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No wonder beauty is a natural reward given by God, and no doubt God has made every person with some qualities and flaws as well. But, don’t you think guys we care a very less about that beauty which is a tribute to us and must be taken at peak point to represent more elegance.

There is no dual phase that we want a striking and maintained look just with a little touch-up. So, that it won’t affect our skin and blends well with the neutrality that is worth to have. And apparently, no one admires a heavy make-up and hoax appearance that can appear in facial cuts after using non-reliable beauty product. Every girl just loves the cosmetics that can make her look flawless and get her a fairy skin.

This concept of polishing up the natural look without too much of extra efforts that I encountered in my mind was discovered in a young diva of our Lake City “Srashti Ostwal.”

After meeting Srashti, I got to know about so many beauty brands, cosmetics range and how to enhance yourself with make-up tricks that are necessary to learn for every beautiful girl out there. And, had a conversation with her about lot many things, and she came up this way to our team of Udaipur Blog and me without any hesitation which we really admired the most.
Srashti Ostwal Udaipur

From where did it all start and how you came up with the idea of Eldee Cosmetics?

It was not at all a coincident I got into fashion and glamor industry. Since childhood, I was wooed by makeup and stuff. I had a personalized makeup kit and vanity box at the age of 5. During my teenage, I was a loyal client of many international brands and I always came up with a huge list while my brother was in London and New York. So it has been all in me since the very start.

I kept on experimenting different types of make-up products and techniques as it was my hobby as well as passion. Because of that knowledge people actually started asking me about makeup and at that point which was four Years ago i thought to turn my passion into profession and started learning even more about this industry. Gradually, I studied on technical aspects and did lot of research with hit and trials of products and made up my mind to feature few of the best products. It was more than a surprise when my articles and reviews earned attention and people loved them so much. Soon I started getting online inquiries.

What does latest beauty trends mean to you and how you can define them in your online outlet?

Rather than runway fashion, I think beauty trend is that style which people actually can pull off on themselves.  As I mentioned, my passion from childhood brought me to this stage. I never miss experimenting new products. I keep on studying what products are trending in the international market as well as the brands which are working so well. My passion about makeup products keeps me up to date. That is how I keep on adding new products which are in vogue to our Product bank. I also try to put a spotlight on not so trending products which can be put to great use. And trust me this kind of articles are our best sellers.
oval brush sets eldee cosmetics

The range of cosmetics that you provide online!! Do you feel it is suitable for all skin types?

We provide a premium range of professional cosmetics. Few of them are:

Body shimmer, long Wearing Lipsticks, Waterproof lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, concealer palettes, brush sets, 36 hours lasting eyeliner Professional, Nail art styling tools.

Yes, our products are suitable for all types of skin. But we still and we advise our customers first to swatch and test it on wrist or neck. Each of our products comes with the proper direction of use. Our professional team ensures that all the goods that we provide are of best quality.
gold lipstick beauty product

You are connected with lot many people out there. So, how much orders do you process particularly in a day?

We have been selling on the bulk order basis, and now we have started our online and offline retail as well. We do have a spun-out list of loyal clients, and we keep on sending them updates on our new products. On an average, we dispatch around 25 to 30 Parcels, and offline we do sell around 50 to 60 products each day. Also, we are in tie up with major beauty salons in our area as well as in other cities like Jaipur, Kota, Mumbai, Indore, Surat, Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, etc. so that they can also promote our products and its working well so far.

Till now as an entrepreneur, what was your remarkable moment..?

Making it my Profession itself was a notable moment. We do have a lot of clients overseas but, I remember a feedback from our loyal client who is from Spain, she loved our products so much that she has recommended it to all her friends who now keep on ordering them now and then and never misses to visit us whenever she is in India. The way she appreciated our products was heartwarming and such positive feedback from clients has helped us to work harder and that’s how we have achieved success in our venture in past 4 years.
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Srashti..! What’s your favorite cosmetic product that you carry in your bag? And, you would love to recommend to every girl out there.

Well, I have an extensive list of my favorites, and I have been using them on a daily basis since years. So after shortlisting I came up with three products which by the way are our bestsellers:

Eldee Body Shimmer which keeps my skin moisturized with its wheat germ, aloe and soybean extracts providing a luminous glow all day long and

Gold continuous Lip Stick is one of my favorite which has beeswax and makes me skip my lip balm routine.

Another product which I swear by is Eldee 36 hour lasting waterproof eyeliner whose name itself explains it all.

These are one of a type and the unique products so wherever I go people frequently ask me about these which again motivates me to keep my spirit on.
body shimmer eldee cosmetics

What you find more interesting in your spare time when you are not doing business activities?

I can happily spend hours watching professionals using colorful makeup products online; makeup is kind of art to me that’s what I love the most. I also love visiting new places and trying on cuisines. I do spend time with my friends and family especially mom; I love watching Hollywood movies with her, and Yeah..!! She is the first one who gives me a genuine review about my products, it improves my skill and experience too.

What’s your favorite destination in your hometown?

I love spending time at Lakeside or a place with a scenic view more than spending hours in a Mall. Place serving yummy food is my favorite. Be it anywhere.

If you won’t have been in online selling industry then what you would have preferred to do?

I can’t think of doing anything else then what I am doing right now. I have always believed in “doing what you love and loving what you do”. This has always been my mantra. I am a believer. That is what my wrist tattoo says. It has been a tremendous journey, and I have loved each and every moment of it up till now, and we have initiated few more ways to follow our dreams.

What are your plans in aspect to your outlet Eldee Cosmetics? Are you thinking to expand it even more in future?

Yes we are reconstructing our ways to online retail, and we have planned it so well so by 2018 we will launch Eldee Stores in the main cities of Rajasthan.
eyeshadow and blush palette

#Well, Srashti we wish you all the very best for your outlet and pray that sooner or later, you will accomplish to your plans.


Udaipurites!! We just loved the beauty range of Eldee Cosmetics. If you also want to get connected to Srashti and her outlet, just go through the follow-up right here:




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