[Intro Entrepreneurs] Mukta Shrimali – Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet)

“In the end, we only regret the chances we don’t take, and I am happy to give myself an opportunity to set something common but in a different way,” onboard conversation catch with Mrs. Mukta Shrimali, founder of Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet) went quite happening for our team. She has been hardcore working woman handling a job, business, and household altogether.

Apart from every obstacle in business, she has set the new benchmark for every woman being as successful Mother, Homemaker, Employee, and an Entrepreneur. Many things about career, married life and her journey to settle down with a set up ‘Rivaaz – A fashion rental store’, we got to know by being in discussion with her.

From where did your journey start?

mukta shrimali udaipur

“The concept bloomed up casually while discussing with my friends that how convenient it would be to have exclusive trendy outfits on rent for a special purpose without burning out the pockets. Because being in the Indian lifestyle and culture, we always tend to have the scenario to take up a lot of preparations for almost every occasion, especially when it’s about shopping the latest clothes and accessories. But, it is probably not possible all the time as fashion keeps on changing and being in women’s counterpart the conscious side grows more often to have all kind of updated and designer stuff in the wardrobe. Apart from this, a large number of ladies have the limited income source whether they are homemakers, working females, or college going girls.  And, all of them usually desire to fulfill the wardrobe with the latest collection of designer apparels and pieces of jewelry. So, whenever it’s the time to head out for a party, wedding, or a theme based function, they don’t have to think twice before getting ready.

So, from that very point, the initiation of Rivaaz got heated up that can provide consistent service to every woman who loves to wear everything new all the time without being into the headache of shopping expenses, storage hassles, and no more repeat wearing.”

What’s your educational and family background?

“I have done MBA in Human Resource and also earned experience of corporate sectors in Jaipur and Singapore. My father has been in the service background, so probably for me being a job oriented person was always in my blood. I never thought to be in the business industry, but my in-laws family is business class. So, they gave a direction to kick start towards being an entrepreneur.”

Who was your inspirational source to blow the idea of a business in your mind?

mukta shrimali rivaaz rental boutique

“My husband is the greatest inspirational source to support me for everything whether it was my job or self-venture. He has always been beside me in every up’s and down’s and motivated to sustain the forward reach of my business.”

Did you face any sort of complications while setting up your business?

“Yeah, apparently like every business person, it was a tough task but exciting to cross every hurdle! Rivaaz was the quick set up with the very limited investment that too with a concept which is somehow still not accepted by the people because there is a notion why to rent an outfit or why to wear something which is worn by someone else too. But, with the USP of Rivaaz, I was sure that it is going to work as a virtual wardrobe for every woman shopper who wants to wear designer, trendy outfits without repetition at every occasion.

So, going with the vision of boutique concept for rented fashionable stuff through social media and referential publicity Rivaaz got the identity amongst many people.”

Why the name Rivaaz only? And, what is different about it than any other clothing store operating on the same concept?

rivaaz store

“At prior base by understanding the need of renting modern and western clothing like evening dresses and princess gowns, Fashion closet was introduced. Then, later on, Rivaaz as a unit was conceptualized according to the Indian tradition. As what we observe by being in the festive culture every occasion and party functions like Sangeet ceremony or Marriage are celebrated enthusiastically. That’s why understanding this perspective of rich societal thing; I named the store that can reflect ethnic roots.

When it’s about the part of USP, we can claim it to be the pioneer store, first of its kind in for Udaipur market operating out of a proper store that too at a premier location in celebration mall. Secondly, I personally choose and pick every outfit rather than bulk or catalogue buying. We do not aim to show 50 pieces and confuse the customer. Instead, we give them exclusive 10 pieces to choose from. Then, they can just pick their selection, try, and get the fittings also done according to their body shape. So, it won’t look uneasy or rented.

Understanding the requirement of the client concerning what type of wear they are looking for and for what occasion is our priority.

Another crucial thing that we maintain is hygiene. As we are dealing in used clothes which multiple users are going to opt so we ensure that outfit is dry cleaned twice before another usage.”


Do you think that a dress and accessories on rent are satisfactory options rather than investing in a designer outfit for any special occasion?

accessories on rent rivaaz fashion rental store

“Well probably if you look at the economic and practical aspect, it is the most satisfactory option rather than purchasing an expensive designer outfit for any special occasion. Everybody knows this thing that whatever apparel we buy for wedding purpose or even for other family functions, we hardly use them again. Therefore, renting an outfit is much more convenient as having a wardrobe where you don’t have to worry about storage, dry cleaning, or repeating your wear is ironically a good idea for every woman.”

