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How to get Stunning Looks in Saree

Un vestido perfecto, saree is the most elegant and the most amazing attire for a woman which gorgeously takes off her beauty to just another level.  Originated from the prakrit word “Sattika”, saree is basically the traditional outfit of an Indian woman. However, because of its glamorously subtle look it has gained a catchy repo symbolizing the Indian heritage and culture and a wardrobe desire for the ladies round the world.

saree styling

Saree, undoubtedly, is the most versatile outfit which can be beautifully draped in various ways and styles. Ranging from 5 yards to 9.5 yards length depending on the style of wearing, this dress is an outstanding creation which can be worn if not daily occasionally to add on a totally smashing effect to your personality.

Now-a-days, not only ladies but young gals too can carry the “saree look” in uniquely classy ways. By using interesting methods of mix and match, you can go for a bold cum stylo gape this season.

Try out the styles explained below and enchant yourself with a captivating experience.

  • For the ones who feel wearing saree to be a mess, they can follow different styles to bring out the best fashion for them. A very fancy tip by one of the prominent designer is to go babylicious is to replace the blouse and petticoat with a spaghetti top/tee and legging/slim-fit denim and then wear the saree over them. For this you can go for a light weight crepe or georgette fabric saree for easy roaming as well as to get a perfect look. This would definitely add a bashing look to your persona. For Diwali, embroidery or sequins on the saree border can be accounted.
  • Another designer suggests for ready-to-wear sarees which surely ease offs the problem of draping a saree. You can zip the saree up and reduce your fight with it.

A regular one can be worn like a skirt, gown, dhoti, gracian style or in any other way that makes you look sexy. Create your own trend and sizzle the floor.

Girls should not avoid wearing sarees but instead they should develop innovative techniques for carrying a saree and get over the illusion of saree as a dress for oldies.