AKSHADHA – Expression Of Soulful Poetry By Aradhana Pandya

Poetry! A combination of emotions or just mere thoughts of a person combined in a writing format to represent a preaching in short form. Whatever you take it, in the world of words, poetry is not just limited to these two things. It’s more than that. And, to understand and explore more about poetry, a glance through ‘Akshadha’ was worth to catch up for.

This Hindi poetry book is written by Aradhana Pandya, B. Tech student from Pacific College, Udaipur. She unlocked a heap of enormous emotions in the form of her symmetrical and asymmetrical poems. And, what we got from Akshadha – God’s blessings, let’s find out.

Audacious concept in poems


As per our read to Akshadha, we found a bold objective weaved in it. And, this goes quite suitable stated at the book cover as well enrolled with the name of Aradhana Pandya ‘Bebaak’.

While reading all her poems and reciting them within the heart, a sense of attachment with all those thoughts revealing the concept of a girl’s inner voice, independence, and concern about nation was questioned in the poetic lines.

A special thing about the book is that all poems are precise, specific, and put something meaningful to reader’s mind if a person is a fan of poetry.

Throughout the poems, one can experience a sense of voice speaking while expressing an agony about the social situations in the simplest form of words that are understandable even by the ones who are not so aware of poetry writing and recitals.

Aradhana’s notion and inspiration behind her book

Aradhana Pandya

Apart from a perspective, when we asked Aradhana about her entire journey, she elaborated her thoughts with the firmness that, “Akshadha is influenced out of common cases and issues that are often heard in newspapers. I still remember the case of ‘Nirbhaya’, Delhi rape case that extremely offended my thought process. And, then there was a flood case of Uttarakhand, in which many people died, and some were not able to reach their home even. All these societal situations affected me to the core, that’s why I thought to express something in my way through my skills of poetry.
When it comes to inspiration, I was truly into pieces of writings since 8th standard. And, behind my book, I can say my parents and teachers supported me a lot. Most of all, I am thankful to my best friend Shivani Tyagi, who was always there for me and helped me a lot at every point from start to the end of publishing. As when we went for sponsorships and asked for support, rejection was a part that was faced at maximum places. But, I didn’t give up on anything and continued with all the task either it was searching for a cover designer or doing a launch event on a small budget.” 

Aradhana! We believe that everyone must be proud of you. As it’s not that easy to take the initiative to express something in the world of literature that is just a pinch of news for many but should be considered when it comes to feelings of girl’s inner voice and deeds of sorrow that are often felt, seen, and sometimes remain unheard.

We wish you all the very best for future!! 🙂

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