[Intro Entrepreneurs] – Vishal Kothari (Vishal’s Colosseum)

Living your dreams is still what most of the people are scared of. It takes a lot of courage, passion, and determination for someone to follow his dream. A perfect example of someone turning his dreams into reality with hard work and dedication is Mr. Vishal Kothari, Founder of Vishal’s Colosseum (Health Club & Personal Training Studio).
In his entire journey from a fitness enthusiast to sports and muscle model, also representing Udaipur at International level of Fitness experts, his sportsmen spirit has led him to a long way of achievements. He has won 7 international sports and muscle model titles and a fitness expert from American Council on Exercise. His journey of dedication, hard work and undying passion for fitness is worth knowing.
Following his entire commitments of last 12 years, he has now been with his concept. And, when our team had a conversation with him many amazing things came out from his entire lifestyle and the way he has built himself. These are some inputs that he shared with us:


From how many years, you are into this fitness industry and what you have followed to grow up all your work?

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“I have been to fitness since high school from the age of 16. Sports activities like swimming, cricket, etc. always have been a source of power to my fitness at early stage and dedication towards maintaining the body has always been a counterpart.

Initially, I began with a hardcore gym “Vishal’s Muscle Mania” where there was a good gathering of 500+ college students. Then, later on, I got associated with the local gym as a branch head. Throughout that peak point, I was involved with lot many commitments and the brands of health clubs in Udaipur itself. During that period many other offers were pending too by Star Cruise (Singapore), and Oberoi Group of Hotels (Dubai). But, I always wanted to establish something in my own city. So, I grew up my work and turned my passion into Vishal’s Colosseum.”


What is your inspiration behind your dedication towards fitness and Gym set up?

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“Apparently, for every fitness freak, the main motivation has always been Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was mine too. During my schooling days, use of the internet was not so popular. So, reading books of Anatomy, Physiology, and Arnold Encyclopedia at that duration was always on my list. And, during college being as the student of pharmaceuticals helped me a lot to get associated with Biomechanics, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and more.

Then, I moved on to Mumbai where I got the chance to be in the modeling industry and participated in various fashion events as well I was a finalist in Gladrags Mr. India mega model hunt in 2005. Also, in later years, I went through the examinations of American Council on Exercise and luckily was amongst the 3 pass outs from the region of Asia-Pacific. And, succeeding towards the path of varying hurdles as well good times, the journey continued towards Vishal’s Colosseum.”


The name of your gym sounds unique than others. From where it is inspired?

“Vishal’s Colosseum is inspired by the gladiator’s sports of Rome, where in the ancient time’s Roman warriors used to fight with the wild animals like tiger, wild bull, etc. and overcome the battle. That’s why the main tagline of my passion also states as ‘Conquer Fitness’ and is depicted in the name and logo itself.”


Do you have any specific certifications of nutrition and fitness expertise or you are self-owned?

sports and muscle model title winner

“Apart from my self-learning and experience, I do have the professional certification from American Council on Exercise (USA) as a Fitness Specialist. And, also received the seven international Sports & Muscle model Titles that are all associated with Natural drug-free event.

From my self-owned touch, in personal training experience, I have crossed mark of 36000+ hours. And, represented India in more than decade of international fitness conventions worldwide.


Many people are nowadays getting diverted to the fitness section. Do you feel complex because of the increasing appearance competition?

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“LOL!! Do you think I have to feel insecure? As I believe, insecurity is for those people who have something to lose. And, when it is about your knowledge and stability, it always keeps on expanding your presence. You can say the experience has lead me through every phase of every negative energy.

Apart from that, earning money is not a big deal but how many people you can help out, inspire, and give happiness is the first thing to concern. And, that is what I do in my field.”


Any moments in your life that you cherish a lot.

Sports and Muscle model vishal kothari

“Yeah! During the event of Asian Fitness Convention in 2012 October, I met with Dr. Jim Stoppani (Bodybuilding expert) who guided me and motivated to go through the toughest competitions of health and fitness. During the 30 hours session with him, I got to learn and know many things that no one can ever teach.

Apart from that harbor, I also participated in the Muscle Mania Championship, where I secured 2nd position and won the title of “Sports and Muscle Model” in all over Asia.”


What were the struggles that you went through during your entire training sessions when you were preparing for Muscle Mania Championship?

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“Well, it was an effort and experience of 20 years that helped a lot to get through all the obstacles during training sessions. A strict diet and workout of 4-5 hours were in my schedules. Sometimes, situations also clashed because of family conditions, uncertainties, and personal issues. But, when you have the faith and dedication you can be in the winner’s race. That’s what I got to learn during that period. The struggle is still memorable as it made me strong enough to win the title of Sports and Muscle Model and to earn the tag of Muscle Mania Championship as well.”


Gym and exercise have always been your priority. But, except workout, what are your other interests?

“Apart from gym and workout schedule, I am a sports person and die-hard fan of cricket. This is one of the interests that is followed during my spare time.”


What are your thoughts on Vegan lifestyle? Do you support it as a gym instructor?

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“It’s not about vegan lifestyle or being non-vegetarian. It’s all about leaving a healthy lifestyle with proper diet. Although, I am a follower of the vegetarian diet and have maintained a body without any non-veg stuff. Just with the help of workout, proper diet, and necessary supplements. But, as a fitness instructor, I am not against of non-vegan lifestyle.

And, if we talk about supplements, there is a wrong notion of taking supplements as people compare them with steroids and other drugs. But, intake of vegetarian food, Non-veg substitutes, and protein supplement along with proper exercise is the thing you can consider best for your health.”


People have a mindset about physical activity. Some used to go to the gym daily while some workout at home. So, what is better according to you?

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“According to me, it is but obvious that gym workout is better. As your overall body parts like joints, muscles, and bulging areas are covered in your plan when you are under training. People who have more sitting like students, entrepreneurs, or office people, don’t have enough time to visit health clubs for 2 hours. So, if they are involved in any frolics like swimming, jogging, or any sports that are also enough to maintain the appropriate fitness.

But, being in a gym is preferable, if you want to achieve a healthy and appealing personality.”


What are the plans regarding Vishal’s Colosseum and future ahead?

“Very soon I am planning to set up Vishal’s Colosseum in metro cities as well. With the concept of personal training studio in the area of 8000sq. Ft, it is established for the people of every age group to earn the fitness with attentive personal sessions.

Well! Currently, I am preparing for Mr. Universe, Muscle Mania Competition (Las Vegas) which is during the month of November this year.  And, as per my future it completely relies on the destiny of Vishal’s Colosseum and encouragement and support of all my loved ones that has inspired me towards achievements.”


Any message you want to spread among the people regarding fitness..!

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“Keep focus and maintain a 40 minutes workout a day is the real mantra for a healthy lifestyle. Because, changing schedules, unhealthy food habits, and not knowing about the proper substitutes has lead people towards unwanted weight gain, obesity, and many other health problems. So, it is a must that all should take out at least this peak time for daily exercise. And, it is to be maintained just for 5 days a week which is helpful for everyone whether it is a 40-year old man, a homemaker, working lady, or a student.”

That’s a quite simple thing that everyone can proceed for a healthy and happier lifestyle. Vishal!! We wish you all the very best for your plans ahead and May you raise up far more and let others also conquer fitness 😉

Udaipurites! By meeting with Vishal Kothari, we also got many counseling tips to stay fit. If you want to know more about him, you can connect on social media profiles:



And, you can also visit Vishal’s Colosseum at: Sardarpura, Bhopalpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001

Or contact: 082398 88898