Revolutionary Recruiter – Vaibhav Chouhan (Zigsaw Consultancy Services)

What you tend to prepare when you are looking for a job? A resume, network profile, job portals, or any consultants that can let you grab the opportunity as per your qualifications. No wonder many Consultancy services can let you pitch your profile to the company but for the appropriate reach, we got to know about Zigsaw Consultancy Services and its founder Mr. Vaibhav Chouhan (IIT Guwahati Alumnus batch 2012).

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When we head onto the consultancy section, we were like they should have a standard process to let people know about jobs, companies, and careers. But, when we confronted the entire procedure, we were surprised to see the efficient and effective way which facilitates firms as well candidate to collaborate with each other.

In a very composed way, Vaibhav gave detail about his consultancy firm and his approach towards recruitment.


What is Zigsaw Consultancy all about?

“Zigsaw Consultancy is a recruitment start-up which helps the job seekers to pace up with the relevant job according to their abilities, and the companies to have their best candidate. We aim to streamline recruitment so that the process becomes fast, efficient & full proof. Let me explain it to you in simple terms.

Imagine that your best friend from school offers you a Job opening. The Job opportunity is fantastic: pays 2x of what you currently make, is in your hometown and work from home is available. The work profile is something you have been searching for all your life. Now, since your friend was the one who recommended you for this Job and he vouched for your capabilities, you are directly set up with your meeting with the firm’s director. He starts the discussion by handing you your offer letter!! Ever fancy this??? Well, that’s the simplicity; we at Zigsaw are trying to bring to recruitment. It is a platform of pre-evaluated profiles quantified in skills & corresponding rating fuelled to leverage social network by gamification.”


Vaibhav Sir! What was the focus point to go through a consultancy start-up?

“During my final year, I was preparing for CAT exam. All of the scores in the preliminary tests envisioned a percentile of 99% in the CAT exam. My exam went fine enough, but I scored only 83%. I was shocked, to say the least. I studied carefully the normalization methodology discussed on various platforms. Even for my friends also, the scores were little unexpected. On the other hand, scores of my batch mates for GRE & GMAT were uniform as per their expectation. This got me to the deep thought. I believe it is unfair to take the cream out based on easy/average questions. I think that it is of utmost importance that we should opt a smarter algorithm to rate aspirants for every test. If you want to select the top 1%, this can only be done with tougher questions that picture a clear distinction between the top 1% & the next 1%. Not following it, look what have we done to our IIT JEE? This was the motivation behind starting Zigsaw. We wanted to develop a smarter adaptive algorithm so that every smart guy is flagged & no brilliance goes unnoticed.

I was looking for a technical co-founder when I was starting up, and this assignment gave me my first start-up blues. I tried finding a professional partner through the existing portals, my personal network, social media & all the ways I could think. Honestly, this was a primary reason that highlighted the need for a smarter system, and we started focusing on recruitment. Currently, we are concentrating more on recruitment which is an application of test algorithm rather than the concept itself.”


There are many consultancy services in the market. So, what makes Zigsaw an ideal choice for other companies as well Jobseeker?

Feature A leading Job Portal A Leading Social networking site for recruitment ZigZobs
Objectifying Skills Yes Yes Yes
Verifying Skills No Yes Yes
Qualitatively quantifying skills No No Yes
Mobile Application Yes Yes No
Creating Connections No Yes Yes
Rewards for Referrals No No Yes
OTG Interview facility No No Yes

What is the process of your recruitment services? And, how they are different from others?

Our vision is to develop a smart and automated process for recruitment. Our step-by-step process goes as

  1. Companies can post their requirements on
  2. Jobseekers can apply for Jobs of their choice. We reach Jobseekers through our Facebook group.
  3. Interested candidates can give their interviews on the go (
  4. Employers can access the above interview from their dashboard.
  5. A background check is done by viewing flags on the candidate profile in their dashboard.

In Udaipur: Currently, we moderate the largest group on the Facebook group for Job Seekers & also have 2 WhatsApp group.

If I were to explain our product to you from a client’s perspective; I would ask you to imagine… Imagine the world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job; you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options & delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this on auto-pilot mode. This magic box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A complete platform to endorse, evaluates, verify & select, all at your fingertips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment.


What are the challenges that companies, colleges, and employees face during the time of recruitment? And, what’s the simple solution to keep them in phase?

Zigsaw consultancy services udaipur

Recruitment sector is highly disorganized. Some people need Jobs & then some companies need candidates. But all of them are scattered. For example, let’s consider employers. Some of them use Newspaper advertising, some social network, some take services from online portals, and some go in their network to find the right person for them. This situation looks worse when analyzed from Job seeker’s view.  Imagine, if we can bring all of them on 1 platform, it would become so much simpler. Employers would know where to go when they are looking for talent. Job seekers would know where to look for their next job. In addition to this, we currently have OTG, Resume preparation & Flag mechanisms to make hiring simpler.

  1. OTG: Allows Job seekers to give interviews at the time of their choice from the place of their choosing. It is a 24 X 7 available service.
  2. Flag: This feature is our “by the people, for the people” feature on Zigzobs that allows for flagging smart & sincere candidate from their opposites.
  3. Employer Ranking: We would want to help job seekers make an informed choice & hence we have a feature where people can rate companies, express their opinion and make an informed decision.
  4. We also have a live status tracker that tells Job seekers what is the status of their application in real time.

We are continually focused to better our product on meeting the demands of Job seekers & employers alike. We have found some solutions, tested many, implemented some, improved a few and are still developing some. We will continue in an era where needs & expectations evolve on a daily basis. As a team, we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, even before they realize it.


Online services have carried the boom across the globe…!! How you guys manage to carry out your working with personalized recruitment approach?

recruitment services udaipur is a total cloud based service that apart from facilitating job seekers to apply for opportunities, also allows Job seekers to create their resumes and CV. We are going high on tracks to reach across our target segment. We intend to leverage social network of individuals through Referral Incentives. With total automation as our vision, our current focus is to have an objective recruitment approach. 2 ideas that are centric to this ideology are:

  1. Objective analysis of skills through self-evaluation, peer evaluation & expert assessment. This unique strategy helps us in creating a repository of pre-evaluated profiles which saves time & effort for a recruiter.
  2. Gamification: We are building a game around recruitment and are incentivizing the whole system of sourcing application through referrals. Going forward, we envision a game only approach for hiring.

What are the plans that Zigsaw Consultancy is thinking to achieve in future?

  1. To come out as the largest communication channel for Job Seekers & Job providers
  2. Regarding number, we envision 5000 Jobs & 50000 Job seekers by June next year.
  3. Our flagship annual internship festival would be conducted in March next year. This time we will be doing it in association with Internshala where we intend to bring 250 companies & 50 colleges on a single platform.

If a person wants to find you and your team, how they can reach you?

People can reach me at my Linkedin profile: Vaibhav Chouhan,

They can also visit our website:

Or they can direct contact on our numbers: 9057305559, 9887890909

For more information, they can also connect on Social Media