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“Being stylish is not just the matter of fact, it’s an attitude that every person should carry.” That’s what we get to heard on board by meeting Jay Dembla – a young entrepreneur that runs his brand “Men with Class“, and I was pretty surprised after seeing his irony in the fashion and latest trends. With no less than time, he became friendly with our team of UdaipurBlog and shared his experience with the conversation about his start-up and his success till now. But, that’s not all the main part that was concluded is followed up here that shown his real aspects towards his dream that he has built in 2 years. And, that’s what I explored by asking him few things….!!

Tell us something about your online business “Men with Class” and from where did you get the idea?

The name “Men with class” itself signifies the meaning, and its collection is beyond any particular age. And, suggestible to every man out there who is fond of fashion and considers the presence of the appearance on priority.

One morning I read an article about a young guy pursuing his talent and interest as his profession through his artwork, and I always wanted to do something which inspires and interest me. I never wanted to follow the typical process everybody does, the school then college then job then finally having a thought of being on the wrong path.

Style doesn’t go with the brand. That’s my opinion, but as they say, brand reflects class, so does my collection. The idea was basically to make accessible and approachable to youth and make it classy.

When did you give a kick start to your business? What were the initial reactions that you got from the people?
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It all started after my secondary exams and by seeing the era that is truly inspired by technology this idea tickled over my mind, and as I can say it’s lucky enough that right thing clicked on a real time.

Apart from this, the reactions were quite favorable and gave a boost to my confidence.

So since two years you are running your business, how would you remark your profile till date?

I need to go a long way still. It’s just the beginning, to be honest, I cherish it. I don’t believe in numbers, I am my own competition, each day passes ‘Men with class’ grows and so do I. That’s what the things are important for me as per my outlet.

How many orders do you process in a month? What’s your approximate turnover?

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There is no fixed ratio. Like any other business, some days are a celebration and some are not. Monetary aspect keep on changing but what is more to consider is satisfaction of my clients that I keep on first priority.

What’s your funding source and from where did you get all your stuff and products?

I started it with my initial savings, whatever the pocket money I used to save, I used to take invest that in my business. So, no massive funding. It all just started with 1000 Rs. Then as each single day passes, it grows.

There is no particular source I buy products from whatever is demanded by the clients I make available in the expected time; I believe unique things don’t need a tag.

What were the happiest and bitter moments that you faced throughout your 2 years journey?

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Success and happiness aren’t easy to achieve. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and joy. But, it would be lie if I say there are not any bitter moments, initially I faced a rough patch from my close friends. Be it emotionally or morally I did felt betrayed but as it is said, if you are right then nothing can stop you to conquer what you want.

How do you manage your studies as well your business?

I’ll not be diplomatic, I am not too studious, and was always inclined towards my work, and time management is the utmost quality of an entrepreneur. So, I manage accordingly without freaking out or getting into tough schedule.

What’s your favorite brand of shades and watch in your products itself?

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I am not a brand specified. Whatever is unique and classy is on my list. I prefer the things that are available on the rule “Sasta, Sundar, Tikau.”

What do you prefer the most to do when you are in spare time?

Well…my spare time is dedicated to music and traveling… Whenever I find free time, I’m in my world alone with my bike and headphones. 😀

When I feel tired and sad, music and traveling helps me a lot to get over my low attitude.

From 1-10, how will you rank yourself as an entrepreneur?

Rank? Whom should I compare with? I am not into a race. Numbers fluctuate. I am yet to achieve heights and still a long way to go according to latest trends and field of marketing.

After 5 years, where do you see “Men with Class”? If you tend to gain better opportunities will you still continue with it further?

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Men with class started with just a page, and now it’s turning to a website. After 5 years I am planning to have outlets in India and to indulge into a fashion line on the long run.

As nothing can be a better opportunity than enlarging and exploring a company you are owning. Men with Class is not just out of my interest now, it is my dream that has turned into reality and taking its shape across my client network.

Jay, it’s been pleasure to know about you, as the young entrepreneur that too at the age of 19, you are growing so well with your dream.

We wish you all the very best towards success in life and May you achieve everything that you have dreamed off.


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