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All You need is a Handbag Girls!!

Handbag!! A piece of glamour, a blend of creativity and style and an essence of classiness makes it one of the most desirous assets of a girl to crave upon. From the name itself one can think of its materiality and utilitarian, esp. in today’s era.

Like a dog is man’s best friend, it’s a handbag that is a gal’s favorite companion. An irrefrangibly unbreakable bond exists between the two. Whether it is a party or a trip, a routine go to office or simply an outing, all she need is a “handbag”.

Keeping this trait of young women in mind, manufacturers have finally broadened their zone of availability introducing a cogently wide range of handbags of innumerable designs and colors according to the taste and mood of a person. Thus, from the evergreen shoulder strap bags and clutches to the juvenile wristlets, totes and laptop bags, you could find and select any, of your choice.

To actually know which type of bag you need for a particular occasion is the basic concern. We have brought a list of bags which would surely meet your insatiability by making you understand the difference between various bags and their purpose of need. So, go through the section below to make a final choice of yours.

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Types of Handbags:


Shoulder Strap Bag

The most uniquely preferred shoulder strap bags are the most comfortable among all with the ease in carrying and handling, usually with a single or double strap slinging round the shoulders. Available in varieties, they match up with both formal and casual wears.

Hand Bag

Available in amazingly exquisite designs, it is carried in a hand rather than on the shoulder. The reason of handiness makes it slightly less preferable at times; yet it very much remains in trend always. Goes best with formals, semi-formals and good for short travels too.

Satchel Bag

Another category includes the satchel bags with elongated straps (one or two). Its spacial inside makes it handy for accommodating various items in it easily! It comes in a bundle of designs -from leather to canvas and can be carried well with both casuals and formals.

Hobo Bag

Sui generis, the crescent shaped hobo bags fit near in between a shoulder strap bag and a satchel and are available in vibrant color combinations and design. Comfortable to carry and spacious in design you can pair them up with jeans/skirts, and trend yourself with its style.


Unlike a handbag, a clutch is a hand held purse which is much better and comfortable to carry because of its size and weight. It can hold some money, cards and make up items. Not only the casual wears but it also best compliments the look of an Indian sari.


Technically, a clutch, wristlet goes with an extra addition of a small strap at one of its ends to put it round your hand for safe and hands free lift. Well, it also looks great with casuals and fably elegant with an Indian sari.

Tote Bag

Soft fabricated oversized bags, tote are the most suitable ones for short travel or grocery shopping with an adjustable strap. Contrary to plastic bags, totes will not only lead you to eco-friendliness but will also add to your style statement, making it a paisa vasool deal.

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Laptop Bag

For working lassies, esp. a corporate one, a laptop bag is a must. Eliminating the need of another bag it adds your personal items along with the laptop, thus, reduces the burden of carrying. Quite durable and convenient in handling, it also adds to your corporate look.

Beach Bag

Being a multipurpose bag, it can be carried to a picnic, gym etc. apart from a beach. Made of cloth or jute and straw, it is also provided with a plastic sheen to protect itself from moisture. Match it up with vibrantly colorful casual dresses to get the best result.

Saddle Bag

Different in style, dames who fall for glitter and sparkle and desires for something flashy and extra, in both look and design with ample number of pockets should go for a saddle bag instead. A touch of jazziness in its design makes it a well go for casuals, formals/semi-formals.


Cosmetic Bag

The name says it all. A cosmetic bag is used for carrying only the cosmetic items (except say a cell phone, a comb or a mirror) without being damaged. Best for semi-formal and casual wears.

Muff Bag

Smartly innovated muff bag, is basically a winter hand bag made from wool, velvet or sometimes fur, with an opening on either side, for placing the hands inside to keep them warm. Also, the purpose of keeping valuables is solved. It can be used while travelling too.


Suitable for teenagers to youths, it is and will be among the most popular choices of gals. With trendy designs and colors, it is definitely a must to have thing for total convenience and style.

Duffle Bag

Biggest of all, a duffle bag is a handbag generally used by females for long travelling or by sportswomen. It has a drawstring opening at the top for carrying the bag easily.

These were some of the categorical bags discussed. Bags are an important part of fashion that are basic need for each and every girl out whether for style or for convenience and their trend will never go but will grow day by day. So, go and grab your choice soon.