Udaipur girl shares her unpleasant story on eve-teasing: Do you also have yours?

“I am like any other girl from the beautiful city of Udaipur who was until now proud to be living in this tourist city of India. My recent experience at one of the most popular tourist places and every Udaipurites go-to place, has made me rethink on the safety and freedom of being in the city.

I come from a decently modern family which allows me to roam around in the city with my friends. I obey when my folks say “Don’t go out at night” or “Don’t go out alone”.

What they didn’t say was that whether you would go out during the day or be with other people, if you’re a girl, you may still get teased and feel unsafe.

Feeling unsafe was a pretty new experience for me.

The incidents happened recently (15th March to be precise).

I went to Fatehsagar with my friend to have a cup of coffee at one of the famous coffee joints there. It was around 1 PM. I parked my car and stepped out. 3 boys in a white Volkswagen playing loud music hooted at us. I got irritated but ignored it. (We are Indian girls and should not make a big deal out of such thing. Isn’t it?)

We went to the coffee shop, ordered our coffee and were just trying to chill. That’s when I noticed 2-3 uncles in their 40s with 2 young men in their early 30s sitting on a table across us. One of those uncles smiled and started staring at us continuously. He said something to his friends after which all of them started staring at us. We felt uncomfortable and thought the best was to leave from there. (that’s how Indian girls have been raised). While we were going, one of the ‘uncle’ turned his chair to see us. 

We moved out of the place and thought of taking a round of FS. Three 3 boys on a bullet, got ahead of us, turned back and gave me that “girls can’t drive” look as if I am doing a sin driving a car. Really?? 

That’s not all friends! When we thought of ignoring all it all and going back to our place, 2 boys passing by shouted in Mewari language “Kai Problem Hai Kai” (do you have any problem) and followed us to some distance and went away.

All these incidents happened in a span of an hour and that too at the place that I felt like going at any time.

But now I am reluctant to go to FS irrespective of the time of the day. Thanks to the men of the city!”

The above piece was shared with us by one of our followers who wanted us to share her experience with the fellow Udaipurites – both men and women.

There is nothing unique about the story. And while I write this, I feel disgusted!

Why are these so-called minor eve-teasing incidents common not just in Udaipur but around the country? Do we need to ASK the men in the society to stop doing such acts which I am sure are just for “fun” purpose for them and they do not get anything out of it.

We are not generalising the men community. There are great men too. We don’t actually believe it about all men. Men who are not like this should not take offence if you are not the ones harassing women or objectifying them, or otherwise acting like trash.

But there are enough men who do do those things, and the women in Udaipur encounter them every day.

How to react against eve-teasing?

Through this article, we want to make the people of Udaipur aware of the helpline numbers of the female police patrol team.

You can call on these numbers, drop a message or a WhatsApp for support:

  • +91-8764855571
  • +91-8764855572
  • +91-8764855573
  • +91-8764855574
  • +91-8764855575

Save these numbers in your mobile and use them the next time you experience any unpleasant situation on the roads of Udaipur.

Moreover, it should also be a moral duty and responsibility on the passers-by who notice such incident. Report the same to the nearest police station or to Women Helpline.