Bridal makeup, hair styling, luxury body spa, makeover studio, bridal makeup, and all hair, beauty, skin, nails services.

Address: 1st Floor, Shyam Plaza, 15 Hazareshwar Colony, Hospital Rd, Udaipur,

Phone: +91-9314036360, 0294-2411360

New International Cosmetic Care (NICC)

Started with the motto to revolutionize the field of beauty and hair in the City of Lakes, NICC is the product of hard work of Dr.  Sweety Chabbra. Well-known for its beauty and makeup services, NICC is a great place to get your makeup done.Salons in Udaipur

Services: Total beauty and hair care

Address: Chhabra Niwas, Opp. M. B. College, Near Hotel Raghu Mahal, Udaipur

Phone: 0294-2411913

RNCC Salon

Started by Cosmetologists Rinku and Jia, RNCC is a well-known salon in Udaipur, offering multi-faceted services in the domain of makeup and hair. It is also an Institute for professional courses, advance beauty course guided by experts.Salons in Udaipur

Services: All types of skin treatments and all hair styling and cutting including hair loss treatment, anti-dandruff, radiant color treatment.

Address: 1-B, Mehta Bhawan, Near RTDC Kajri Hotel, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Udaipur

Phone: +91 9252628167 / 7014982707

Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio

A luxurious boutique hair and beauty studio running under the name Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio. Ambika, the main woman behind the salon, is a certified cosmetologist and travels across the globe for bridal makeup, fashion makeup assignments. She is trained in skin and makeup from New Zealand and London. Her place is a must visit!Salons in Udaipur

Services: Hair, styling, cutting, coloring, treatment, chemical haircare, skin treatments and care, Makeovers, bodywork – body spa etc.

Address: 308, Harsh Nagar near Eklinghnath garden before Rampura circle, Udaipur

Phone: +91-9116013212

If you have been to any of the above-mentioned salons or makeover studios, do tell me the reviews! Also, suggest us any name if we have missed it!


The Prominent Churches of Udaipur

Places of worship in Udaipur is something everyone must know. Here we are listing the major churches in Udaipur.

Rajasthan Pentecostal Church

The Rajasthan Pentecostal Church was established by Late Dr. Thomas Matthew, an Apostle of North India. It was in the year 1963 that he started the church; earlier the church was under the Shepherd Memorial, and it was 1987 when it got its own building and management at Rani Road.Churches of Udaipur

Since then, the daily meetings and prayers are conducted at the church, which is Independent for its own practice.

By 2005, there were over one thousand local churches that had been birthed as a result of the work that began in Udaipur by Late Dr. Thomas Matthew. Also, till 2005, Late Dr. Thomas Matthew was pastor of the church. On the 24th November 2005, en route Punjab to preach, he passed away in his sleep, after him Pastor Paul Thomas Mathews took over.

The church has a great architecture, able to accommodate almost 500 devotees at a time.

Rajasthan Pentecostal is of the Protestant churches of the city. The church also helps in the field of education and healthcare. It has educational institutions and hospitals, St. Matthew’s School at Rani Road is one of the institutes.Churches of Udaipur

The Rajasthan Pentecostal Church is affiliated to Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India (Regd.), a national fellowship of 1600 affiliated churches.

Address: Opposite Sanjay Park, Rani Rd, Malla Talai, Udaipur

Shepherd Memorial Church

The Shepherd Memorial Church is carved in the Scottish architecture and is the oldest church in Udaipur. The first worship was offered in this Church after sanctification on 05 July 1891.Churches of Udaipur

It was built by the Scottish Missionary and a Medical Doctor from Aberdeen, Scotland, Rev. Dr. James Shepherd (02 Feb 1847 — 29 Mar 1926) who with the great help of the then State Executive Engineer Mr. Campbell Thompson constructed the church. The church is named after Dr. James Shepherd. It is said that the land for the construction of the church was given to Dr. Shepherd by the Maharana of Udaipur.

Campbell Thompson also constructed lake Fateh Sagas Dam, Railway Line to Chittorgarh, Victoria Memorial Hall (Saraswati Library in Gulab Bagh).Churches of Udaipur

The church is located near Chetak Circle, also known as Church of North India. Shepherd Memorial is a protestant and an independent church and nearly 300 people can pray together in the church. In its earlier days prayers were conducted by Dr. James Shepherd after whom the clergy has changed 18 times and now prayers are being conducted by Rev. Jitendra Nath since 2016.

Address: Shepherd Memorial Church, Church of North India, Chetak Circle, Udaipur

Our Lady of Fatima Cathedral

As per a source, there is a story behind the establishment of this church. A devotee of Our Lady in Germany sent a statue of Our Lady of Fatima to India and remained in Ajmer unopened from 1964 to 1967 in the Bishop’s House.Churches of Udaipur

Bishop of Ajmer helped the Tridium management of Udaipur in fulfillment of their want of a life-size statue of Lady Fatima, where the statue was never opened from its cover. The Tridium Management welcomed to take it.

It is said that Late Rev. Fr. Avito Coutinho expressed amazement seeing the statue which arrived from Ajmer. He was spellbound by the beauty of the statue and immediately decided to take it for their worship. It was kept in a cover till it found a decent place for worshipping, which later on came to be the church where it is now.Churches of Udaipur

In its initial days the statue of Our Lady of Fatima was kept in a newly constructed block in St. Paul’s school campus then it was shifted permanently in the Our Lady Fatima Church.

