Pratap Circuit Plan to develop tourist spot related to Maharana Pratap

The tourism department, under the direction of the State Tourism Directorate, has sent a proposal for developing the tourist spots related to Maharana Pratap.

The list includes places like Haldi Ghati, Dewar, Kumbhalgarh, Chawand, Gogunda, Mayara Ki Gufa, Awargarh and Jawar.

The proposed plan includes the following work:

  • Develop a road around Kumbhalgarh Fort along with a pathway for cycling and a walking track
  • Develop parking space outside the fort
  • Develop a museum to promote folk art
  • Light and Sound show at Haldi Ghati
  • A museum showcasing the glory of Maharana Pratap
  • Passenger shade for the tourists at Haldighati
  • Cyclic track from Chetak Samadhi to Rakt Talai
  • Develop a bird-watching park at Khetla Lake in Gogunda
  • Build a road in Maharana Pratap’s armoury at Mayra Caves in Gogunda
  • Build a grand gate at Diver
  • Develop a bird-watching point at the lake in Chawand