Memories Unfolded: Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016

Here ends Diwali and we are indulged in the memories that give us a feel of satisfaction to unite the lovely community of Udaipur. After a hectic schedule and break as well some moments still leave us spellbound when we look into the gleam of #ULF2016. With every passing year, Udaipur Lantern Festival has been a spectacular event amongst the people of LakeCity. And, this year also #ULF2016 has left so many unforgettable memories filled with happiness, joy, and a message to celebrate clean and green Diwali together with your family and friends.

A concept by UdaipurBlog, started with a lot of preparations, it came up as a challenge to make every arrangement and fulfil all the expectations with enthusiasm. But, by seeing the reviews, support, and love of people, we can say, we did extremely well. From Lanterns to display stalls, from delicious food to rocking musical night, it was blended with all the impressive things that you can think of.

From the very beginning, people enjoyed the counters of fun activities – Angry Birds, and Spin the Wheel. For introducing the community to heritage culture of Mewar, a stall of UdaipurBlog and Rajasthan theme were framed to let people know the rich hues of Mewar. To enjoy the fun of capturing beautiful moments, Selfie Booths with props were made available which flaunted Game of Thrones and Floral store. And, for satisfying hunger strikes live food counter of SpicySigdi was available there to serve delicious snacks, along with refreshing drinks by Brewberrys.

With the mesmerizing glimpse of Lanterns in the air, bright shine in the eyes of the people and smile on every face made the arena even more fascinating. And, that’s not all most important part of the production was handled by the main Presenter of the festival Frozen Apple Events. And, to give the direction of a voice to the fest anchoring was lead by RJ Ankit Mathur.


By adding more hype to the occasion, performance was thrown by the India’s leading fusion band NASYA who enthralled the stage and crowd with the rocking touch. Last but not the least; we can’t miss out the DJ night which was entangled with the performance of DJ NEET who added spice to the wonderful evening with the musical beats.

It was not just the evening, but an experience that would be cherished until the next Diwali. We can conclude it as a promise, a lantern for a cause that brought a light in the life of poor and unprivileged women and children of Ashadham Charitable Foundation with the amount of money that got collected from the entire event.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the riders who took event at great heights:

The event was Presented by: UdaipurBlog & Frozen Apple Events

Co-Sponsored by: Spicy Sigdi (24*7 Food Delivery Services)

Supporters: Techno India NJR, Prompt Infracom, Fortis Hospital, Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio, Travl on Cards, Pukar NGO, Prompt Automation, Bharat Sound, Astronomia Shoppe, Apsara Tent, Skull Fashion Studio, Lakecity Fireworks, Showcase Advertising, ZoomCar, ActionUdaipur and District Administration.


Promoters:, Cafe Brewmen, Mr. Sandwich, Apple Delight, Celebration Mall, Shakes Delight, Cafe Brewberry’s, 1O9 Cafe, Cafe Goodfellas, Skull Fashion Studio, and Cafe Meraki.

And, with the immense presence of varying VIP guests this year too it has lead to the grandeur success of the event concluded by the ardent teamwork led by dedicated volunteers. Thank you to all the Udaipurites for joining the celebration of togetherness and expressing the devotion for the entire festival.

We also hope to come up for more awesome events in future, let people participate, and grow the strong bond forever.

Have fun guys!! Explore the captures and spread the fever of #ULF2016.


We are really Happy to have the Photos of the Event covered by : CineSpectrum & Xpoze Studios


Photos by : CineSpectrum

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Photos By: Xpoze Studio

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UdaipurBlog invites you for Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016

Invitation ULF 2016


Andddddd…. WE ARE BACK AGAIN!!

With the immense love and popularity the event has gained from past few years, Udaipur Lantern Festival has become a sensation among the people of Udaipur. Because of its unique and trendy take, it is bound to leave those unparalleled traces of memories in one’s mind.

The smiles of hope, excitement, joy that we, the UdaipuBlog team, see on every beloved Udaipurite makes us sincere and committed to organize this fest with even bigger, better and happening picture. And we promise, Udaipur Lantern Festival 2016 will be an awesome journey of fun, festivity and feast for all of you!

The event is Presented by UdaipurBlog & Frozen Apple Events
Co-sponsored by SpicySigdi – 24*7 Food Delivery Service

and supported by our diligent partners:
Self Drive Partner : ZoomCar
Education Partner : Techno India NJR
Mall Partner : Celebration Mall
Health Partner : Fortis JK
Wifi Partner : Prompt Infracom
Surveillance Partner : Prompt Automation
Online Ticket Partner:
Party Merchandise Partner: Astronomia Shoppe
Sound Partner: Bharat Sound
Production Supporter : Apsara Tent
Stage Effects : Lakecity Fireworks
Outdoor Media Partner: Showcase Advertising


Now, coming straight to the point, this year an exclusive variety of fantastic and interesting activities are in basket for all of us! – To begin with, an amazing trail of performances by the famous ‘NASYA‘- India’s Leading Fusion Band would be your gateway to serenity. We bet you would be mesmerised by their beautiful blend of Sufi, Haryanvi, Punjabi Folk and rock influences because they are not just a typical fusion band. They are much more to it. – To add to the euphoria, special Dhol performances by a group of artists will be a must to pump up your adrenaline.

A mandatory inclusion of DJ night is enough to make you go bonkers singing and dancing! – And voila! We do have Selfie booths for all your saved pouts and craziness.
Not only these, but a variety of other fun activities and games will be a part of this grand celebration. Well, well, well, whatever may the beginning or the end, the event’s most prime and intriguing reason shall always remain the same, i.e., Lighting the Lanterns with the aim of promoting cleaner and greener Diwali.

So, whether you are a girl or a boy, a woman or a man, a grandmother or a grandfather, you are cordially invited to this event with hands and hearts wide open, because celebrating together is what binds us and makes us united. And as we always say, every success is because of the love and warmth received by the fans and well wishers of any event.

So, a big shout out to all the Udaipurites for the wonderful support you are and have been constantly giving us. Folks! Happy times are waiting ahead for you. Get all set! You can buy passes from our Offline Ticketing Kiosk Partners:
• Celebration Mall
• Brewmen (Opp. Saheliyo ki Bari)
• Shakes and Delight (Sector-4)
• Cafe Brewberrys (Panchwati)
• Apple Delight (2nd floor, Celebration Mall)
• 109 Cafe (Gangaur Ghat – Old City)
• Cafe Goodfellas (Sector-14)
• Skull Fashion Studio (University Road)
• Cafe Meraki (Haridas Ji Ki Magri)


Or you can simply buy them online from our Online Ticketing Partner, AllEvents.

Here’s the link-  


Save the Date : October 29, 2016

Time : 3 PM to 10 PM

Venue : Occasion Garden, Ambience Hotel, Udaipur


We will be waiting for you. Cheers! 🙂