Competition in the fashion and clothing industry has risen pretty much? What is your opinion about it?

“For me, it’s one of the primary things to look out because clothing field does require fresh or new arrivals every time. And, rental outfit concept is something that has to buck up with the competition of fashion industry too. Apparently, no lady wants to wear the outfit that is outdated, as a trend is something that keeps on revolving but whatever the new concept arrives we adopt that according to the taste of the customer. Personally, I keep on modifying and upgrading every outfit which is made available to the client. Like, if there is an emergence of any new movie and one has been to us with that demand, we always give our 100% to fulfill that.”

What is the minimum range and time limit that an individual can rent a party wear?

Rivaaz celebration mall udaipur

“Every attire has a different price. Usually, the range starts from Rs.600-Rs.1000 for the contemporary party wear like evening gowns or dress. And, if there is a requirement of ethnic dress or any other wear like Lehnga, Dandiya (Garba) dress, or Saree the range starts from Rs.500. And, jewelry is also included in that which goes more favorable option.

Return time limit is approx. 3 days until that we don’t charge any extra amount which is again a suitable thing for the females out here.”

Any incident that you consider as an achievement for your business?

“There are many, but I remember my first booking with an NRI client of Sweden who searched for us and came straight away to hire outfit for every function she was going to attend.

Even on the very opening of boutique because of wedding season, we got the unexpected number of walk-in’s which raised our presence amongst the people of Udaipur. And, within a short span of time, we have completed around 500+ rentals which count in the happening reach level.”

What are your plans regarding Rivaaz?

Rivaaz unit of fashion closet

“Udaipur was a pilot project for me. Initially, my vision was to start such store in cities like Jaipur, Pune, Bangalore, and much more. But, on a positive note, I keep getting queries from those cities as well. And, many clients from outside who don’t prefer to carry extra baggage during their travel for any particular family or friend’s functions, they have been in touch with us for rental purpose.

But, for advancement in future, we are going to make it online very soon with more features and benefits for the clients like online booking, free home delivery and lots more.”


Well, I immensely feel that it’s the best option for the college going girls and working women, who don’t have enough time to shop and still wanted to look perfect for every celebration without harming their pockets.

If you also want to know more about Rivaaz (Unit of Fashion Closet) and Mrs. Mukta Shrimali

you can find her on



Or, you can contact at +91-7728887066. You can also visit Rivaaz @ Haat Bazar, 3rd Floor, The Celebration Mall Udaipur, NH8, Opposite Devendra Dham, Bhuwana, Udaipur (Rajasthan) 313001.


[Intro Entrepreneurs] Meeta Khaturia Soni – Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio

Defining appearance in a unique way is always desirable to everyone whether it’s a girl or a boy. And, if you remember the movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam,’ then guys you can actually understand the meaning of makeover. A personality of a person changes with time, but some changes that are done mutually with assistance from experts are called as makeovers. And, we found this passion of changing the complete lookout and appearance in Mrs Meeta Khaturia Soni, founder of Pinks & Peaches Makeover Studio.

meeta soni udaipur

When UdaipurBlog team held up in conversation with her, we came to know about many things that are must have in the beautification of a personality. She concluded the entire minute details and majorities from clothes, make-up, body grooming, hair styling, etc. that many people are unaware off. And, that was how we came up with lot many queries and their solutions in a sorted way by understanding the need of appearance transformation.


When the concept of a makeover studio clicked your mind? And, who supported you in raising it up?

-“Since my childhood, I was passionate about make-up, beauty tricks and always used to have a keen eye on how brides used to get ready. When I tend to visit the marriages, more often I focus on brides and their dress-ups. But, the actual concept of this makeover studio emerged into my mind, when randomly I visited a parlour where the make-up artist was getting the bride done for a reception event. But, the coverage didn’t go so well and ruined her appearance. Apparently, she was not so aware of make-up ideas and happily paid for that without any reason. It was quite disappointing because, on the very special day of every girl, she deserves to have a mesmerising outlook. So, on that prior moment, I decided that people should be aware of the makeover, other trends of beauty and should not pay blindly without a proper lookout.

