Meet With Style Cracker – Rahul Malani (Skull Fashion Studio)

Symbolic, meaningful, and trendy that’s what a Tattoo on the body has to be about. Earlier, it was a taboo and now immensely increasing like fashion buzz in Udaipur. And, when it comes to tattoos we can’t miss out the name of ink veteran Mr. Rahul Malani owner of Skull Fashion Studio. He stepped into this creative couture right after his education and had got his experience from several international conventions and long practice which is worth to know. And, after knowing about him, even our perception also changed about piercings and tattoos. So, if you have also thought that this trend is only meant for sailors or riders, then you’re mistaken. As by getting into the conversation with him, we got to know that tattoos have a story to tell and can make you addicted to this art even more.

Find out what Rahul exclaimed about tattoo culture:


Rahul!! How long have you been Tattooing?

rahul and jo jo skull tattoo artists

“It’s been 7 years I have been into this business. Earlier, I was only dealing with the clothes and accessories. But, then my passion towards Tattooing and Piercing drag me into this field.”

What got you interested towards this business of Tattoo and clothing?

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“It’s been into my concern since I used to watch LA Ink and Miami Ink shows that were telecasted previously in 2007 at TLC. So, the love for tattoos has always been thrilling to me. Apart from this, from the viewpoint of graduation, I am a B.Sc. holder in Fashion Designing from NIFD which inclined an interest of mine in outfits that is bit different compared to other commercial fashion experts.”

What were the initial reactions of your family and friends about your business?

“Well from family side, there was no criticism as such because they do have faith that whatever I am doing is going to be resourceful. So, I was supported by family as well friends for being into this field.”

Many people have the perception that only gangsters, bikers, and rebels used to have tattoos. What do you think about that?

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“This is something that is entirely a myth in almost many out there. People do have the notion that the ones who are gangsters, sailors, bikers, or roadside thugs only tend to have tattoos. But, this is an art which is not only meant for the defined frame of people. You never know that an individual who is going to get a tattoo inked maybe is out of love or in the memory of anyone that he/she has lost. Everyone has a different opinion and feeling attached with a tattoo.”

Are you inspired by any famous artists, tattooists that have influenced your career path?

Rahul skull and Jo Jo

“Yeah! Everybody needs inspiration. For me, it’s Mr. Jo Jo with whom I am working with from past three years. And, I can call him as a Lucky mascot. Because of Jo Jo we have got many clients from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and all over the Rajasthan. Apart from this, his dedication and work have influenced my career path to grow more with every single day.”

There are many other frightening notions relevant to health about getting tattoos on the body. What’s your opinion about it?

“According to me, this is the primary concern that we solve in our consultation. I do have many tattoos on my body, and one can see I am absolutely healthy and fine. 🙂

It is 100% safe and skin friendly so, people don’t have to fear from when they are getting something on body out of their desire. Mostly, clients do have the query that would it be painful, or it would cause any kind of skin problem. Some also have the questions that after having a tattoo can we donate blood? For blood donation, medically it is suitable to give in every six months. And, I am also a blood donor, so I can say that after getting a tattoo one can easily donate blood. Hence, everyone can conclude these common myths are not associated with tattoo or piercing process.

Apart from this, hygiene is a key factor in this job. And, every single needle that we use is freshly opened in front of our client which we purchase directly from the USA. The ink and machines are bought from Germany which is somehow expensive but acceptable for our professional use.”

According to you, what’s an appropriate age to get a tattoo?

“We generally suggest that a person should be 18+ to have a tattoo. But, if someone who comes to us to have a tattoo at an earlier age like 15 or 16, we assure that parents are concerned and ready to accept. Although, getting tattoo or piercing is quite painless than any surgical process, but our priority is to take permission for the ones who are below 18.”

Society still doesn’t consider a tattoo artist as the finest career choice. How do you feel when someone points it as less beneficial than white collar job?

“LOL! Like a maestro, I can say I am doing a reputed thing at least I am not a contract killer or a drug dealer. Being into this field is my choice, and I am happy with what I am doing like any other person who admires his or her art. There is nothing so out of the box about this as gypsies of Rajasthan in the past followed tattoo culture. For some people, they hang their art on walls while we wear it on our body. So, I can conclude it’s better than being nothing in your life.

Umm…!! People do appreciate the art, but when you are an artist, they create a question mark on your earning which creates a negative impact when it’s about choosing a career.  But, if you are passionate and have a fire to build yourself then, I don’t think any job can bring you the satisfaction that you will have from what you love.”

What kind of clothes and Tattoo designs clients prefers the most?

tattoo rahul skull designs

“Every client comes up with different taste and demand. Some go with the casual cum funky clothing and accessories while some look out for little formal. And, we deal with all sort of imported stuff exclusive from Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Indonesia. So, people who are fond of international stuff can switch their minds to wear something different.

When it’s about tattoo designs, people are more diverted towards spiritual and religious symbols that define the Hinduism culture like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, or any tribal symbol. Earlier, they only used to get their partner’s name inked on their body and that too more probably when it’s peak time i.e. Valentine’s Day. But, now they are getting influenced by the Urdu language designs or something that can give a unique touch to their personality.”

What’s the best review that you have got till date?

“There are countless as till date we have inked tattoos for many people in and around Udaipur. Exceptionally, we have also got reviews from clients who belong to foreign countries like USA, Thailand, Turkey, and lots more. So, specifically, there is no count as for us every review by the client is fruitful.”

Where do you see Skull Fashion Studio in future?

skull fashion studio

“Right now we are planning to establish the venture in Rajsamand, Ajmer, and many other districts of Rajasthan. And, rest it’s just good vibes can let hope for the best!!.”

If someone wants to be in this creative profession, what he/she should take care off and be prepared for to earn the perfection.

“For an individual, being passionate about every job is a must. And, this implies same to tattoo artists as well. If any girl or guy is prepared, then they should keep practicing on sketching and drawing because finishing is obtained from that. The noted thing is having patience as it’s necessary because perfection can only give you presence amongst the people at the end.”

That’s amazing! Authentically, we can imply you as the person who has actually opted something that is eventually inspired from the cultural rhizome of Rajasthan but in a contemporary way as a tattoo artist and style cracker.

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If you guys also want to know about Rahul Malani aka Rahul Skull, you can just head onto Skull Fashion Studio 15, Bakeni Pulia, Near Aishwarya College, University Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001. Or you can also call at 097858 37993.

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