Udaipur Administration issues directives for COVID-19

Under the Rajasthan Lockdown, Udaipur City Collector Anandhi issued directives to take necessary measures to check the outbreak of coronavirus.

Talking to the media, the collector said the administration ensures the supply of essential products and services including food, medical shops, ration shops, banks, police stations, hospitals etc. However, the other non-essential services businesses and services will remain suspended till 31 March.

Through Sahkari Upbhokta Bhandar, the city administration has arranged for 10 thousand food packets to be distributed to needy people in case of any emergency. An advance lift of ration items under the PDS scheme would also be made to ensure that there is no shortage of edible items.

The collector ensured to develop modalities to manage the supply of essential goods and services during the lockdown period. A helpline and control room would be set up soon for the people in case of emergencies.

Besides, the administration has made a 14 days institutional quarantine and 14 days home quarantine for those who have returned from sensitive countries. The collector has also issued instructions of home quarantine for those who have come to Udaipur including Maharashtra, Punjab, Bhilwara, Jhunjunu and other affected cities of India.

The administration will stamp their hand with “Proud to Protect Rajasthan Home Quarantine Till Date”.

The local public and neighbours can monitor such people and inform the administration.

There have been no positive cases reported in Udaipur so far.

Only limited vehicles carrying patients to hospitals would be permitted on the roads. However, all public and private transport services would remain suspended during the lockdown.

Moreover, vegetable vendors would be going door to door in colonies for vegetable supplies to avoid rush and gatherings in vegetable markets.

Although the banking services are operational during the lockdown, the administration has appealed to people to visit bank only in case of urgent and necessary bank-related work.

During the lockdown, till 31st March, SP Kailash Chandra Bishnoi has implemented Section 144 in which not more than 5 people are permitted to assemble at public places. The SP and the administration have also appealed to people to stay away from rumours on social media and not to spread them further.

The police will trace and arrest people who are spreading false news.

Services operational during the lockdown:

  • Medica and Health services
  • Medical College and Education
  • Ayurvedic College and institutions
  • Home Services (Police, Jail, Home Guard, FSL)
  • Finance Department
  • Personnel Department
  • District Administration departments
  • Electricity and Power department
  • Water (Public Health Department)
  • Autonomous administrative bodies (Udaipur Municipal Corporation)
  • Food and Civil Supplies Department
  • Disaster Management and Support
  • Panchayati Raj
  • Department of Information and Technology
  • Department of Public Relations
  • Department of Transport
  • General Administration
  • State Motor Garage Department
  • Legal Department

Public entry into all these departments will be forbidden and restricted entry will be permitted.


Udaipur is all set for Municipal Corporation Elections on 16th November.

The Diwali buzz has just subsided and the city is now gearing up for another big event of the town – Udaipur Municipal Corporation Elections 2019.


The preparation for Municipal Corporation Elections, which are going to take place on 16th November 2019, is in full swing. Udaipurities are all set to select the government for their city.

To understand this further, a Municipal Corporation or Nagar Nigam is a local government that administers urban areas with a population of more than 100,000. Udaipur city earlier had a City Council, that works for the towns having a population between 25,000 and 100,000. The City Council was converted into Udaipur Municipal Corporation in 2013. The current population of the Udaipur is around 4.5 lakhs. The municipal corporation is ruled by IAS officer/ Mayor.

This local governing body works for providing necessary community services like health care, educational institution, housing, transport etc. by collecting property tax and fixed grant from the Rajasthan State Government.

It is noteworthy that candidates representing various political parties along with independent candidates are going to contest for 70 wards falling under the Corporation. The result of the elections will be announced on 19th November 2019.