I can say, my Mother and Mrs Rekha Soni, my in-law aunt supported me as a mentor for raising this profession as we always used to discuss that people don’t have options in Udaipur, and they should be known to this beauty industry.”


At your initial stage, what were the hurdles that you faced in your beauty venture?

-“Beginnings are always hard, and that’s what I also faced because I was into the job for 12 years and in between, I got married and finished my MBA also. So, it went way challenging to come up with this profession. And, to continue with the regular job after marriage was also not in the plan. In the mid duration there came 1-year gap too in handling all the responsibilities but, when I had a discussion with my in-law aunt and sister-in-law, the idea turned into reality.

Overall, I can conclude that every initiative has to face hurdles, but when its established magic is created like never before.”


From where did you pursue your training of makeover and entire styling that goes as an application to your clients?

-“My photo shoots a piece of training got started since childhood when I was barely 15 years old. Then, after passing higher secondary, I did the advanced course in Make-up. But, the actual turning point of makeover learning got started when I went to Marvie Ann Beck Academy, Mumbai. From Marvie, I got the training for an advanced makeover and styling course. Gradually, for even better I continued my makeup hacks with Asia’s no 1 make-up artists Ojas Rajani, by giving a hit to 1 to 1 professional make-up course. And, I also attended workshops of Cory Walia, who is well-known celebrity makeup artists. Apart from all this, the part of hair styling which is essential in makeovers for that I got expertization from Bharat and Dorris.

And, through all these skills, the makeovers are performed for every client according to their specification as well.”

pinks & peaches 3


The name Pinks & Peaches sounds unique to many people. From whom it is inspired?

-“It doesn’t have any specification, but my love for pink color drove me to give the studio a name that has a reflection of this color in it. As being a huge fond of pink and always surrounded by this color in my wardrobe, lipstick shade, and other makeup utilities the name took vibe with the combination of peaches complimenting it.”


You have got many responses till date. What were the memorable moments that you cherish till date?

-“Till now my team of 5 people and I have covered makeovers of 200+ brides, and they have been good referrals as well. For me every moment is cherishable as seeing the bride happy and satisfied with the makeover is the best part of our work. But, yeah if I want to mention a single moment I can say that it happened luckily in Mumbai when I was called to assist on a shoot for the on-spot make-up of glamour celebrity.”

pinks and peaches udaipur 2


Nowadays, what kind of beauty trends Mrs to the makeovers that are high in demand amongst the clients?

-“In latest trends, Messy bun hairstyles are quite inn. People more prefer to the subtle and simple red carpet look of celebrities that won’t go messy and appears flawless. When it’s about bride make-up Sabya Sachi Look and Jodha Akbar look is quite in trend. For eyes, clients mostly prefer smoky eyes that can match up their evening party appearance.

And, for the college going girls, well the one who don’t prefer too much of makeup, goes with the simple style trends like slight Mascara, Brown Kajal, and Lip Shades that are not too vibrant to give a natural look for their office, college, or regular hangouts.”


What makes Pinks & Peaches different from others?

-“Natural and 100% organic therapies, best makeover sessions, and a sound clients base make Pinks & Peaches different from other makeover studios. Our scenario is not just limited to makeup or other grooming things, but we believe in changing complete personality from head to toe. The natural and organic products that are made fresh for a grooming process like hair spa, facial, body massage, manicure, pedicure, etc. are under the expert supervision. According to clients’ preference and our research, we counsel as well to the customers who want to change their outer appeal. If a person is from outside or even in a locality, we do provide suggestions over the calls or social media profiles at their request. Apart from this, if we are not available, then we are also connected with our guided freelancers who serve best to any of the bride or girl on their special occasions like pre-wedding shoots, wedding functions, or photo shoots as well.”

pinks and peaches 4


After 5 years, where do you see yourself as well your business?  

-“Well, in future, we are planning to expand Pinks & Peaches in the form of Franchise all over Rajasthan, and we have the vision to set up a Makeover Academy to benefit those who want to step into this field and make their career in it.”


What success mantra and guidance you would like to share with the upcoming Makeover artists?

-“Success has not shortcuts,” this is the thing that I have come through from my entire journey.  Following your dreams and passion is something that everyone desire but very few actually complete them. So, it’s crucial to give time as well dedication to your career. Always keep yourself updated with the new trends of beauty and glamor industry. And, learn as much as you can. Because, if you want to achieve something, you have to step on it and rest everything will follow you back.”

pinks and peaches udaipur


Mrs. Soni! We guess this is the best suggestion for everyone who wants to reach the heights of success. And, coming to your 12 years research and experience, we can conclude that beauty is not just to admire, it is to adore and maintain as well.


