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Finally! Jaisamand overflowing after 3 years.

The beauty of the lake city is finally overflowing in the form of Jaisamand. After the torrential rain shower which was witnessed in some parts of the city on Thursday evening, the second-largest manmade lake, Jaisamand, outpassed its capacity of 27.6 feet and started overflowing.

Although many parts of the city were deprived of Thursday rains, there was an inflow of water in almost all the lakes of the city after the heavy showers experienced on Monday night. This has brought the water level of all the lakes to its highest capacity.

It has been weeks since people have been waiting to see Jaisamand Lake overflowing. This incident has happened after 3 years as earlier the lake was seen in this form in 2016.

Water-level of other lakes of the city:

(Source: Patrika News)

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Jaisamand Lake is back to its beauty

Jaisamand Lake, also known as Dhebar Lake is the second-largest artificial lake of India and pride of the lake city.  It is one of the most spectacular artificial lakes in Asia.

The major collection of water in this lake comes from four main rivers; Gomati, Jhamari, Rooparel, and Bagaar.

With the last breakout of monsoon, the lake’s water level reached 22 feet. Jaisamand gets overflowed at 27 feet.

The water level of the lake was at 7 feet before the beginning of monsoon. With the inflow of water from all the connecting water bodies including Gomti and Jhami rivers, Jaisamand Lake is back to its mesmerizing beauty.

So, this is the right time to head towards this beautiful man-made wonder to spend some relaxing time away from the hustle-bustle life of the city.


Lakecity Carnival 2011

In the series of adding more colors to our beautiful city and encouraging the flourishing tourist industry the newspaper daily Danik Bhaskar with business giant Miraj group as main sponsors inaugurated the Lakecity Carnival 2011 on a very significant and trending date 11-11-11. An evening inaugural party accompanying performances, followed by dinner was organized at Hotel Inder Residency for limited invited guests. This year’s Lakecity Carnival is to be Held on 27th November,2011 as announced. The First ever Lake City Carnival was organized by Dainik Bhaskar corp. and oriental palace resorts last year on 10th October,2010. This year’s carnival is expected to be far better from last year as this time a huge variety of performers including international, state and local artists will be performing in the event.

This year’s carnival announcement was inaugurated and proclaimed by the Majesty prince of Udaipur and General Manager of HRH group of  hotels Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar. He fled colorful balloons and announced the later start of the series of programs of lakecity carnival. On this occasion, the city’s top executives, politicians, academics and businessmen, including dignitaries from all classes participated. Guests enjoyed a late night party with variety of international dance performances like Latina, Russian, Antre and Belle followed by some folk Indian performances like Kalbelia, thirteen pools etc.

Like last year, the carnival celebration in all its grandeur shall traverse across some of the most prominent parts of our beautiful city attracting one and all to participate and witness the visual delight. But unlike Last year, this year’s carnival will include performers from different states of India and even some international folk artists. Street plays, songs, dances, and skits will be performed all along the marked route from town hall to Fatehsagar Lake in the city culminating in open area, entertaining city’s enthusiastic & jubilant crowd. Fireworks, Mashals and lamps floated in the lake will be the fitting finale to the event.

Eminent personalities will be invited to grace the occasion and judge performances of the competitors and announce winners. Awards will be given to best performers.

UdaipurBlog with a vision to develop and take Lakecity to another height, feels proud to be the online supporter with the festival constantly for second time.

 For registering/participating & more details. Contact: Hitesh Joshi: 9672872968

Organizers, Supporters & Sponsors:

Organizers: Dainik Bhaskar Group – India’s leading print media

Main Sponsor: Miraj Group (Udaipur’s leading business giant)

Co-Sponsors: Vedanta – Hindustan Zinc

Online Supporters:

For upcoming info keep reading Dainik Bhaskar & 🙂

Photo Credits: UdaipurPost

Lakecity Carnival has been delayed and new dates will be updated soon. 🙂