Mobile OPD in Udaipur: Locations, Doctor Names and Mobile Numbers

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot had directed to deploy 400 mobile Out-Patient Department (OPD) vans across the state to ensure uninterrupted health services to the people of the state.

Out of these 400 mobile OPD units, the CM has approved for 25 OPD vans for Udaipur district.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer of Udaipur, Dr Dinesh Kharade, informed that 21 of the 25 Medical OPD Mobile vans have begun plying across Udaipur district. These vans are moving in 8 assembly segments, including Udaipur City, Udaipur Rural, Jhadol, Gogunda, Kherwara, Mavli, Salumber and Vallabhnagar.

Every mobile medical OPD vehicle has a doctor and nurse and is equipped with basic first aid kits and medications. Mobile OPD service will be available for people with ailments and give a consultation as well as referral or treatment to the patients.

Those suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension will also be provided with medicines through OPD services.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr Dinesh Kharade, has released the micro plan for these mobile OPDs. As per the plan, the CMHO has made a list of mobile OPD service available in each block in Udaipur from April 28 to April 30 2020.

Date Location Doctor Contact No.
Block Name: Urban – Udaipur City | RJ27-PA5857
28 April Meera Nagar Housing Board Dr Arsh T Jodhawat 7976342910
29 April Glass Factory Sunderwas Dr Arsh T Jodhawat  7976342910
30 April Arvind Nagar, Sunil Textile Dr Arsh T Jodhawat 7976342910
Block Name: Badgaon | RJ14-UA1957
28 April Selu Dr Anmol 8426034236
29 April Netawato ki Bhagal Dr Gaurav Sharma 9799357766
30 April Pepad Dr Gaurav Sharma 9799357766
Block Name: Girwa | RJ14-PB6791
28 April Mota Devara Dr Shalini 7891266772
29 April Dedkiya Dr Pushpendra Sharma 8112202424
30 April  Karget  Dr Pratik Jain 9407141069
Block Name: Gogunda | RJ13-UA0798
28 April  Pala Dr Dinesh Kumar Meena 8005743454
29 April Eto Ka Khet Dr Rajeev Yadav 9588830373
30 April Kura, Bokhada Dr Sunil Kumar Meena 7014419334
Block Name: Kotra | RJ27-1C4648
28 April Khapa School Kuka Dr Dinesh Kumar Meena 9079761756
29 April Rohini School  Dr Rajeev Yadav 9079761756
30 April Samoli Dr Sunil Kumar Meena 9079761756
Block Name: Lasadiya | RJ14-PB7883
28 April  Laku ka Leva, Takhatpura Dr Ajit Singh 9887120794
29 April Kasotiya, Tekan Dr Moolchand 9680648947
30 April Vago Ka Ghuda, Ghaghari Dr Moolchand 9680648947
Block Name: Kherwara | RJ14-PB7615
28 April  Demat Dr Nikunj Kalasua 8561816122
29 April Khandi Obri Dr Ashok Saini 7891142604
30 April Gatrali Dr Abhishek Meena 7891297616
Block Name: Rishabhdev | RJ14-PB7616
28 April  Malva Dr Sonal Parmar 9950290437
29 April Dolpura Dr Sonal Parmar 9950290437
30 April Kanpur Dr Sonal Parmar 9950290437
Block Name: Mavli | RJ14-PB9076
28 April  Bikrani  Dr Nidhi 7976108962
29 April Khartana Dr Mahesh Prakash 9461383638
30 April Lopda Dr Hamid Hussain 9950868576
Block Name: Sarada | RJ14-TB7894
28 April  Bhorai Ghata Dr GK Mehta 9694315610
29 April Intali Pal Dr Deendayal Prajapat 8440034056
30 April Kherua Dr Ramotar Jatav 9521817483
Block Name: Salumber | RJ14-TB7892
28 April  Bujhada Dr Akash Vijay 9166368372
29 April Oda, Bhanor Dr Sumit Sharma 9772235979
30 April Manpura A/B Dr Sampatlal Meena 9521481188
Block Name: Jhadol | RJ14-UA1957
28 April  Patiya Dr Mukesh Garasiya 8426034236
29 April Ambavi Dr Vardichand Katara 9799357766
30 April Dolariya Dr Nekiram Gadwal 9799357766
Block Name: Bhinder | RJ14-PB9421
28 April  Kunthvas Dr Panchu Ram Meena 9678800130
29 April Varnoda Dr KB Malav 9414925108
30 April Madanpura Dr KB Malav 9414925108

People who are suffering from any ailment or needs consultation, can contact the concerned doctor as per the above schedule.