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Once Upon A Genie – A Novel By Durriya Kapasi, Worth Reading Fiction!!

“Eliminating scars of fear in the boxing ring of life while fighting with a life-threatening disease, she survived like a star and emerged like a fire.”


Durriya Kapasi is the name in the crowd that came in the highlights so far and chased her dream to become an author while fighting through all the hardships. An author from our Udaipur, who achieved her goal of publishing “Once Upon A Genie,” under the banner of Half Baked Beans, which is truly a worth reading novel and states the true meaning of friendship & love throughout its every chapter.

Behind phase of her writing life


Durriya, a 29-year old beautiful individual, and a writer who is not just limited to her shred of creativity but she is an inspirational soul too. Born and brought-up in the East-African country, Tanzania while her ancestral touch from Gujarat, India, marriage was the reason; she came across to ‘the City of Lakes – Udaipur’. She met her husband Zaheer Abbas, online, and got married in the year 2007. Their son was born in next year itself, and both had a few happy years until her health started falling in 2013.

It all started with symptoms like sinus, indigestion, and a swollen lymph node that after a year with all wasted alternative treatments, she rushed to Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad with deteriorated health. And, diagnosis, created a grim in her family when the reports elaborated Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. Durriya was at stage 3 and went through painful chemo’s that injected therapeutic drugs in her body. During all this chaos, she lost her ability to think clearly, and whenever she tried to write, every time ended up with a blank page.

Therefore, to distract her mind, she started playing games and scrolled through her Facebook feed. Durriya never left her belief in God and ray of hope always showed as a miracle with the improvement and treatment she passed by. In her confront to this uncertainty, her husband, Zaheer has always been her side and left the job to take care of her in the best possible way.

Durriya also explained, how obediently she followed doctor’s instructions to win a battle of cancer. In her entire recovery process, she took proper care of her diet, stayed active, and always made a remembrance to remain happy no matter what.

A glance to “Once Upon A Genie.”



Her book relates to a fictional love story of a beautiful girl ‘Daisy’ with her handsome and super sexy Genie ‘Khalil Bin Muwahid aka Khali.’ And, with both the lead, one more character is present who reveals an essence of friendship into the story is, ‘Darren,’ Daisy’s best friend.

At the beginning of a story, when Daisy faces the misery of her Grandmother’s death, she was unaware of this fact that her grandma has left an unexpected gift for her ‘A trapped genie,’ who expressed his gratitude towards Daisy for freeing him. And, without holding any grudges, Khalil let her ask for 3 wishes. Gradually, their connection became strong and turned into love, which was beyond the rules of Djinn and a real world. Surprisingly, seeing their bond with each other, Djinn World’s rules were amended for their sake to let them live forever until Daisy asks for her 3rd wish.

But, out of the blues, choosing between her best friend and love, Daisy caught up in a dilemma to save the life of Darren through her final wish or to let her Genie be with her forever. Here come a turn and climax what Daisy decided to do?

Reading her novel and reaching to the twist by indulging myself into every sense of pain, surprise, joy, love, and friendship left an amusement that how gracefully she connected entire feelings in 32 chapters. Some of the glimpse at the end of the novel are pretty identical to Durriya’s suffering and life. We can say it’s worth a read for everyone who is fond of fantasies that can only be felt by the heart. 

And, by going through the life story of Durriya Kapasi, no doubt! We can say she is one such person, who dealt with unusual points of her life, but always with a charming smile on her face and few tears as well. She never gave up on her spirit and came out like a proverbial phoenix.

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