The church has a huge hall for prayers in which 500 devotees can pray. Also, it is the largest church in Udaipur and has beautiful interiors.

There are many institutions which come under the management of the church, as follows:

  1. Mary’s Sr. Sec. School
  2. Teresa’s Sr. Sec. School
  3. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur
  4. Teresa’s Sr. Sec. School
  5. Asha Dham
  6. Missionaries of Charity
  7. Maitri Sadan
  8. Teresa Hospital
  9. Prerna Press

Address: Opposite St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Bhopalpura, Udaipur

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

The church at St. Gregorios celebrates its Foundation Day in January 1987. It was created as a parish of Malankara Orthodox Church but the Church was named after St. Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala who is the Patron Saint of the Church building.

A statue of the Patron Saint of is also erected inside the prayer hall, of the Church. It is an orthodox church, and the infrastructure is similar to the churches in Syria.

Churches of Udaipur
Source: Udaipurtimes

Malankara Syrian Christians’ history dates back to their origin when St. Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, came to India in 52 A.D. A major section of the parent body of St. Thomas Christians constitutes the Orthodox Church under the Catholicos of the East with headquarters at Devalokam, Kottayam. Today, the Church is running a number of Schools, Charitable Institutions like Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Hospitals, etc. all over the country.

The Church can occupy as much as 200 devotees at a time. The Diocese of Delhi Malankara Orthodox Church was the governing body of the church, which later on got acquired by the newly established Diocese of Ahmedabad.

Address: St.Gregorios Orthodox Church, P.B.No.172, Khar Kuan, New Bhupalpura, Udaipur

Emmanuel Mar Thoma Church, Udaipur

The Mar Thoma Christians migrated from Kerala to Udaipur, after which they felt a necessity of having a place to worship. Thus, they formed “Malayalee Syrian Christian Congregation” which accommodated Mar Thoma and Orthodox Christians. Rev. K. V. Varkey, of Mar Thoma Church Valsad, Gujarat was the first Mar Thoma vicar who visited Udaipur and conducted Holy Communion on 4th September 1966 at the Shepherd Memorial CNI church, Udaipur.

The desire of the Martomites was fulfilled on 6th March 1993, and  Rev. Geeverghese Mar Athanasius, Bombay-Delhi Diocesan Bishop laid the foundation stone of Emmanuel Mar Thoma Church Udaipur & the dedication ceremony by Rt. Rev. Dr. Issac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa on 27th August 1994.

Churches of Udaipur

Later, the members felt the need to have a separate room for the guests who visited the parish. The construction of the guest room was completed in the year 1998.

Churches of Udaipur

Address: Emmanuel Mar Thoma Syrian Church 61, Sukhadia Nagar, University Road, North Ayad, Udaipur

About the series: ‘Places of Worship in Udaipur’

Motive behind carrying out the series

The series carries a sole motive of making the people of the city aware of the places of worship. The series has already covered prominent Temples of the city and the second segment is ‘Churches of Udaipur’.

This information is collected from valid sources to form an article.

Feel free to contribute to this article, by sharing data of any church we have missed. 🙂

Photos By: Siddharth Nagar & Fouzia Mirza


10 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Here we are with the second edition of Instagrammers from Udaipur we must follow! With the previous list, we got to know 11 people from Udaipur that are doing great on Instagram and making our city’s name proud. Not only this, their feed is really interactive and I feel more people must come in contact with their content. We try to feature people from mixed genres doing impeccable work.

This edition features 10 Instagrammers from Udaipur that every other Udaipurite must follow to get in touch with these talents. Being an Udaipurite, I feel I should know the talent of the city! And what about you?

Have a read!

Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur

10 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar of Udaipur is the son of the Shreeji Arvind Singh Mewar- the 76th custodian of the Mewar Dynasty. A free-spirited traveler, a scientific sadhu, a rational philosopher and the prince of Udaipur, Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar is a youth icon to look up to on Instagram. His love for Udaipur can be seen on his Instagram account where he encourages Udaipurites to make a difference in the city.

One of his campaigns ‘Vastradaan Week’, which is a mega cloth donation drive happens every year during the month of January. This year the drive is scheduled to be from 21st Jan-27th Jan.

Find him on Instagram: @lakshyarajsinghmewar

Sakshi Jain

Cute little Sakshi is a student of design and communication and runs an online gift store under the name ‘Friends and Future’. She says that it was just a vague idea but became a turning point in her and her friend Riddhi’s life since her school days. Talking to us about the online store she adds, “Choosing the right gift for your loved one can be difficult, particularly when you’re shopping for somebody who seems to have everything already! The last thing you’d probably want to do is spend money on a gift that’s going to sit on a shelf, unused. But with us, you can get them something special, unique and one of a kind, for every occasion.”

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @friends_and_future

Vaibhav Jain

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Vaibhav, born and brought up in the city of lakes, did his schooling from MMPS and then MBA from Ahmedabad. Since childhood, he had a hobby to mark places on the map and read about them. This hobby became his passion and gradually became his profession too. He now owns his own Travel Company, De Toque y Torque, which takes backpack & explorative trips throughout the world giving unconventional local experiences, be it commuting, eating or crossing borders on foot.
Having clientele in Europe & South America, he is now set to take trips from India as well to give Indians the same experience.

He says “I always love to travel the nonconventional way taking in more and more local experience of the place and knowing the culture of places I visit.” He loves collecting souvenirs and currencies from different parts of the world and his collection has been featured in media. Also, he was recognized by South American Media for giving people a new way of traveling (the non-conventional way).

