State Govt to deploy mobile OPDs to treat general health-related problems

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot on Tuesday ordered the deployment of 400 vans to be used as mobile Out-Patient Department (OPD) units across the state to ensure uninterrupted health services for the public.

The vans will be stationed at block headquarters and other important locations across the state. The public can approach these vans for any general health-related problem.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, these 400 mobile OPD vans will provide medical services to people near their doorstep.

Since there are many hospitals in the state which have become dedicated COVID-19 hospitals, the general public is finding it difficult to approach the hospitals for their general health-related problems.

The Chief Medical and Health Official will be informed when any person with a serious illness will approach mobile OPD. The officer will have to ensure that the treatment starts on a priority at a government or private hospital.

The government said that is will take strict action against hospitals which deny treatment to people. The first and the foremost moral and social responsibility of a hospital is to provide treatment to the patient approaching them.

The CM said that this is a testing time for the private hospitals and they should fulfil this moral and social responsibility without a fail.

Besides, the government has also decided to appoint 9,000 auxiliary and general nursing midwives to strengthen basic health care.