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RNOLD FITNESS GYM: Your Destiny to Fitness

Winters are up and thus the question of moving outdoors for your regular physical curriculum is becoming a serious matter with each day of growing chill outside.

But wait! What’s the worry!

Who says one doesn’t enjoy working out indoors! An aura filled with superb air of music and surroundings and you would surely want to exert some more sweat just to lose a few more inches or may be growing a six pack would help… 😉

If you are a fitness freak, it’s right time for you to get the best out of yourself.  



“RNOLD FITNESS GYM” is there to help you in the best of your interests. This gym is not only a place for modern methods of exercising and workout but also consists of various exciting training techniques to set up your mood.



A combination of various activities such as Sports Workout, Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, TRX Training, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Power Yoga and DTP Workout, this gym is a package for all age groups, from children to adults, who are looking for something new apart from clichéd activities of Gyming.

Rnold Fitness Gym

The RNOLD FITNESS GYM is a Gymnasium by Mr. and Mrs Ghanshyam Sharma has been in operation from last few months and is going great because it not only has so much to proffer but it also provides an environment wherein one feels great about oneself and attempts to see the best in oneself.

The ones who are more inclined towards gyming will be glad to hear about the facilities that this gym has to offer. Apart from the normal machines that are present for your daily workout, there are certain machines, which will be add-ons to your workout pattern. These are special cycling machines that are completely different from the routine cycling machines. One among them is the Elliptical cycle that is very helpful in your total body workout as it helps in increasing your aerobic capacity and stamina.

Rnold Fitness Gym

Adding on, the Aerobics Section is a must visit. The floor is a specially designed floor, i.e., the Jumping Floor that helps in boosting your energy and skill to work out for your body. It reduces your exhaustion and increases your capacity to exercise more. This is the section where you can get training for aerobics, Yoga, Power yoga, Zumba and Pilates for your fitness.

Rnold Fitness Gym

All the gym training along with Aerobics and Yoga is given by Mr. Himanshu Sharma, who is highly trained in this field and has an experience of 5 years for gym training.

Rnold Fitness Gym

Not only this, the gym has a separate section of PHYSIOTHERAPY for proper training. This Physiotherapy clinic is managed by Dr. Gaurav Sharma (PT), MPT (Sports), PhD Scholar who is highly experienced and has adroit hands on many other techniques too. A team of consummate doctors and surgeons are there to provide proper guidance to the patients for knee, neck, back pain and all muscle related injuries through various exercises and physiotherapy treatments.

Methods of Kinesiology Taping and Dry Needling are also available here that are only carried out by experts of this field.

Especially for kids and athletes, RNOLD also has a Physical Training Studio, where sports training in different sports such as cricket, athletics etc. is given to concerned people.

Rnold Fitness Gym

Also, decent arrangements for Massage and Steam Facilities are also made for one’s interest and health.  These are provisions that are made separately for both men and women along with locker facilities.

Other facilities majorly include Pool workout, Nutrition Club Facility, Temporary and permanent Tattoo Art, .

There is a list of batches that are specially carried out for different groups of people. These are as following:

  1. Special Batches for 40 plus
  2. Special Batches for Thyroid, Blood Pressure, and Diabetic patients
  3. Special Classes for Kids (Judo Karate, Dance, Mix Martial Arts)
  4. Special Classes for Pregnant Women
  5. Special Packages for Couple and Family
  6. Special Dance Classes
  7. Special Sports Training
  8. Special Wedding Packages & Weight Loss Programmes
  9. Additional Batch Timings for Girls
  • 10:00 am to 11:00 am
  • 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Rnold Fitness Gym

Rnold Fitness Gym

Rnold Fitness Gym Rnold Fitness Gym

Rnold Fitness Gym

Rnold Fitness Gym

For further details, we recommend you to visit the gym. It is open for 6 days in a week (Monday to Saturday). The timings for the gym are: – 6:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Run in today to Rnold Fitness Gym to get FREE DEMO CLASSES and experience this feel and excitement to become fit again.

Location: Plot No. 1-A, jai Shree Krishna Residency Apartment, Basement, New Navratan Bhuwana, Udaipur. Tel: 8696425866, 0294-3199696

For Any Consultation or Details: 07737677741 (Himanshu Sharma) 

As it is said, “Fitness is not about being better than someone else but it’s about being better than you used to be.” ☺