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @mapmyescape

Guru Datt Vyas

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Guru Datt Vyas is a 21 years old self-taught Pianist /YouTuber from Udaipur.  He completed his schooling from St.Gregorios School followed by acquiring a bachelor degree in engineering from Pacific college. He started learning piano in 2013 and commenced a YouTube channel in 2016. Simply, within no time he crossed almost 220k views on Piano covers. He regularly posts videos on Instagram and also fulfills his follower’s song requests. He has worked with many artists and has done over 150+ live shows.

He says that his major achievements were when the famous DJ duo ‘The Chainsmokers’ liked his video on Instagram and when Arko Pravo Mukherjee appreciated him for his ‘Tere Sang Yaara Piano cover’. Currently, Guru Datt works as an Assistant Music Director at Baselard Studios and also as a freelance Pianist.

You can find his work at:

YouTube: gurudattvyas

Instagram: @gurudattvyas

Rishabh Lunawat

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Studied at the St. Paul’s, Rishabh is currently pursuing CA and He is a part-time teacher as well! His Instagram feed houses micro-tales in Hindi and English and pictures. One special thing about his pictures is that all of them are phone clicks! Randomly starting an account made him find out that he can actually make it more like a blog! He clicks with OnePlus devices and the photographs are something causing utter amazement. OnePlus India featured his photographs multiple times. He adds, “My blog is a blend of Udaipur’s beauty, the undiscovered Udaipur, abstract fictional writing and pictures clicked on my Phone.”

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @lunawat_rishabh

Akshayraj Singh

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018Akshayraj Singh Shaktawat has an interesting Instagram Feed- full of colors and royalty.  Did his schooling from Mayo College (Ajmer), he held the positions of Academics Captain, College Monitor and Editor-in-chief of the School Magazine. He graduated from Hindu College, New Delhi, where he studied Philosophy. After returning back to Udaipur he started working in their brand – Jagat Collection (@jagatcollection) which already had hotels and luxury boats under it.

After gaining some experience in the hospitality line, he started his own brand – Jagat Nikhar, which is a lifestyle brand, under Jagat Collection.

The Jagat Nikhar Store is coming up at Jagat Niwas Palace and is scheduled to open soon.

You can find his work at:


Instagram: @aki1477

Misbah Sabunwala

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Born and brought up in the city of lakes, Misbah wants to be a journalist. She is a student in 11th class at St. Paul’s School. She aspires to take mass media or communication for her bachelors. Meanwhile, going through rigorous studies and a tight schedule she manages to put her feelings and notions into words. She calls herself as a ‘Writer in Progress’. Apart from writing, she also has a desire to travel the world and has an extreme wanderlust. She has traveled to Iraq, Jerusalem, Jordan, Dubai, Yemen, and Egypt and is still counting.

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @misbaaahhhh

Ambika Upadhyay

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

Ambika is a certified cosmetologist and travels across the globe for bridal makeup, fashion makeup assignments. She is trained in skin and makeup from New Zealand – SRA academy and in hair from London-Vidal Sassoon Academy.

She has a luxurious boutique hair and beauty studio in Udaipur by the name Ambika’s Hair and Beauty Studio. It’s little away from the city so that people can relax and enjoy the services from the day to day stressed lifestyles these days. She specializes in giving people customized services and look, whether it’s a haircut,  hair treatments,  skin treatments, spa,  makeup, styling.

She believes that ‘knowledge destroys fear’ and adds, “education is most important when you are working on people’s hair and skin. If you have a good cosmetologist, you don’t need to go to a dermatologist (exceptional cases).”

Upon stating her achievements she says, “Whenever a client goes happily from my studio, it’s an achievement for me.”

She has worked with different celebrities like Mr. India 2015, supranational 2016 Jitesh Thakur and with brands like “Angrish”. Her work has been featured by Mr. India official organization on Facebook by “Angrish”.  She will be starting soon with cover shoots and films.

You can find her work at:

Instagram: @amby_upadhyay1510

Vishnu Nair

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

The idea was to create a page on Instagram where we can regram the beautiful frames of Udaipur which were clicked by the localites and travelers and showcase it to the world. Vishnu Nair, the founder of Instaudaipur, studied at the Kendriya Vidyalaya and completed his college from UCCMS, Udaipur.  Currently, heading Indian Operations for “Indiapictures”, he left his 3 years old job in Banglore and moved to Delhi to attain his passion.

He says that even though he is a Malayali, born and bought up in Udaipur, he always wanted to do something for his city. He adds, “Udaipur is one place where I can pay to die for. I mean this is a place where I can explore a new spot every day. I can never get bored of this place.” He gives special thanks to his team Jai, Mithun, Ronak, Aman, Jaideep, Kashish, Nukul, Hardik, Shehdil, Varsha, Manisha, Riya, and the cofounders Jai Soni and Mithun Vyas who help him in some of the other ways.

For him, the biggest achievement he had was when he met one of the greatest travel photographers of the country in Pushkar and was amazed to see him acclaim instaudaipur in the middle of their conversation.

You can find his work at:

Instagram: @instaudaipur

Krishnraj Soni

9 Instagrammers From Udaipur We Must Follow 2018

KrishnRaj completed his schooling at St. Paul’s school. A young YouTuber and a pianist, he aims to do something in music only. Just like any other social media platforms he started his account and saw people posting their works and talents. “I thought of giving it a try on my YouTube channel”, he says. And with his try, he has now accomplished around 26 million views on his videos and 21k subscribers. “Keep doing what you think you’re good at and have faith and patience in what you do, it takes time and dedication but the outcome is cherishing”, he added.

