Awaited Mewar Festival – an euphoric celebration of Gangaur

Gangaur Festival Udaipur 2012

Continuing with the mood of festivity and the spirit of celebration, here is the ongoing colorful festival of Gangaur, which commences from the day following Holi and continues for 18 days. Gangaur is one of the local festivals of Rajasthan which is celebrated by the womenfolk with great sparkle and fervor. Started by the rulers of state of Rajputana, this celebration is still continued with the same devotion and glory.

During these 18 days, married women worship Gauri, who epitomizes marital bliss or saubhagya, for the well-being and prosperity of her husband. Unmarried girls also observe fast for being blessed with good husband as Gauri got Shiv as her perfect consort. Girls and women make idols of Isar and Gauri out of clay and decorate them beautifully as if they instill life in those figures. They, themselves, dress up in bright and colorful dresses, prettily and elegantly. They rejoice and make merry, sing and dance throughout these 18 days.

The last day of the festival is a real magnificence and charm when Gauri is bided farewell in a grand procession. Married women place the idols of Isar and Gauri on their heads and take them to a well, pond or a lake while singing traditional songs.

Udaipur celebrates the last three days of Gangaur as “Mewar Festival”. Extending from 25th to 27th March this year, the festival offers a warm welcome to the spring. Women, dressed up in their best attire, take out a procession carrying the idols of Isar and Gangaur through various parts of the city. The procession ends at Gangaur Ghat of Lake Pichola by placing the idols in special boats amidst the air of singing and joy. After that starts the cultural programme which catches every eye with its beautiful performances. These three days of vibrant feast ends with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Lake Pichola During Gangaur

Pictures by : Rohit Gautam