For further conversation about the makeover styles and changing phases of the beauty industry, you can communicate with Mrs Meeta Khaturia Soni on social media profiles:





or call on 076654-16663


You can also visit them at:

Address 1:

419, Sector – 11, Hiran Magri, Near Alok School,

Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


Address 2:

14A – The Idea Building, Flat No. 1, Opp. Hotel Dream Palace

New Fatehpura, Udaipur, Rajasthan


[Intro Entrepreneurs] Srashti Ostwal – Eldee Cosmetics

No wonder beauty is a natural reward given by God, and no doubt God has made every person with some qualities and flaws as well. But, don’t you think guys we care a very less about that beauty which is a tribute to us and must be taken at peak point to represent more elegance.

There is no dual phase that we want a striking and maintained look just with a little touch-up. So, that it won’t affect our skin and blends well with the neutrality that is worth to have. And apparently, no one admires a heavy make-up and hoax appearance that can appear in facial cuts after using non-reliable beauty product. Every girl just loves the cosmetics that can make her look flawless and get her a fairy skin.

This concept of polishing up the natural look without too much of extra efforts that I encountered in my mind was discovered in a young diva of our Lake City “Srashti Ostwal.”

After meeting Srashti, I got to know about so many beauty brands, cosmetics range and how to enhance yourself with make-up tricks that are necessary to learn for every beautiful girl out there. And, had a conversation with her about lot many things, and she came up this way to our team of Udaipur Blog and me without any hesitation which we really admired the most.
Srashti Ostwal Udaipur

From where did it all start and how you came up with the idea of Eldee Cosmetics?

It was not at all a coincident I got into fashion and glamor industry. Since childhood, I was wooed by makeup and stuff. I had a personalized makeup kit and vanity box at the age of 5. During my teenage, I was a loyal client of many international brands and I always came up with a huge list while my brother was in London and New York. So it has been all in me since the very start.

I kept on experimenting different types of make-up products and techniques as it was my hobby as well as passion. Because of that knowledge people actually started asking me about makeup and at that point which was four Years ago i thought to turn my passion into profession and started learning even more about this industry. Gradually, I studied on technical aspects and did lot of research with hit and trials of products and made up my mind to feature few of the best products. It was more than a surprise when my articles and reviews earned attention and people loved them so much. Soon I started getting online inquiries.

What does latest beauty trends mean to you and how you can define them in your online outlet?

Rather than runway fashion, I think beauty trend is that style which people actually can pull off on themselves.  As I mentioned, my passion from childhood brought me to this stage. I never miss experimenting new products. I keep on studying what products are trending in the international market as well as the brands which are working so well. My passion about makeup products keeps me up to date. That is how I keep on adding new products which are in vogue to our Product bank. I also try to put a spotlight on not so trending products which can be put to great use. And trust me this kind of articles are our best sellers.
oval brush sets eldee cosmetics

The range of cosmetics that you provide online!! Do you feel it is suitable for all skin types?

We provide a premium range of professional cosmetics. Few of them are:

Body shimmer, long Wearing Lipsticks, Waterproof lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, concealer palettes, brush sets, 36 hours lasting eyeliner Professional, Nail art styling tools.

Yes, our products are suitable for all types of skin. But we still and we advise our customers first to swatch and test it on wrist or neck. Each of our products comes with the proper direction of use. Our professional team ensures that all the goods that we provide are of best quality.
gold lipstick beauty product

You are connected with lot many people out there. So, how much orders do you process particularly in a day?

We have been selling on the bulk order basis, and now we have started our online and offline retail as well. We do have a spun-out list of loyal clients, and we keep on sending them updates on our new products. On an average, we dispatch around 25 to 30 Parcels, and offline we do sell around 50 to 60 products each day. Also, we are in tie up with major beauty salons in our area as well as in other cities like Jaipur, Kota, Mumbai, Indore, Surat, Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, etc. so that they can also promote our products and its working well so far.

Till now as an entrepreneur, what was your remarkable moment..?