He makes covers of famous songs and also composes new music with his friends under the band name “Jack of All”.

You can find his work at:

YouTube: Jack of All

Instagram: @krishnraj.soni


These people are a real talent of the city. If you happen to know more people around you that exhibit and impart unimaginable talents, do mention their Instagram Handles (username) in the comments below or you can simply DM at @fouziamirza on Instagram 🙂

Help us to know more about such inspiring people!

List Places to Visit

The Oldest Public Libraries in Udaipur

Good books are your best friends. These good books can be easily found in libraries. But are you aware of the public libraries in the City where you can go and read? For all the people who aren’t aware of the public libraries in Udaipur, here a brief listing of 3 of the oldest libraries in Lake City, which have been a learning point to many of the big scholars from Udaipur- Have a look!

#3 Kunzru Library

The Kunzru library is situated inside Seva Mandir, founded by Mr. Mohan Singh Mehta. The library was opened for public on 7 October 1973. It was named after Pandit Hriday Nath Kunzru who was the man who stirred Mohan Singh Mehta to found Seva Mandir.

The library currently holds a good collection of 10,000 books which includes many journals and magazines. Membership is open to the public and over 100 visitors use the library every day. The Kunzru library is one of the oldest libraries in Udaipur which has served a lot of people. The library serves and helps in building intellectuality, self-advancement, and people from all walks of life from students preparing for government exams to elderly people, the Kunzru Library helps everyone.

#2 Jagdish Chowk Library

Dating back to 1955, this library was once a haveli of Asind Rao. Also, it was a court which later on got abandoned. Coins were also checked for purity under the then ruler of the Mewar Kingdom. The library was once built at Badhbhuja Ghati in Udaipur which shifted to Asind Rao’s Haveli post-independence.

According to the current librarian, Mr. Bhagwat Singh ‘Rao’, the library was once known as ‘City Corporation’ which was a hub of books and readers from across the world used to visit it. The Jagdish Chowk Library has 70,000 collections of books, of regional languages as well as foreign books.

The architecture of the place and smell of the books take you to a bygone era. Many college students, avid readers, and historians still sit and find a place of solace in the library. Mr. Rao also added that under his serving tenure of almost 20 years up till now, many doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, including 13 RAS and 3 IPS officers have read the books and studied in the library on a regular basis.  The Jagdish Chowk library boasts to be Rajasthan’s biggest public library and also the 1st fully computerized public library.  Source- Mr. Bhagwat Singh ‘Rao’ (Librarian at Jagdish Chowk Library)

#1 Saraswati Bhawan Library

Sajjan Niwas Garden or the Gulab Bagh also has a library known as Saraswati Bhawan Library. It was built by Maharana Fateh Singh in 1887 and opened for public in November 1890. The Saraswati Bhawan Library was once known as Victoria Hall Museum and is currently used as a library. It was the first ever museum constructed in Rajasthan.

A statue of Queen Victoria was erected to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in front of the library. The statue was taken off and a new statue of Mahatma Gandhi was erected post-independence.

Almost 32,000 books of various fields like archaeology, Indology and a collection of ancient handwritten Manuscripts are available for scholars, historians, and writers. One can have a registration done and can avail the facilities of the library.


These three public libraries are the oldest of the city and have served various scholar, intellectual readers and students. It is a must visit to these places if you are on a hunt for knowledge.

Also, let us know if you know any other library do let us know 🙂 


5 Resolutions Every Udaipurite Must Take This Year!!!

Every year in the month of January we take a lot of resolutions for ourselves. Some of us follow these resolutions strictly while some don’t. This year let us take some resolutions for our beloved city!!! I know everyone is excited about the New Year and all the new stuff, but there are things that really need the attention of each one of us.

Can’t Imagine Life Without Internet? See What Udaipur’s 90's Kids Did!
Source: Holiday Plans

So, get ready to read these 5 Resolutions that every Udaipurite must take seriously and follow to make our city all-the-more healthier, beautiful and prosperous.

Resolution #5

So resolution number 5 is one of the most basic one but un-followed extensively. This is NOT throwing litter around us.

Our city is one of the most beautiful cities in India, but unfortunately, Udaipur doesn’t stand in the list of cleanliest cities of the country. This is quite a shameful thing for the residents. We must not throw any sort of rubbish, garbage, trash on the roads or in your neighborhood and especially in our lake.

Udaipur is known for its Lakes, and we must not destroy them! Hence take this resolution of keeping the city clean and beautiful.

Resolution #4

Be Tourist-Friendly…

Remember, first, Udaipur is developing as a tourist hub; and second, it is us who are developing it as a major tourist hub of the state. So why lose temper and patience while driving in the ‘tourist season’.

Be patient while driving, don’t curse people around you. They are new to our city and of course, Udaipur wouldn’t be the same if there happen to be no tourists from across the globe coming and feeling welcomed in the city.

Resolution #3

Say NO to rash driving and follow safety rules.

It is important to acknowledge safety on roads. Wear helmets and follow safety rules; you might end up having an accident but why take some other poor guy with you! Learn to know the meaning of ‘Speed Limit’ and follow that strictly. Keep rules and regulations in your mind while driving and not cause any inconvenience to other people around you.

