How to travel in India during the COVID19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically curtailed air travel around the world, and airports are experiencing a significant decrease in passenger traffic. After the country resumed its air services, airports have stepped up their cleaning regimen and airlines have adopted new measures of safety like screening passengers for abnormal temperatures to protect the travellers.

Although the suspension on domestic travel has been lifted, the travel is still conditional. So, if it is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended to avoid travelling.

However, if you are required to board a flight, apart from the guidelines issued by the ministry, there are some more points to consider in terms of baggage, security check requirements, and other check-in facilities.

Every passenger travelling in a flight is required to download the Aarogya Setu App. If you do not have it, the airport staff will facilitate you to download it right there.

If you plan to drop your car at the airport, or if someone has come to drop you, you need to follow social distancing norm even to park your vehicle at the airport parking.

At the entry gate also, one needs to strictly follow the social distancing norm by following the red marking on the floor.

While the security check at the entry, you just need to show your eTicket/ Boarding pass along with an ID. No stamping will be done.

There is an allotted area to keep your gadgets aside in a tray during the security check.

Do not sit on chairs marked with a cross/ribbon tied / stickers saying not to sit.

As per the norms, all the bags are sanitized before loading into the aircraft. In fact, as per the information shared by one of the pilots at IndiGo, Udaipur airport is sanitizing the bags twice – once at the airport entry gate and before getting the bags loaded into the aircraft.

For those who want to check-in their bags, must know that only a cabin bag and a check-in bag is allowed under the new guideline. The check-in bag weighing not more than 20 kg will be allowed. However, a laptop bag or a ladies handbag in addition to your cabin baggage can also be accompanied in the flight.

Besides, no bags can be kept in the overhead bin except for the passengers sitting in the first row and for those sitting at the emergency exit rows.

Passengers will have to do web check-in to ensure minimal human contact. Also, it is advised to take a print-out of the baggage tag at the time of web check-in and paste it on the baggage. If the printer facility is not available, write the ticket PNR along with the passenger name on a piece of paper and paste it on the bag. Web check-in can be done between 48 hours to 60 minutes before the flight.

Before boarding, the passengers will be provided with a safety kit containing face shield, surgical mask, a sachet of sanitizer and disposable plastic gloves. Wearing the face shield is mandatory in the aircraft.

Meal service will not be available on the flight. The flights will only provide water bottles to the travelling passenger.

After landing, de-boarding will be done row-wise as per the announcement made the aircraft crew. Besides, limited passengers will be allowed on the bus to ensure social distancing.

Social distancing has to be ensured at the baggage collection belt as well.

Passenger coming from a containment zone is not allowed to fly. Passengers have to sign an undertaking declaring they are not coming from a containment zone, and that they have no symptoms of COVID.

The above information is been provided by Miti Godawat, Pilot – First Officer IndiGo.