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[Picnic Destination] Enjoy the Monsoon at Nandeshwar Ji

Already a great weather outside, isn’t it? So do you want to have fun, go for a picnic with family or hangout with friends? Are you confused which place to go and what can be the journey distance? Confused about the path? Let us suggest you few good locations for the same, and solve your queries. In the same series, we first bring to you a cool, peaceful location in the nature’s lap, the people who know it guessed right, I am talking about Nandeshwar Ji.

Nandeshwar is about 15kms from Udaipur. It is Lord Shiva’s temple situated in the vicinity, because of which, the place is more commonly known as Nandeshwar ji (most famous name for Udaipies.) The place has a beautiful pond and is full of amazing flora and fauna. You can spend your time there by taking a look of awesome beauty of nature, and also enjoy in flowing water (but with ensured safety measures). In short it’s the best destination for you, if you are searching a perfect place for Picnic in the season of monsoon. The temple can be a nice centre of peace for the religious people, and there’s a wishing well too. It is believed that if the coin you throw in it touches the large stone in it, your wish will be fulfilled.

How to Reach: After Crossing Ambamata circle there is a straight road to Rampura circle (commonly known as the Rampura choraha ), then follow a straight path. After crossing a remote area you will find out your destination. The guidelines on the road will help you more.

The route to Nandeshwar ji from Rampura circle is decked with greenery, single lane road and some lovely farm houses. What a visual treat! That being said, the route was full of overloaded buses and jeeps, which could give you shivers.

A humble request from UdaipurBlog: do ensure your safety, and follow the boards and warnings at the picnic spots.

Photographs and Coverage by Yash Sharma

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog
The Wishing Well

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlogNandeshwar | UdaipurBlogNandeshwar | UdaipurBlog

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog
The Nandeshwar Channel

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog

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