Resolution #2

Endorse your City – Be a smart citizen of the Smart City!

Promote your city and learn to appreciate the developments in the city- instead of rambling around why things are changing; be grateful for the changes that are leading to a better and smarter Udaipur.

And here we come to #1…!

Resolution #1

Keep Yourself Updated With The Happenings Of The City with

UdaipurBlog Logo

Yes, the most important point is that you must be aware of the happenings in and around Udaipur. A lot of people, maybe due to ignorance, have no clue what is happening in our city. It is quite crucial that you know what is going on near you, which developments are taking place in our city, what are the new constructions going on, which roads or bridges are getting build and everything of-n-about the city. BE UPDATED!

Still, if you are someone who is unknown to all the happenings in the city, follow UdaipurBlog on Instagram, Facebook and Website to know everything about our precious City of Lakes.


Are you gonna follow these resolutions? Tell me how many can you strictly follow and if you have been following any resolution mentioned above, do let us know that too. We’ll be delighted!


Did you know about these Latest Movies Shot in Udaipur?

“Take 1: Roll sound, Camera, and Action!!” This is what we tend to hear on the shoots most whenever the scenes are pictured. And, if you have also got the chance to be on sets then, we don’t think you would miss that opportunity to look at the shooting for the first time. If we talk about the movies, no wonder locations that are ideal and infatuating enough are in demand by directors and units as well.

When it comes to the movies shoots, locations, and weather as well, our Udaipur has been entitled as one of the Heavenly Place and fits perfect on the list of many renowned directors of both Bollywood and Hollywood. With the blessed picturesque greenery, lakes, and sites, Venice of the East has got the charm to attract even the celebrities for the often visits.

And, in that series, we have got best Hollywood and Bollywood movies that are shot in Udaipur:

Phone Bhooth (2021)

Phone Bhooth is a horror-comedy directed by Gurmeet Singh. The movie stars the glamorous Bollywood Actress Katrina Kaif, Gully Boy’s MC Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhadak debutant Ishaan Khatter. The trio was in Udaipur in February 2021 for the shooting of their upcoming movie. The stars were photographed strolling in town, visiting Grasswood Café and their royal residence for a few days at The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur. The movie is anticipated to be directed by Gurmeet Singh and produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Excel Entertainment.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by UdaipurBlog (@udaipurblog)

Angrezi Medium (2020)

Angrezi Medium is a comedy-drama movie starring the late actor Irrfan Khan, Radhika Madan, Kareena Kapoor, and Deepak Dobriyal. The film is a sequel to Hindi Medium (2017), which was the last movie released by Irrfan Khan before he was cruelly taken from us due to Cancer.

To talk about the story, it is about Champak Bansal (Irrfan Khan) and his daughter Tarika (Radhika Madan), who owns a sweet shop in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Tarika has only dreamt of going abroad for higher studies and travelling to places, while Champak and his half-brother constantly fight for the ownership of the family sweet shop. The early life of the Bansal family is shot in Udaipur, while the latter part is shot in London.

Love Aaj Kal (2020)

Love Aaj Kali is a successor movie to the 2009 film of the same name, both of which were directed by Imtiaz Ali. The lead roles in the 2020 romantic-drama sequel are Sara Ali Khan, Karthik Aryan, and Randeep Hooda. It is a romantic story of two couples separated by time period to deal with their internal dilemmas, family pressure, fighting for love and career, as well as dealing with the ever-changing undercurrents of a modern-day relationship.

The cast was found wandering in the City of Lakes, and snippets of shooting at Ambrai Ghat, Pichola Lake, Gangaur Ghat, were gone viral on the internet. The song “Shayad” was shot in the premises of one of the most popular schools in Udaipur, St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School. Some of the shots in the movie are from Chittorgarh and Nathdwara (towns near Udaipur).

Life Mein Time Nahi Hai Kisi Ko (2019)

Life Mien Time Nahi Hai Kisi Ko is a Hindi film directed by Manoj Sharma and was released on 18th October 2019. It is a Comedy-Drama shot in the City of Lakes, Udaipur, starring Rajneesh Duggal, Yuvika Chaudhary, Krushna Abhishek, Rajpal Yadav, Shakti Kapoor, etc. The story revolves around a joint family where they have reflected the aftermath of inter-caste marriage as well as the generation gap. In the movie, we can see our beloved city, where drone shots have been taken of Lake Pichola and the Old City of Udaipur.

Dhadak (2018)

A remake of the Marathi film “Sairat,” Dhadak showcase the love between the rich and poor. It is a romantic affair directed as well as produced by Shashank Khaitan. The movie stars two debutant star kids, Ishaan Khatter and Janhvi Kapoor. To talk about the story, Madhukar or “Madhu” bhagla, played by Ishaan Khatter, is a college student who falls in love with a high-class girl from a political background, played by Janhvi Kapoor. They have to fight their families to prevail with their love. The first half of the movie was shot in Udaipur, and the second half shows the titbits of Kolkata, West Bengal.

Guide (1965)


Romantic drama film starring Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand was the first script shot in Udaipur. The film was directed by Vijay Anand who also played a role. The film is based on a famous novel, written by R. K. Narayan and widely considered as one of the triumphs of the Indian film industry. The shots of Guide were taken at Surajpole, Hathipole, Fatehsagar, and also in Chittorgarh.

