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What can be more interesting when you meet a person and have a chit chat about his inspirational life journey of 0 to 100 that also from a very young age when everyone used to think about taking admission in colleges or grabbing a degree? A person who is a master blaster in digital photography, Jayesh Khaturia (Destination Wedding Photographer). When our team surprisingly met him on his photo shoot, he came up with the incredibly warm welcome and had a long conversation in a natural environment of Badi Lake. His thoughtful gesture and dedication towards his work is something that drove us to know him even better as a person. And, that’s how we went in conversation with him on a friendly note…!!

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Jayesh what explains you better? Tell us a little bit about you!

Well, in my professional life I am a photographer but, as a person, I adore simplicity and love to be with my family. I like to explore something new but with versatile characteristics and, that’s what the thing appears in my profession too. Apart from exploring, I am a diehard traveler and have been to various places for various photography projects. This is what I love the most, as it is associated with my career and my interest too.


How long have you been a photographer?

It was a coincidence. I was 15 Years old when I handled a DSLR for the first time. My very first experience of clicking pictures motivated me to focus in this industry and that how I turned into a professional photographer.

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Are you self-taught or did you study photography?

The knowledge and skills I have developed are results of my interest and learning capability. The initial guidance by Dinesh Khaturia Ji (REX Studio) and Jagdish Sukhwani Ji helped me to groom my skills. Moreover to that, photography is an art; no one can teach you until and unless you are not passionate about it.


What made you choose photography as your career choice? And, how did you end up being a wedding photographer?

As I mentioned above, Photography is an art, and for me, it’s worship. Since childhood, I always wanted to do something creative that can fulfill my love to explore and travel. The initial persuasion from Mr. Santosh Kalra was one of the motivating factor. So that’s how I followed the passion of photography and made it as my profession.

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What is unique about your photographic workflow that can let anyone select you as the first choice?

We are experts in capturing the lifetime moments and the real emotions of the couple so more than our expertise it is our client’s interest which brings beautiful outputs. So when we receive any inquiry, we try to understand the feelings of couples so that it helps us in capturing the real emotions.

The moments of numerous wedding traditions like exchanging varmalas and engagement rings are one of the moments that are mesmerizing and touches the heart. It opens the gates to the world of togetherness. That is what my team and I bring it out in the capture.


How would you describe your wedding photography style in the least possible adjectives?

“We help you remember little things, long after you have forgotten everything that is summed up as beautiful memories.”

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What are your thoughts about Udaipur when the people describe it as favorite place/destination for wedding shoots?

We have shot Weddings across the globe but, any other location cannot beat the charm and Royalty of Udaipur. That is why many people can conclude it as Asia’s no. 1 Wedding destination. And, I really feel blessed being as Udaipurite and working in this industry.


Is your approach more candid or traditional? State how unique it proves for your clients?

It’s not about Candid or Traditional shoot. As I mentioned, it is about capturing the moment and the real emotions. So we shoot candid or traditional both ways we tried to capture the true feelings behind the moment.


Not all clients perform well in front of a camera. Neither all are creative. How do you handle the ones who are Shy?

It’s our Job to bring the best. 😉 The simple funda for a customer is that they should be not having any artificial expression to hide their simplicity. We say just be yourself and let us bring the best out of you.

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Any tips for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

These days many new wedding photographers are coming up with their business models. Since photography is an artistic approach towards capturing memories that are meant to be forever, a couple should select their wedding photographers while focusing on the quality, not the quantity.


Which was your most memorable assignment and why?

For me, each of my Photography work is special because whenever I do something, it comes up with something different and better than my previous project.


Where have you traveled to photograph weddings?

I along with my team have visited many places across the globe, and my most favorite one includes Udaipur, Goa, Lonavala & Mumbai. The recent shoot we did was for a wedding in Phuket Island, Thailand.

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At this peak point of generation, what do you think of the photography industry and, what’s your vision about it in 5 years from now?

We are growing every single day. Each year we are getting finest clientele. We envision to serve more of global weddings in 5 years.


Other than photography, what are your other passions or hobbies?

Other than Photography, I Love Singing and Listening to World Music. And, of course, traveling is something that I can’t give it a skip.


Any words for aspiring photographers wanting to head into the wedding photography industry?

If you can transform emotions and feelings of your clients into the best possible output, definitely you should step into this industry.


Indeed Jayesh! I think you are truly an inspiration for the ones who understand how much struggles one has to face in life. And, how to come up with everything with passion and achievements.


Please share where can people connect with you?

Whoever desires to get clicked can connect with me on my Facebook page i.e.

or my Instagram Profile :

you can also visit my website which is:, or for better one can call me up on: +91-98299 44438



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Thank you for letting us know about you and our whole team of UdaipurBlog wishes you all the very best for future and lead you to be the best in Photography world.