Making it my Profession itself was a notable moment. We do have a lot of clients overseas but, I remember a feedback from our loyal client who is from Spain, she loved our products so much that she has recommended it to all her friends who now keep on ordering them now and then and never misses to visit us whenever she is in India. The way she appreciated our products was heartwarming and such positive feedback from clients has helped us to work harder and that’s how we have achieved success in our venture in past 4 years.
showcasing to mayor event eldee cosmetics

Srashti..! What’s your favorite cosmetic product that you carry in your bag? And, you would love to recommend to every girl out there.

Well, I have an extensive list of my favorites, and I have been using them on a daily basis since years. So after shortlisting I came up with three products which by the way are our bestsellers:

Eldee Body Shimmer which keeps my skin moisturized with its wheat germ, aloe and soybean extracts providing a luminous glow all day long and

Gold continuous Lip Stick is one of my favorite which has beeswax and makes me skip my lip balm routine.

Another product which I swear by is Eldee 36 hour lasting waterproof eyeliner whose name itself explains it all.

These are one of a type and the unique products so wherever I go people frequently ask me about these which again motivates me to keep my spirit on.
body shimmer eldee cosmetics

What you find more interesting in your spare time when you are not doing business activities?

I can happily spend hours watching professionals using colorful makeup products online; makeup is kind of art to me that’s what I love the most. I also love visiting new places and trying on cuisines. I do spend time with my friends and family especially mom; I love watching Hollywood movies with her, and Yeah..!! She is the first one who gives me a genuine review about my products, it improves my skill and experience too.

What’s your favorite destination in your hometown?

I love spending time at Lakeside or a place with a scenic view more than spending hours in a Mall. Place serving yummy food is my favorite. Be it anywhere.

If you won’t have been in online selling industry then what you would have preferred to do?

I can’t think of doing anything else then what I am doing right now. I have always believed in “doing what you love and loving what you do”. This has always been my mantra. I am a believer. That is what my wrist tattoo says. It has been a tremendous journey, and I have loved each and every moment of it up till now, and we have initiated few more ways to follow our dreams.

What are your plans in aspect to your outlet Eldee Cosmetics? Are you thinking to expand it even more in future?

Yes we are reconstructing our ways to online retail, and we have planned it so well so by 2018 we will launch Eldee Stores in the main cities of Rajasthan.
eyeshadow and blush palette

#Well, Srashti we wish you all the very best for your outlet and pray that sooner or later, you will accomplish to your plans.


Udaipurites!! We just loved the beauty range of Eldee Cosmetics. If you also want to get connected to Srashti and her outlet, just go through the follow-up right here:




Phone number: +91-9784142555

Address: Corporate Office

Eldee Cosmetics

Ostwal Industrial Corporation

E-352/A, F-Road

M.I.A., Udaipur- 313003


[Intro Entrepreneurs] Rashmi Khathuria – StyleCourt

rashmi khaturia udaipur

Share a bit about You.

I was born and brought up in Udaipur. I have done Graduation (BBA & B.Ed). Previously I was a high school teacher in Lilavatibai Podar Mumbai but presently I am the owner of StyleCourt Udaipur.

Since my early teens like most of the other girls, I had an immense love for clothes. Clothes that are not just clothes but fashionable clothes. I never used to shop from Udaipur; it was always from markets and malls of Delhi. Every time my father used to go for meetings and business trips, my list of different types of dresses would be ready!


Share us some details about StyleCourt.

StyleCourt is a trend driven online pre-order women’s western wear store. StyleCourt focuses more on the latest trends in fashion. We do have accessories as a part of our store in which mainly neckpieces, earrings, bags and goggles are there. StyleCourt gets you the latest fashion styles at your doorstep. You need not to crib anymore about your city Udaipur being backward in fashion.

All latest styles; be it in maxi dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, crop tops, culottes pants, rompers, skater dresses, midi dresses, bodycon dresses, blazers, shirts, off shoulder dresses etc. are there. It takes minimum of 8-10 days for delivery of the product. As it’s a pre-order service, so after getting the payment the order is confirmed. COD is available for Udaipur. We do keep stock in hand but that’s just 5%, rest 95% is sold via Instagram, FaceBook and on Whatsapp.

Style Court Udaipur


How did you start your venture? What motivates you to continue?

