Notebook+ : An Innovative Tool for Engineering Aspirants


Engineering has become the profession of choice for every student that has scored good marks in 10thboards. You can hold your degree in hands in a shorter period of time compared to other professions and also get a promising job with best payments and perks. The growing desires of students to get selected in best of engineering colleges, which will mark their first step towards a bright career, has made the entrance exams a cut throat competition. Every correct answer confirms your gate pass to IITs, VITs, NIITs, etc. and so aspirants need to excel in every subject and every topic.

Who can better understand the mental state, the confusion and problems these students face than those who have themselves gone through this phase and made their way to IIT itself. 3 students in final year of IIT started a company named “Plancess”. The interesting thing is that one of those 3 students named Nitesh Salvi is from our Udaipur City. 🙂 With an idea of refining student’s preparations, they designed “Notebook+”- set of 3 books that perfectly cover Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Now you must be thinking of the reason behind naming it “Notebook+” and not only Notebook. Well, that’s because, this Notebook not only allows you to write in it but also sharpens your memory with the important formulas/equations/reactions that are printed at the bottom of each page. It works on a simple fact that anything which passes in front of your eyes repeatedly and many a times gets imprinted in your grey matter for a longer period of time. These 3 “Notebook+” serves as a reservoir of 600 and more important formulas and reactions. Using them continuously will help you memorize these formulas and you can solve any question or numerical in almost no time.

Prudhvi Tej Immadi (AIR-1 in IIT-JEE 2011) is currently pursuing his engineering in IIT Bombay. He says that “Notebook+” is a very helpful tool that is sure to add an extra knowledge in every student that uses it. He finds the definition of Notebook changing from “something in which you can write” to “a book in which you can write as well as learn from it”.

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