[Intro Entrepreneurs] Mukta Shrimali – Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet)

“In the end, we only regret the chances we don’t take, and I am happy to give myself an opportunity to set something common but in a different way,” onboard conversation catch with Mrs. Mukta Shrimali, founder of Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet) went quite happening for our team. She has been hardcore working woman handling a job, business, and household altogether.

Apart from every obstacle in business, she has set the new benchmark for every woman being as successful Mother, Homemaker, Employee, and an Entrepreneur. Many things about career, married life and her journey to settle down with a set up ‘Rivaaz – A fashion rental store’, we got to know by being in discussion with her.

From where did your journey start?

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“The concept bloomed up casually while discussing with my friends that how convenient it would be to have exclusive trendy outfits on rent for a special purpose without burning out the pockets. Because being in the Indian lifestyle and culture, we always tend to have the scenario to take up a lot of preparations for almost every occasion, especially when it’s about shopping the latest clothes and accessories. But, it is probably not possible all the time as fashion keeps on changing and being in women’s counterpart the conscious side grows more often to have all kind of updated and designer stuff in the wardrobe. Apart from this, a large number of ladies have the limited income source whether they are homemakers, working females, or college going girls.  And, all of them usually desire to fulfill the wardrobe with the latest collection of designer apparels and pieces of jewelry. So, whenever it’s the time to head out for a party, wedding, or a theme based function, they don’t have to think twice before getting ready.

So, from that very point, the initiation of Rivaaz got heated up that can provide consistent service to every woman who loves to wear everything new all the time without being into the headache of shopping expenses, storage hassles, and no more repeat wearing.”

What’s your educational and family background?

“I have done MBA in Human Resource and also earned experience of corporate sectors in Jaipur and Singapore. My father has been in the service background, so probably for me being a job oriented person was always in my blood. I never thought to be in the business industry, but my in-laws family is business class. So, they gave a direction to kick start towards being an entrepreneur.”

Who was your inspirational source to blow the idea of a business in your mind?

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“My husband is the greatest inspirational source to support me for everything whether it was my job or self-venture. He has always been beside me in every up’s and down’s and motivated to sustain the forward reach of my business.”

Did you face any sort of complications while setting up your business?

“Yeah, apparently like every business person, it was a tough task but exciting to cross every hurdle! Rivaaz was the quick set up with the very limited investment that too with a concept which is somehow still not accepted by the people because there is a notion why to rent an outfit or why to wear something which is worn by someone else too. But, with the USP of Rivaaz, I was sure that it is going to work as a virtual wardrobe for every woman shopper who wants to wear designer, trendy outfits without repetition at every occasion.

So, going with the vision of boutique concept for rented fashionable stuff through social media and referential publicity Rivaaz got the identity amongst many people.”

Why the name Rivaaz only? And, what is different about it than any other clothing store operating on the same concept?

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“At prior base by understanding the need of renting modern and western clothing like evening dresses and princess gowns, Fashion closet was introduced. Then, later on, Rivaaz as a unit was conceptualized according to the Indian tradition. As what we observe by being in the festive culture every occasion and party functions like Sangeet ceremony or Marriage are celebrated enthusiastically. That’s why understanding this perspective of rich societal thing; I named the store that can reflect ethnic roots.

When it’s about the part of USP, we can claim it to be the pioneer store, first of its kind in for Udaipur market operating out of a proper store that too at a premier location in celebration mall. Secondly, I personally choose and pick every outfit rather than bulk or catalogue buying. We do not aim to show 50 pieces and confuse the customer. Instead, we give them exclusive 10 pieces to choose from. Then, they can just pick their selection, try, and get the fittings also done according to their body shape. So, it won’t look uneasy or rented.

Understanding the requirement of the client concerning what type of wear they are looking for and for what occasion is our priority.

Another crucial thing that we maintain is hygiene. As we are dealing in used clothes which multiple users are going to opt so we ensure that outfit is dry cleaned twice before another usage.”


Do you think that a dress and accessories on rent are satisfactory options rather than investing in a designer outfit for any special occasion?

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“Well probably if you look at the economic and practical aspect, it is the most satisfactory option rather than purchasing an expensive designer outfit for any special occasion. Everybody knows this thing that whatever apparel we buy for wedding purpose or even for other family functions, we hardly use them again. Therefore, renting an outfit is much more convenient as having a wardrobe where you don’t have to worry about storage, dry cleaning, or repeating your wear is ironically a good idea for every woman.”

Competition in the fashion and clothing industry has risen pretty much? What is your opinion about it?

“For me, it’s one of the primary things to look out because clothing field does require fresh or new arrivals every time. And, rental outfit concept is something that has to buck up with the competition of fashion industry too. Apparently, no lady wants to wear the outfit that is outdated, as a trend is something that keeps on revolving but whatever the new concept arrives we adopt that according to the taste of the customer. Personally, I keep on modifying and upgrading every outfit which is made available to the client. Like, if there is an emergence of any new movie and one has been to us with that demand, we always give our 100% to fulfill that.”

What is the minimum range and time limit that an individual can rent a party wear?

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“Every attire has a different price. Usually, the range starts from Rs.600-Rs.1000 for the contemporary party wear like evening gowns or dress. And, if there is a requirement of ethnic dress or any other wear like Lehnga, Dandiya (Garba) dress, or Saree the range starts from Rs.500. And, jewelry is also included in that which goes more favorable option.

Return time limit is approx. 3 days until that we don’t charge any extra amount which is again a suitable thing for the females out here.”

Any incident that you consider as an achievement for your business?

“There are many, but I remember my first booking with an NRI client of Sweden who searched for us and came straight away to hire outfit for every function she was going to attend.

Even on the very opening of boutique because of wedding season, we got the unexpected number of walk-in’s which raised our presence amongst the people of Udaipur. And, within a short span of time, we have completed around 500+ rentals which count in the happening reach level.”

What are your plans regarding Rivaaz?

Rivaaz unit of fashion closet

“Udaipur was a pilot project for me. Initially, my vision was to start such store in cities like Jaipur, Pune, Bangalore, and much more. But, on a positive note, I keep getting queries from those cities as well. And, many clients from outside who don’t prefer to carry extra baggage during their travel for any particular family or friend’s functions, they have been in touch with us for rental purpose.

But, for advancement in future, we are going to make it online very soon with more features and benefits for the clients like online booking, free home delivery and lots more.”


Well, I immensely feel that it’s the best option for the college going girls and working women, who don’t have enough time to shop and still wanted to look perfect for every celebration without harming their pockets.

If you also want to know more about Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet) and Mrs. Mukta Shrimali

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Or, you can contact at +91-7728887066. You can also visit Rivaaz @ Haat Bazar, 3rd Floor, The Celebration Mall Udaipur, NH8, Opposite Devendra Dham, Bhuwana, Udaipur (Rajasthan) 313001.