International Women’s Day – #SHE, Celebrating Womanhood

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a companion, a working individual but more importantly, before all of her life roles she is a ‘WOMAN’.

The world is rising to a peak, and so as the power of women. We all know that in this male ascendant zone, women have made their way in every field by breaking conservative thoughts of people continuously. No wonder being a man is a wholesome responsibility but being a woman is like holding an entire world in your head with the care and love for her partner, family, children, parents, work, and for herself that too while following the stereotypes that are defined by the society. There is no dual thought that women are still more bounded somewhere. But, instead of being plucked into the rules of an ideal personal, #SHE factor has always proved that they are valuable in every sense.

So, on this graceful occasion of International Women’s day by saluting the spirit of women, we have lined up these 8 females from Udaipur who have been the achievers and have struggled through different phases of life by being their own superheroes.

Alka Sharma (Founder – CPS School and Rockwoods High School)

Alka Sharma founder CPS school rockwoods high school

With a dream to impart education, Alka Sharma, founder and director of ‘CPS and Rockwoods High school‘, always nurtured an inclination to produce brilliant minds in every field. She managed to bring up a three-room place with merely 85 students into a full-fledged infrastructure that is reputed not only in Udaipur but also in Rajasthan. Former President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also awarded her for her long struggle and achievements in leading the path of education.

Pioneer of many educational fields, Mrs Alka Sharma delighted us with her words to inspire other women by exclaiming that, “If you are facing struggles then focus only on the solutions and without shaking overcome the hurdles soon your life story will become an inspiration, and you will be the role model for many lives so remember overcoming challenges gracefully is turns into joy and success soon.”

Sanjeeta kk Choudhary (Food Blogger – Lite Bite)

sanjeeta kk choudhary lite bite

Darling mum of two children, born and brought up in Udaipur, Sanjeeta kk has achieved her success through her creative online outlet ‘Lite Bite’ that showcases her instincts towards photography, blogging, and different types of cuisines. Being a professional food stylist, she got her way towards the achievements by letting herself out of her comfort zone and chasing her dreams.

When we asked about her thoughts to inspire other women, she exclaimed it very beautifully, “I believe that life is a constant work-in-progress and every moment ‘big or small’ defines who you are today. Believe in yourself and follow your heart. Even if you don’t have any formal education, there are numerous opportunities out there. You just need to open your eyes, look out for your personal calling and explore them. But never stop learning…”

Durriya Kapasi (Author)

durriya kapasi author writer

The 29-year-old beautiful lady and writer of the book ‘Once upon a Genie’ Durriya Kapasi is not limited to her piece of writings but, she is also a teacher, homemaker, traveller, and a motivational speaker. Fighting with the battle of life-threatening disease cancer, she never lost hope of chasing her dreams and came out like a Nightingale to earn the victory of being a successful author.

And, she stated her motivational words for every woman in her artistic form, “The best defence any woman can have is her self-confidence. Nobody can know what you can do, but you. You must know your power and strength. We can do anything a man can do, but man cannot do everything we do. Love yourself, and dream big.”

Manjeet Kaur Bansal (Owner – Dynamic Group)

manjeet kaur bansal dynamic group

The fearless lady at heart with so much of grace, Manjeet Kaur Bansal has a personality that matches to her idea of providing security to the reputed public figures and brands from the decades now through her association ‘Dynamic Group’. Out of all her struggles, chaos, and daily life battles, she came up like a saga by succeeding her passion and constant walk towards her goals. From being an entrepreneur to model, actress, film producer and finalist at the platform of Gladrags Mrs India, her list of achievements could not be explained in few words.

And, while having a conversation, she shared her inspiring thoughts that, “We don’t need to compare or compete ourselves with men. We have that unshakeable faith, unmatched strength, which opens the door to success on its own. We just need to be WE, just need to be our natural compassionate, sensible, understanding, hard working self, all else will follow. The problems and the accolades are part and parcel of one’s life. It’s how we take it? That changes the results. When you are ready to accept the sunshine, be willing to take the dark night too, for IT SHALL PASS.”

Alka Sharma (Owner – Aavaran Boutique)

Alka Sharma Aavaran boutique

Following the urge of rich textile tradition by working with artisans from indigenous crafts community along with the women of Akola village and several other regions, Alka Sharma, owner of ‘Aavaran‘, a block-printing unit has been an ideal entrepreneur to promote traditional crafts. She has been an angel to economically weak artisans and making them self-reliable through their artwork. And, with her splendid efforts, she has made a difference to the life of 250 people, which is itself an achievement.

She is herself a motivation, but her words for other women were sweet and simple that, “Believe in yourself, stay strong and help other women to rise.”

Divyani Verdia (RAS)

divyani verdia ras

A 25-year-old RAS, she is truly a girl who has determined herself to move forward in life with the blessings and teachings of her father Lt. Dinesh Verdia, and brother Lt. Archit Verdia (Indian Army). A proud daughter, sister, and moreover a woman, she achieved the milestone of clearing the exam of ‘Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS)’ at the first attempt. Apart from her dedication and hard work, she states her mother, Mrs Beena Verdia, as the epitome of courage and core reason for success behind her.

And, with her inspirational views, she told that “ Life comes with pleasant and unpleasant surprises. The only way to deal is to have an emotional balance, and all other positive attributes will follow unconditionally. Respect yourself; believe in yourself, for you are one of its kinds. Have a strong conscience, always strive to uphold your parent’s teachings and try once in your lifetime to bring a good name to them that they can be proud of you.”

Anjali Azad Dubey (Architect and Interior Designer)

Anjali Azad Dubey architecture and interior designer

Space planner by profession and strongly associated with Indian art and materials, which can be seen in her style of architecture and designing, Anjali Azad Dubey, owner of Pratham Interiors has been tremendous in her field and is recognised by the respected newspaper ‘The Hindu’ for her work. The Government of Rajasthan also awarded her first prize winner in aspect to” Smart City Concept for Udaipur.”

With the sorted attitude and flawless thoughts, she expressed her words for every woman that, “Nature is growth and birth and so is the most beautiful over any other thing, same is a lady 🙂 A woman can give birth, can grow the generations, and she is the most wonderful! A true lady should never compare herself with males but should relish what she is gifted with!”

Krishna Chouhan (Former District Education Officer) krishna chouhan district education officer

Always being a topper throughout her childhood, Krishna Chouhan served her entire life to the education by being at the position of District Education Officer and Deputy Director, Education Department (Govt. of Rajasthan). Her achievements have been recognised at national as well international level out of which one of her initiative has been Project Utkarsh for which she was awarded by our Hon’ble CM of Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje.

And, by remembering her entire journey that included a balance between her professional, personal, and social life, she elaborated her words for all the females, “Always consider yourself powerful and realise your potential. A woman can be soft, which is often misunderstood as weak. There is no work, which if a woman wants, cannot do. What is required is the confidence, patience and clarity of vision to achieve that goal.” 

So, on this superb feminine touch, we would like to sum up the pride of women merely in few words:

Tu jise chahe, apni mehfil mai bula sakti hai 
Zameen to kya, aasman ko bhi jhuka sakti hai ||
Komal hai, kamzor nahin, tu shakti ka naam hai naari
Jag ko jeevan dene wali, maut bhi tujhse haari hai ||

Happy International Women’s Day!! Cheers to women power 🙂