Lockdown extended by 2 weeks from May 4 with some relaxation

The nationwide lockdown which was scheduled to end on Sunday, 3rd May, has been extended for another two weeks i.e. till May 17 2020. However, this time, considerable relaxations have been announced for the districts falling under red, orange and green zones. The economically-important cities like Ahmedabad, Banglore along with the 4 metros are marked under the red zone.

However, this time, more services will be allowed to resume especially in the zones which are virus-free and which have reported minimal cases of coronavirus.

The prohibition includes movement of individuals for “non-essential” activities between 7 pm and 7 am. Besides, senior citizens, kids below 10 years of age and people with vulnerable health conditions are to stay at home except for health purposes.

According to the Ministry of Health, the third phase of lockdown would allow local workers including the domestic help to work during the day. However, states are expected to clarify the rules according to the local condition in this regard.

Private offices can also resume their work with 33% of staff strength even in the red zones.

The Health Ministry has set a framework for states on the basis of the norms. The states are allowed to increase the restrictions but cannot dilute them. As per these norms, greens zones or the areas which have not reported any fresh COVID-19 cases in the last 21 days, are allowed to come back to normalcy.

The movement of taxis, autos and rickshaws are allowed in these areas. Buses will also be allowed to operate at 50% capacity in green zones.

This relaxation will also be applicable to the regions falling under the orange zone where no cases have been detected for a fortnight.

However, in the zones marked as red, such movement is prohibited. Private four-wheelers with 2 passengers in the back and two-wheelers without any pillion rider are permitted in red zones.

E-commerce companies are also allowed to deliver non-essential items in both green and orange zone but not in the red zone.

Overall, throughout the country, not many activities are prohibited in Lockdown 3.0.

Prohibited activities throughout the country include:

  • Travel by Air, Rail, Metro
  • Inter-state movement by road
  • Running of educational institutes and coaching centres
  • Hospitality Services – Hotels and Restaurant
  • Large public gatherings
  • Cinema Hall
  • Malls
  • Gyms
  • Sport Complexes
  • Religious places

लॉकडाउन की अवधि बढ़ाने के बाद उदयपुर जिला कलेक्टर ने जारी किए आदेश

प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा देश में चल रहे लॉकडाउन की अवधि बढ़ाने के बाद उदयपुर जिला कलेक्टर ने विडीओ के ज़रिए आदेश जारी किए।

कलेक्टर ने ज़िले धारा 144, 3 मई मध्यरात्रि तक प्रभावी रखने के आदेश जारी किए है। इसके तहत, 5 या उससे अधिक व्यक्ति एक स्थान पर एकत्रित नही हो सकते।

Udaipur Lockdown OrderUdaipur Collector

यह प्रतिबंध से रेलवे स्टेशन, बस स्टैंड, चिकित्सकीय संस्थान, राजकीय तथा सार्वजनिक कार्यालय और विध्यालय एवं महाविध्यालयों में होने वाली परीक्षा कक्षों को मुक्त रखा जएगा।

कलेक्टर ने लॉकडाउन के दौरान आवश्यक आपातक़ालीन स्थिति में आने-जाने के लिए जारी किए गए पास जो पहले 14 मार्च तक वैध थे, अब लॉकडाउन बढ़ने के बाद उनकी भी वैधता बढ़ा कर 3 मई कर दी है।

Udaipur Collector OrderLockdown Order Udaipur

आदेशानुसार, ये सभी पास 3 मई 2020 तक या अग्रिम आदेश/निर्देश तक वैध रहेंगे।

अगर किसी को पास के लिए आवेदन करना हो तो वह राजकॉप सिटिज़न ऐप के द्वारा ऑनलाइन आवेदन कर सकता है।

कलेक्टर ने विडीओ के ज़रिए सूचित किया की शहर के मल्लातलाई के 3 किलोमीटर इलाक़े में लगा कर्फ़्यू 16 अप्रेल तक जारी रहेगा। 17 अप्रेल से इलाक़े को कर्फ़्यू मुक्त किया जाएगा लेकिन वहां पूरी सख़्ती रखी जाएगी।


Lockdown Extended till May 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday morning to announce an extension of nationwide lockdown till May 3, 2020. The PM said that India will remain under lockdown until 3 May extending prohibitory measures by another 19 days.

The PM also said that based on extensive scrutiny, after April 20, a conditional withdrawal of the lockdown can be permitted in areas where the spread has either been contained or prevented.

Detailed guidelines on this extension of lockdown will be released on Wednesday.

The government would put greater focus on the hotspots, including the ones where the infection rate might escalate.

PM emphasised that both lives and livelihoods of the people are the primary focus of the government and the states. Therefore, India would reopen its economy while maintaining stringent curbs in COVID-19 hotspots.

PM said that fight against the pandemic will become stricter during the next one week till 20 April. Every region, every district, every state, every police station will be evaluated in terms of implementation of lockdown. In this period, if an area protects itself from coronavirus and does not come out with any new positive case, it will be given partial relief from the lockdown.

Regions, districts, states which are not the hotspots fo COVID-19 and pass this 1-week test may be allowed certain essential activities.

Modi said detailed guidelines will be issued on Wednesday in which will keep in mind the needs of the informal sector and farmers.