Places to Visit

Places to visit at Todgarh

Todgarh is a beautiful village located in the Aravalis, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. It is 3281 feet above the sea level and is famous for colonial buildings, serpentine roads, alluring waterfalls of the British era.

History of Todgarh:

During his period as a Political Agent for some areas of Rajputana, he performed every task with utmost dedication and efficiency resolving mutual disputes between people and earned a lot of respect through his work in the Merwara region, so much so that the then Maharana of Udaipur renamed Barsawada as ‘Todgarh’, which is still in use and known to most of the people by this name.

Here are some of the places you must visit for a memorable trip:

1. Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary:

Places to visit at Todgarh
Source – Wikipedia

It is one of the most underrated yet pristine wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan. It holds great potential for eco-tourism as well as nature lovers. The sanctuary is spread over Rajsamand, Pali, and Ajmer districts with an area of 495 km sq. filled with deciduous trees and grasslands. Some of the major wildlife includes leopard, sloth bear, Indian gazelle, blue bull, Indian wolf, etc. with a wide variety of birds too.

2. Dudhaleshwar Temple:

Places to visit at Todgarh
A bird’s eye view of Todgarh Source – Rajasthani Dharohar

This ancient temple named after Lord Shiva is located right in the middle of the Todgarh-Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary and houses a perennial source of spring water. The place is surrounded by banyan and tamarind trees and caretakers of the temple say that the place is frequented by leopards and bears at night. This is a must visit whenever you are exploring the sanctuary.

3. Katar Ghati:

Places to visit at Todgarh
Source – Todgarh

There’s a road on the way to Dudhaleshwar Temple from Todgarh, made by British engineers in the form of a serpent. This stretch of the road is 4 km long and is an ancient engineering marvel.

4. Ghoram Ghat Railway Track:

Places to visit at Todgarh
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On the railway track between Kamlighat and Fulad Station is a beautiful region comprising of U-turns with a scenic view of waterfalls, tunnels, and bridges. The train passing through this area is a sight to witness. This is approximately 12 km from Todgarh and 25 km from the National Highway.

5. Bheelberi:

Places to visit at Todgarh
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Bheelberi waterfall is 55 meter in height and can be seen in full flow during the rainy season. Long-billed vultures and several migratory birds can be sighted here during this time. This is probably the highest waterfall of Rajasthan. This waterfall is accessible through a 4 km car journey.

6. Pragya Shikhar:

Places to visit at Todgarh
Source – Tripmondo

Pragya Shikhar is a temple built by the Jain community and it was built in 2005. It was constructed using black granite in the memory of Jain Acharya Tulsi and was inaugurated by the then President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

7. Victorian era Church and School:

Places to visit at Todgarh
Source – Sabbatical 2012

This Church is almost 150 years old and is one of the oldest Churches of Rajasthan. It was made during the British era and later allotted with funds for renovation by the Congress. There is also a jail that has now been converted to a school where children of the hamlet come to study. Quite an ironic place to study isn’t it!?

How to reach Todgarh?

Todgarh is a 3-hour journey via a bus or car on NH-8 crossing Nathdwara, Rajsamand, and Devigarh further taking a left turn at Puthiya Kheda, approximately 20 km from Kamlighat. It is 6 km inside from the main NH-8.

This small town has one or two small resorts but makes sure you have a confirmed booking before you leave.


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