Mera Saaya (1966)


When it comes to a movie, IMDb is the better source to review. Though the film is recalled by the famous dance song “Jhumka Gira Re Bareilly Ki Bazaar Mein,” but this movie is watchable for the scenic beauty of Udaipur. According to viewers and IMDb, all credit goes to the spectacular beauty of Lake Palace and other locations of Udaipur.

Octopussy (1983)


Bond! James Bond 😉 Well if you remember the style and gesture of James Bond then, this movie is in senses of many fans where you can witness Jag Mandir and the thirteenth entry in the James Bond series starrer Roger Moore as the fictional agent of MI6.

Heat and Dust (1983)

Heat and dust movie

Starring Shashi Kapoor, Greta Scacchi, and Julie Christie this film also captured the elements of heat and dust from the Lake City. Mesmerising scenes of our lakes and surrounding well matched the envisaged plot providing the banner with its much-acclaimed screenplay success.

Phool Bane Angarey (1991)

Directed by K.C. Bokadia in which Rajinikanth and Rekha played lead roles. In the storyline, where Namrata [Rekha] pledges to avenge the death of her husband. Shots of this film were taken at local market of Hathipole, Jal Mahal, Delhi Gate, Gandhi Ground, Swaroop Sagar, and Jagdish Mandir.

Khuda Gawah (1992)


Mega blockbuster and the epic romantic drama directed by Mukul S. Anand. With the lead role played by Bachchan, Sridevi (in a dual role), Akkineni Nagarjuna, Shilpa Shirodkar and Danny Denzongpa. Few shots of the film were also pictured in Udaipur and carrying lavish production values exclusively shots were done in different countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Yaadein (2001)


If you remember the song, “Cham Cham Chamakti Sham Hai…” Then, you might remember Lake Palace Udaipur hosted notable Bollywood feature Yaadein starring Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor. The Subhash Ghai film, shot in 2001, was shot in selected Indian locations including Udaipur besides foreign locations like Malaysia and UK.

The Fall (2006)


Another Hollywood movie shot in Udaipur. The Fall is a 2006 adventure fantasy directed by Tarsem Singh, starring Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, and Justine Waddell. Various scenes were shot in selective locations of Udaipur like Lake Palace Hotel. It is based on the screenplay of the 1981 Bulgarian film Yo Ho Ho by Valeri Petrov. Officially it got released in 2008 and earned $3.2 million worldwide.

Eklavya (2007)


A movie based on the Royal Guard directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra was shot nearby Udaipur in the astounding property of Devigarh. The film was all about a guard safeguarding the secrets of a royal family carrying up the thriller in the screenplay.

Dhamaal (2007)


Bollywood comedy feature directed by Indra Kumar and produced by Ashok Thakeria. Inclusive of the star cast Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey and Aashish Chaudhary. It was a great comedy, and this movie was a semi hit across Indian cinema. Locations that you can probably witness in the film are Badi Paal, Sajjangarh, etc.

The Cheetah Girls – One World (2008)

the cheetah girls

The Cheetah Girls One World (2008) is a Disney presentation that first premiered on Disney Channel on August 22, 2008. The Cheetah Girls filming trilogy is the third and final film. Disney Channel announced the film with the plot involving the Girls going to India to star in a Bollywood production. The film scenes are of Sajjangarh, Delhi gate, Dudh Talai, and city palace during March 2008 at various locations.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)


Slum Dog Millionaire fame ‘Dev Patel’ starrer comedy movie was primarily shot in Rajasthan cities (Udaipur and Jaipur). The film had shots from Pichola, besides the prime location of Ravla Khempur (50kms from Udaipur).

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)


One of the overwhelming concepts of romantic and comedy produced by Karan Johar and directed by Ayan Mukherjee. The movie has the impeccable chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone that floated well in the beauty of Udaipur at the location of Badi Lake, Gangaur Ghat, Udaivilas, and City Palace.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela (2013)


The Indian crime drama directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was the blockbuster hit starrer Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Various scenes of this movie were filmed in Udaipur including the areas of Gangaur Ghat, Hanuman Ghat, and City Palace. It was the most awarded and the highest grossing Bollywood films that depicted the story of a couple from enemy communities crossing every boundary for their love.

Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo (2015)


A family movie that depicted the royal courtesy and double role of Salman Khan romancing with Sonam Kapoor. In the direction of Sooraj Barjatya, this film has captured the beauty of Udaipur in many scenes. No wonder why the production selected the locations of Fateh Garh, Kumbhalgarh, and Jag Mandir to present the heritage livelihood of Prince and Princess.

Mirzya (2016)


And, last but not least, a recent contemporary love story of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has been shot in the soulful vista of Udaipur. It is an inspiration from the folklore of the legend Mirza – Sahiban introducing Harshvardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher. The story goes around star-crossed lovers in two parallel worlds – one real and one fanatical.

So, if you are an ultimate movie fan, do watch these features and identify the spots that speak the classic rendition of Mewar.

Till then, if we have missed any of the movies on this list, you can mention them in the comment section below. 🙂


International Women’s Day – #SHE, Celebrating Womanhood

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a companion, a working individual but more importantly, before all of her life roles she is a ‘WOMAN’.

The world is rising to a peak, and so as the power of women. We all know that in this male ascendant zone, women have made their way in every field by breaking conservative thoughts of people continuously. No wonder being a man is a wholesome responsibility but being a woman is like holding an entire world in your head with the care and love for her partner, family, children, parents, work, and for herself that too while following the stereotypes that are defined by the society. There is no dual thought that women are still more bounded somewhere. But, instead of being plucked into the rules of an ideal personal, #SHE factor has always proved that they are valuable in every sense.

