Travel – Explore New Travel Trends with bucket of options

“Travel is a new trend and vacation is what we all desire one set for all.”

A perfect getaway – Don’t we also look for one? Probably, many of us browse the Internet to find the suitable holiday packages that are a super blend of luxury and convenient enough. So, here you have the answer to sort out all your questions with

As, when we travel or want to spend wonderful vacations with family, friends or loved ones; we look for the packages that should fit in our budget but with luxurious options.

By following this concept of travel and leisure in the era of tourism, has come up with membership to provide holiday experiences like never before.


They are holiday organisers based on the model of pre-booking and manage membership packages that ideally fit with the requirement of people and their families to explore, bond, laugh, feast, and make memories forever. Their club membership is framed to carry out togetherness at its core.

Why Join a Membership Package?

If you are the one, who is fond of travelling but find membership packages difficult to work on, has made an ideology with exclusive packages for everyone.

If you take a look to it, benefits of a membership package are more smooth and hassle-free as compared to individual holiday booking.

That’s why for generating a new trend with a systematic scheme, they have packages namely – Simply Sweet, Simply Big, and Simply Large to help members to take on incentive plan and manage tours on time.

Followed up with flexibility, membership schemes also allow the ones to take non-members on a trip. And, an added benefit, members can choose the hotel of their choice. Quite pleasant isn’t it?

Not only this, membership packages can let you enjoy the perks at 3-star and 5-star hotels with food discounts as per norms. Best of all, when you go for membership packages, it’s not necessary to pay all at once, an option of the installment is provided for ease.

And, for an idea what membership packages look like? The chart given below is present to understand even more by

Simply Sweet

Simply Big

Simply Large

·      As per norms of 3-star hotel

·      7 days per year

·      2 adult/ 0 minor

·      35 days and valid for 5 year

·      Tax included

·      As per norms of 3-star hotel

·      7 days per year

·      2 adult/2 minor

·      70 days and valid for 12 year

·      Tax included

·      As per norms of 5-star hotel

·      7 days per year

·      2 adult/ 2 minor

·      105 days & valid for 20 year

·      Tax included

130000 INR

250000 INR

550000 INR

In addition to all this, also has a smile club membership that has fantastic offers for members to reduce up to 50% off to their actual expenditure after joining this membership. And, while having these membership packages, if you are a pretty shopaholic, then through, you can avail better discounts on renowned e-commerce Amazon while travelling or just chilling at your place.

Can travelling be in a comfort and trouble-free way?

It’s better to witness something once than to hear about it thousand of times. And, that is for all, made the collaboration with all the finest three and five-star hotels across India with over 100+ destinations facilitating honeymoon places, hill stations, workshop locations, beaches, religious homes, natural heritage, sports and wildlife regions, and much more in their packages.

And, what makes them different is their approach in regular ways of operations in fulfilment of client’s needs and demands. Providing the best, comfortable stay at the desirable locations assorted with a vast chain of tie-ups is the policy maintained with their service. During their validity period, assure the quality amenities to all the members, which deserve.

Concept and Advantage with Memberships

With, whoever takes the membership package, they can spend their holidays in planned way and as per their approved/available days of a trip.

They offer seven days in a year, which member can book the same day with a membership and that holiday trip will be allotted after two months duration according to the availability of the rooms in a hotel.

And, there is an added advantage as well! A person can plan his seven days in the same place or as per holiday package plan for a different location on the same trip. Henceforth, if a person is a member of their package, he/she would be allowed to visit the five destinations with 3 or 5-star facilities in a single trip. This entirely depends on member whether they want to spend complete 7 days and 6 nights or just 5 days with two days remaining in hand that could be used sometime later.

Additionally, there is a facility for members for converting 3 business trips on an urgent basis (prior booking), to make easier to the ones who are corporate and always have to roam around for business trip.

Readers!! We are looking forward to taking up the vacation plans. Don’t you? If you are still confused, you can take a look at

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