Vahan 4.0 portal service at Udaipur Regional Transport Office

Regional Transport Office Udaipur launched Vahan 4.0 portal service from June 15. Through this portal, the payment for various services related to the Transport Department like One-time Tax, Green Tax, Licence Fees, Registration Fees etc. can be done online.

The digital platform will help to avoid visits of the people to the RTO-DTO office. Besides, this facility will also be available on weekly and state holidays.

With the implementation of this new system, motor vehicle tax calculation and details of all vehicles will be automatically updated on Vahan 4.0 portal.

Here is the link to Vahan 4.0 portal:

Available Vahan Citizen Services in Rajasthan

  • Alteration of Motor Vehicle
  • Cancellation of RC by Authority
  • Change of Address in RC
  • Duplicate FC
  • Fitness Inspection/Certificate
  • Hypothecation Addition
  • Hypothecation Continuation
  • Hypothecation Termination
  • Issue of Duplicate RC
  • Issue of NOC
  • MV Tax
  • My Vehicle Details
  • RC Particulars Against Fee
  • RC Release
  • RC Surrender/Suspension
  • Renewal of Registration
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Withdraw Your Application

The facility of depositing through the e-GRAS portal has been stopped from Monday onwards. Earlier, e-GRAS facilitated the collection of tax/non-tax revenue in both online as well as manual mode.