So, on this graceful occasion of International Women’s day by saluting the spirit of women, we have lined up these 8 females from Udaipur who have been the achievers and have struggled through different phases of life by being their own superheroes.

Alka Sharma (Founder – CPS School and Rockwoods High School)

Alka Sharma founder CPS school rockwoods high school

With a dream to impart education, Alka Sharma, founder and director of ‘CPS and Rockwoods High school‘, always nurtured an inclination to produce brilliant minds in every field. She managed to bring up a three-room place with merely 85 students into a full-fledged infrastructure that is reputed not only in Udaipur but also in Rajasthan. Former President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also awarded her for her long struggle and achievements in leading the path of education.

Pioneer of many educational fields, Mrs Alka Sharma delighted us with her words to inspire other women by exclaiming that, “If you are facing struggles then focus only on the solutions and without shaking overcome the hurdles soon your life story will become an inspiration, and you will be the role model for many lives so remember overcoming challenges gracefully is turns into joy and success soon.”

Sanjeeta kk Choudhary (Food Blogger – Lite Bite)

sanjeeta kk choudhary lite bite

Darling mum of two children, born and brought up in Udaipur, Sanjeeta kk has achieved her success through her creative online outlet ‘Lite Bite’ that showcases her instincts towards photography, blogging, and different types of cuisines. Being a professional food stylist, she got her way towards the achievements by letting herself out of her comfort zone and chasing her dreams.

When we asked about her thoughts to inspire other women, she exclaimed it very beautifully, “I believe that life is a constant work-in-progress and every moment ‘big or small’ defines who you are today. Believe in yourself and follow your heart. Even if you don’t have any formal education, there are numerous opportunities out there. You just need to open your eyes, look out for your personal calling and explore them. But never stop learning…”

Durriya Kapasi (Author)

durriya kapasi author writer

The 29-year-old beautiful lady and writer of the book ‘Once upon a Genie’ Durriya Kapasi is not limited to her piece of writings but, she is also a teacher, homemaker, traveller, and a motivational speaker. Fighting with the battle of life-threatening disease cancer, she never lost hope of chasing her dreams and came out like a Nightingale to earn the victory of being a successful author.

And, she stated her motivational words for every woman in her artistic form, “The best defence any woman can have is her self-confidence. Nobody can know what you can do, but you. You must know your power and strength. We can do anything a man can do, but man cannot do everything we do. Love yourself, and dream big.”

Manjeet Kaur Bansal (Owner – Dynamic Group)

manjeet kaur bansal dynamic group

The fearless lady at heart with so much of grace, Manjeet Kaur Bansal has a personality that matches to her idea of providing security to the reputed public figures and brands from the decades now through her association ‘Dynamic Group’. Out of all her struggles, chaos, and daily life battles, she came up like a saga by succeeding her passion and constant walk towards her goals. From being an entrepreneur to model, actress, film producer and finalist at the platform of Gladrags Mrs India, her list of achievements could not be explained in few words.

And, while having a conversation, she shared her inspiring thoughts that, “We don’t need to compare or compete ourselves with men. We have that unshakeable faith, unmatched strength, which opens the door to success on its own. We just need to be WE, just need to be our natural compassionate, sensible, understanding, hard working self, all else will follow. The problems and the accolades are part and parcel of one’s life. It’s how we take it? That changes the results. When you are ready to accept the sunshine, be willing to take the dark night too, for IT SHALL PASS.”

Alka Sharma (Owner – Aavaran Boutique)

Alka Sharma Aavaran boutique

Following the urge of rich textile tradition by working with artisans from indigenous crafts community along with the women of Akola village and several other regions, Alka Sharma, owner of ‘Aavaran‘, a block-printing unit has been an ideal entrepreneur to promote traditional crafts. She has been an angel to economically weak artisans and making them self-reliable through their artwork. And, with her splendid efforts, she has made a difference to the life of 250 people, which is itself an achievement.

She is herself a motivation, but her words for other women were sweet and simple that, “Believe in yourself, stay strong and help other women to rise.”

Divyani Verdia (RAS)

divyani verdia ras

A 25-year-old RAS, she is truly a girl who has determined herself to move forward in life with the blessings and teachings of her father Lt. Dinesh Verdia, and brother Lt. Archit Verdia (Indian Army). A proud daughter, sister, and moreover a woman, she achieved the milestone of clearing the exam of ‘Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS)’ at the first attempt. Apart from her dedication and hard work, she states her mother, Mrs Beena Verdia, as the epitome of courage and core reason for success behind her.

And, with her inspirational views, she told that “ Life comes with pleasant and unpleasant surprises. The only way to deal is to have an emotional balance, and all other positive attributes will follow unconditionally. Respect yourself; believe in yourself, for you are one of its kinds. Have a strong conscience, always strive to uphold your parent’s teachings and try once in your lifetime to bring a good name to them that they can be proud of you.”

Anjali Azad Dubey (Architect and Interior Designer)

Anjali Azad Dubey architecture and interior designer

Space planner by profession and strongly associated with Indian art and materials, which can be seen in her style of architecture and designing, Anjali Azad Dubey, owner of Pratham Interiors has been tremendous in her field and is recognised by the respected newspaper ‘The Hindu’ for her work. The Government of Rajasthan also awarded her first prize winner in aspect to” Smart City Concept for Udaipur.”