After shifting from Mumbai to Udaipur, the only cause of concern for me was from where I’ll buy clothes from. Might sound stupid to some but it’s the major cause of worry for most of the girls who are up-to-date with fashion in Udaipur. We do have options of many websites but then I’m quite dubious about the quality and most importantly latest fashion wear. This one thought sparked an idea about StyleCourt. I thought of why not to start something of my own. I was sick of hearing from my Udaipur friends that “yaha kuch latest nahi milta yaar.. jo bombay delhi me aaj fashion hai vo ek saal yaa six months baad yaha aata hai..!!!” So why not bring down this cribbing for fashion. My friends and many other people are at ease because they love the dresses.

I always wanted to do something by my own and this keeps me motivated. Of course I did teaching job in Mumbai’s best school PODAR but there had to be something of mine solely. The major motivation comes from clothes. The love for clothes is the motivation and when I hear people saying that they love the dress received from my venture or “I can only think of your store for shopping in Udaipur” it just makes my day. We do have clients of other cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Nagpur, Delhi, Sikar, Ahmedabad, Tibet, Chandigarh, Chittor, Surat as the main business runs via Social Media Sites.

Style Court by Rashmi Khaturia


How do you define Trend?

Trend for me means the acceptance for something new. A new style that is introduced by fashion world and celebrities around the world. A trend is what starts from celebs and gets carried forward by common people. Trends are not steady they keep changing. The life itself is all about growth and change.

Being a woman, is there any instance where you faced some problem? How did you get over it?

Problems/shortcomings are there in every business, for all be it a man or a woman. Being an independent girl since beginning, I didn’t face as such problems in our city Udaipur. I’ve lived alone in Mumbai doing a job, earned money, paid my bills/rent/expenses, explored markets and made a living by myself so I’m quite adapted to do things on my own. As such there are no problems.
And even if I face some issues, I try to give my best to solve the troubles. If not, then my younger brother Dheeraj khathuria is the savior. He never lets his sister down or disappointed as he has practical approach and solutions to all my woes.


What do you like most about StyleCourt?

Woah! Well EVERYTHING! I love my work. And being a girl, I have a huge space for clothes and fashion accessories in my heart and wardrobe as well. Ok so the best part is that StyleCourt is something which I owe proudly. The best part is I am at ease about latest trends in Udaipur. People who are aware of trends and styles are happily buying products from us. We have a very happy client base.

Rashmi Khaturia in Udaipur


What makes StyleCourt different from others?

You get all latest styles which itself makes it different. The difference is that we make our clients feel special by providing them with one on one personal conversation. They can sit home and see the products, they can inquire about products and the friendliest part is we ask our clients what they require or what kind of dress they’re looking for. They send us pictures and we try to arrange similar or next to similar products.


How do you reset yourself to be creative? Are there any specific rituals?

No rituals we have as such. It’s all about posting pictures with latest styles. There are many fashion magazines which keep me updated about the world of fashion. The best ones to name are Cosmopolitan, Harpar Bazaar, Femina and Elle.

products by stylecourt


What is the best way to create an infectious Product?

I work on a philosophy of “jo dikhta hai, vo bikta hai“! It might sound cliché, but yes it’s the fact. Post a picture and tell people that it’s the Hot selling product. There are many TV personalities and Celebrities wearing similar stuff. We show people how to get inspired by celebrity Styles and most importantly wear it yourself, style it in their own way or style your friends, people say everything looks good on celebrities but when a non-eminent personality wears/carries that product with grace and style people tend to buy such products.

Style Court


Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

After 10 years, I would like to see myself as Director of StyleCourt group which will be having as many as stores in India and overseas like that of Forever21. The stores shall have products related to fashion & lifestyle.

rashmi udaipur


What are your most important hobbies?

Well! Let’s talk about the current most important hobby. It’s stalking about latest trends, from international/national magazines to celebrity’s personal stylists and blogs about the designers in the fashion world. Apart from that, I like reading. I am a huge fan of Abraham Esther and Jerry Hicks books. Their books are based on spirituality; so yeah I like to read them.


What piece of advice would you like to give to someone who is thinking to start their own venture? How do you encourage them to take plunge?

One simple mantra I would like to give. “Believe in yourself” and that’s the key. If your heart says it, then do it. I would like to encourage them by saying that it’s your life and hence your choice. People will say what they think but it’s important that what u think. Go ahead, start it and don’t worry about failures. To relish the taste of success, you first need to know what failure is. And remember that risks are part of business.


How can someone browse StyleCourt’s Collection? 

For people seeking StyleCourt’s Collection and Products, They can easily connect us through the Social Media Profiles.


We do have some selective products available at our store: 

Style Court

Road No. 13, J-1, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur