Fairpencil – An initiative in the field of Architecture

According to Henri Matisse, “Creativity takes courage.” And, when it comes to leading with artistic skills people from Udaipur are never limited to a backend.

Graduate from Dr. DY Patil College of Architecture, Pune, Yatish Jain is born and brought up in Udaipur. But his enthusiasm and background of dealing with buildings encouraged him to develop something in response to growing architectural needs and problems faced by many in designing.

This was the core that made him began his journey from Arihant Property Dealers to FairPencil. And, while knowing about his online vision to help future and existing architects, we also learned many things in thoughtful conversations.

What is FairPencil and how it is helpful to people?

“It is an initiative created with an aim to give all type of ideas and details about the designing of a house and other spaces. Initially, if you will take a look at FairPencil, we intend to add guidelines, blogs, and even more for the people who are related to designing of space and construction. Or, the ones who are thinking to construct and design their house in an entirely new way.

In the base of FairPencil, we are starting with the FairPencil calculator, design blog, and Vastu Blog to let people confront with all the details of new construction and renovations.

In an aspect of change, FairPencil includes an idea of connecting all people related to the field of architecture and design. At our platform, they can contribute with their time and knowledge to increase the reach of their ideas into the community of their similar interests.”

What are FairPencil Calculator, Design Blog, and Vastu Blog defining exactly on your platform?

“The concept of FairPencil is entirely dedicated to the genre related to design & architecture. Students who are new to the field of construction, studying in architecture school or college and willing to create spaces creatively can take help from our blog. That’s why all the sections are specified accordingly for their convenience like

Fair Pencil Calculator is a free plot area measurement architectural calculator that works as a tool to figure out and fix requirements of the project in given area. With its help, it is simple to measure the inbuilt areas like the garden, parking, and the building spaces as a number or rooms and their sizes.

It’s self-explanatory to use, and at the end, it gives the outcome of all the values entered in this calculator.

Whereas, when you look into Design and Vastu blog section, both reflect ideas of designing any home with general needs, which are required for the outline of most types of buildings by utilising defined Vastu. As when you see the importance of Vastu is evident in construction for increasing positive energy, sacredness, and grandness of the structure.”

Fair Pencil by Yatish Jain

Is there any special trait that makes FairPencil different from other blogs with the same concept?

“Yeah! FairPencil is one of its kind till now in Udaipur. As, most of all when it comes to architecture, students who are interested in studying designing & construction and the existing architects, who are looking for new ideas to construct spaces probably don’t find enough help online. And, other well-known architects & interior designers have blogs but on their sites, which are also hard to peek into again & again.

So, this is also a place where architectures can share their knowledge and let people reach them through a single scale.”

So, any plans FairPencil is looking to set-up further?

“Right now, on a starting base, we are enhancing our sections i.e. FairPencil Calculator, Design, and Vastu Blog. But, soon, we will be expanding to many different tools and also launch of our application through which people can get a base directly on mobile.”
Well! Yatish, we wish you good luck for your blog with a unique perspective. This is now in turn quite of a lead for architects, interior designers, and for the one who is introduced newly to architecture to reach the maximum number of people through a single platform.

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