With the sorted attitude and flawless thoughts, she expressed her words for every woman that, “Nature is growth and birth and so is the most beautiful over any other thing, same is a lady 🙂 A woman can give birth, can grow the generations, and she is the most wonderful! A true lady should never compare herself with males but should relish what she is gifted with!”

Krishna Chouhan (Former District Education Officer) krishna chouhan district education officer

Always being a topper throughout her childhood, Krishna Chouhan served her entire life to the education by being at the position of District Education Officer and Deputy Director, Education Department (Govt. of Rajasthan). Her achievements have been recognised at national as well international level out of which one of her initiative has been Project Utkarsh for which she was awarded by our Hon’ble CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje.

And, by remembering her entire journey that included a balance between her professional, personal, and social life, she elaborated her words for all the females, “Always consider yourself powerful and realise your potential. A woman can be soft, which is often misunderstood as weak. There is no work, which if a woman wants, cannot do. What is required is the confidence, patience and clarity of vision to achieve that goal.” 

So, on this superb feminine touch, we would like to sum up the pride of women merely in few words:

Tu jise chahe, apni mehfil mai bula sakti hai 
Zameen to kya, aasman ko bhi jhuka sakti hai ||
Komal hai, kamzor nahin, tu shakti ka naam hai naari
Jag ko jeevan dene wali, maut bhi tujhse haari hai ||

Happy International Women’s Day!! Cheers to women power 🙂 


Top Interior Designers in Udaipur

Udaipur already is a beautiful place; with upcoming interior design trends, the people of Udaipur are also willing to either revamp their existing acreages or develop totally new estates to suit their taste. With this comes the demand for highly skilled Interior designers who can work efficiently to provide the patrons with an aesthetically attractive interior of a house or an office. Here is a list of Top Interior Designers in Udaipur who are sure to make your space like the one you have always dreamt of.


  • Venugopal & Associates

With projects across the globe; headquartered at Udaipur and offices at Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Abu Dhabi, Venugopal and Associates is a well-known name in the world of Interior Designing. They expertise in residential, commercial, institutional, landscape interior works.

The firm was founded by Mr. Venugopal in the year 1998 in Udaipur. Since then the firm has developed an in-depth knowledge of the interior designs and deliver unmatched architectural and interior solutions personalized according to the client’s need.

They have undertaken several projects and some renowned ones are as follows: Miraj Mall Ajmer, Miraj Residence Nathdwara, Geetanjali Auditorium Udaipur etc.


  • LIVSPACE Designs

LIVSPACE Designs is an architectural, interior designing and Vastu consultancy firm that provides conceptual and thematic interior as well as exterior designing.

The firm specializes in Offices and Residential Interiors; with offices at Udaipur and Mumbai, the firm’s headquarter is located in Bengaluru. Their major works include the following: Offices at Mangalam Fun Square Udaipur, Interiors at Everest Group Udaipur etc.

Presently they are providing several offers and deals on interior designing of 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK full house furnishings, for further details and queries you can visit their website given below.


Contact: +91-7742192282

  • Priyanka Arjun and Associates

Priyanka Arjun and Associates, also known by their nickname PAA is an architectural design studio. From architecture to interior design solutions the firm offers all under a single roof. Known for incorporating sustainable initiatives in their projects, PAA deals in making of Udaipur’s vernacular ‘lime-stone buildings’.

From housing to commercial they are in multifaceted practices. The studio delivers high ended and exquisite results. They take projects from pan India as well as abroad.

Their main projects comprise of the following: Z-Lounge Udaipur, Zucchini Udaipur, and Barn Badi Farms Udaipur etc.


  • SRM Architects

With Rajendra Mantri as the principal architect and his wife Seema Mantri as the Chief Interior Designer, the firm has obtained a good place in the market. Rajendra Mantri as the first qualified architect of the city, launched the firm SRM Architects which is a multi-disciplinary Design Consultancy Firm practicing since the year 1988.

With headquarters in Udaipur, they have gained recognition in other cities as well such as Jaipur, Delhi, Pune, and Ahmedabad. They work majorly in the architectural domain and their key interior works are as listed: Arjun Bagh Dining Udaipur, Miraj Office Nathdwara etc.


  • Pratham Interiors

The core interior consultant at Pratham Interiors is Ms. Anjali Azad Dubey. With a rich know how and experience of about 14 years, her expertise is in green design, experimental concepts, and restoration of heritage structures. She has been acknowledged by The Hindu and Times of India for her remarkable work and contribution in the field of Interior and Architecture.

She believes in incorporating a fusion of ancient theories, ethnic style and modern detailing in her interior designing. She has accomplished approximately 11 niche designs, 90 commercial, 121 residential projects and 12 resorts and spa.

Few of her renowned works include Tatsaraasa Resort and Spa Udaipur, Garden Hotel Udaipur, Musical Instruments Gallery in City Palace Udaipur etc.


Interior designing is a complex art involving science and technology to enhance interiors of a particular space or an entire building. The mission is to make the given space an improved one delivering an exquisite environment to the client. An interior designer is an adroit professional who designs interiors of your home or workplace according to your desire and needs. The interior designer either refurbishes what already exists which is called the renovation or provides a whole new design for your space which is the new build.

An Interior designer is a multifaceted professional who applies creative and technical solutions within a structure to achieve a greater interior environment. From several styles from across the globe, they take inspiration to build a space worth a stare. The task is to meet eclectic client needs and to fulfill them with utmost sincerity so that not only the clientele is happy but also the designer himself!

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